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  1. Slangy

    Vehicle Transport

    Thanks for the replies, everyone. I ended up getting a good price from a transport company, and they shipped it back to me. I couldn't find the spare time to make another trip up to pull it home myself, after gas and my time of work it was cheaper to get it hauled home. I appreciate everyone who...
  2. Slangy

    Vehicle Transport

    Thank you, I may hve to take you up on that offer. I will check out Uship and see what the damage is. If it comes to it and I need to go snag the truck myself and you'd be willing to rent me your trailer that would be great. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again.
  3. Slangy

    Vehicle Transport

    I am looking to see if anyone happens to be headed through Jackson Hole Wyoming with a trailer who could snag my 2015 Chevy Silverado from Teton Motors and deliver it to Ogden, Utah for me. I was up camping and my truck had a lifter issue and they want an arm and a leg to do the repairs so I...
  4. Slangy

    For Sale Cummins 12 Valve engine

    I am posting this for a good friend of mine. I don't know a lot about it, but here is his ksl ad. If you have any questions, shoot him a text or give him a call and he can give you all the details. It is located in Las Vegas, but I spoke with him and he said he could get it to Salt Lake City if...
  5. Slangy

    For Sale Dana 30 - ARB - 4.88 - $400

  6. Slangy

    For Sale Four 35x12.5x15 Goodyear MTR Kevlar

    $200 Somebody needs these more than the side of my house does.
  7. Slangy

    For Sale Four 35x12.5x15 Goodyear MTR Kevlar

    Sorry for the month long delay. They are still waiting if you still want them
  8. Slangy

    Throttle Position Sensor

    I finally took it to a shop before I sold that particular Jeep. It was the TPS they said, although when I was driving it home before it sold, the damn thing did it again. So to be honest, I never got to the bottom of it. The kid who bought it was going to dig into the repair. Sorry...
  9. Slangy

    For Sale Dana 30 - ARB - 4.88 - $400

    It is complete out to the knuckle, but doesn't have the brakes. Less than 100k on everything and less than I'd say 20k on the locker and gearsThey have been installed for over 10 years but I only drive it from time to time when in Moab. 35's It is not bent that I know of.
  10. Slangy

    For Sale Dana 30 - ARB - 4.88 - $400

    I replaced my LP Dana 30 which has an ARB and 4.88 gears. Now it is just sitting in my garage waiting for someone who might need it. I will get pictures of it tonight. But it looks just like you'd imagine. Thanks for looking. Let me know if you're interested. $400 Located in Ogden Utah
  11. Slangy

    For Sale Four 35x12.5x15 Goodyear MTR Kevlar

    I am located in Ogden Utah
  12. Slangy

    For Sale Four 35x12.5x15 Goodyear MTR Kevlar

    If you need these make me an offer and get them off the side of my house :)
  13. Slangy

    Wanted TJ Dana 44 30 Spline front shafts

    I am in need of both Driver and Passenger Dana 44 30 spline axles for a TJ. Let me know if you have some of these I could buy from you. Thanks Chaz
  14. Slangy

    For Sale Four 35x12.5x15 Goodyear MTR Kevlar

    I have four used GoodYear MTR Kevlar tires. One of the tires is newer and has more tread because a local tire shop ripped the sidewall of the other and swapped it out. They have been used but still have some life left in them. I have had them for a while, I can't remember when I bought them, I...
  15. Slangy

    What Tire are you Running

    If this is posted elsewhere please let me know and I’ll demo this thread. I haven’t needed tires for the Jeep in a while. Been running the MT/R Kevlar which I just found out the discontinued years ago, shows how much I pay attention. So I’m now left looking for a new tire. Most my miles are in...
  16. Slangy

    Free Three steel wheels

    I have three steel headlock wheels and rings that I need to get rid of. The bolts could use some work and be re-welded and one of the rings is slightly bent. So they aren’t perfect but they are going to the scrap yard if nobody has a use for them. Let me know if you need them. 5x4.5 (385) 381-1842
  17. Slangy

    All things camp trailer..

    Headed out to the woods with everyone else this weekend. Filled up my water tank and tested to make sure the pump and everything were running good so I don't get out there and have a problem. Clicked the pump on and I almost couldn't even hear it kick on, it was making a slight humming sound...
  18. Slangy

    Wanted WJ Knuckles

    So I had some offered to me here on RME and I slept on the idea and poof, they were sold. I wish I would stop procrastinating. ANyway, if you have some WJ Knuckles and brakes please let me know. Thanks in advance CS
  19. Slangy

    For Sale JK Rubicon front axle - fully built

    I am very interested in this. PM on it's way