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  1. skippy

    Official RME Monthly Trail Run Planning

    Sell the V8 car they said...... It will be fun they said. :rolleyes: The new 1.4 car isnt much fun in the sand. Bummer, I agree we should meet up at winter jamboree and do a night run
  2. skippy

    The end of an era

    Hey horchata boy, this is my turf!
  3. skippy

    Shop / Tools Do not buy this welding wire

    I always buy the 45 pound spool from airgas and then when I run out on sundays I have ran cal ranch wire without issue although cal ranch is pricey
  4. skippy

    "Cold" New podcast about Susan Powell

    I have almost an hour commute each way everyday, so I knock out a podcast each way. I enjoy it over having the radio playing in the background
  5. skippy

    For Sale 6 Lug unit bearings

    These are old spidertrax units supposedly, I cant verify that. These fit 99-2004 superduty knuckles along with spidertrax, trail gear and every other aftermarket knuckle New these are about 400 each. $500 for the pair
  6. skippy

    "Cold" New podcast about Susan Powell

    How often do they release the new episodes?
  7. skippy

    The end of an era

    I could really use another open spot in my garage........
  8. skippy

    The end of an era

    So I got around to finish mounting up the 40s and got the fronts filled to the top of the wheel with water, got it on some race scales last night and tthe bigger 40 obviously holds more water. So race ready with a full fuel cell it weighs in at 2937 now
  9. skippy

    General Tech Opportunity to learn/experience welding... Episode 1

    Those tables are awesome I wish they made one bigger than 3x4 though. Having a table like would be amazing to use building chassis
  10. skippy

    For Sale 37" Krawlers

    Selling a set of mostly worn out sticky krawlers, the rears are in decent but the edges of the fronts are worn super bad. These have been on the car and wheeled regularly last time being trail hero, these are not all dry and crusty from sitting. These have the typical red label cracking that...
  11. skippy

    Winter4x4 jamboree who's running what?

    Double Sammy- Thursday The Maze - Friday Faulty Towers- Saturday I will be in the Promod car all weekend so if I get a better offer to run some buggy trails I will be doing that instead
  12. skippy

    Who does boating? The hobby conundrum......

    We bought a Nautique earlier this summer and it has been amazing, By far one of the most fun family hobbies you can be involved in. In my research most of the people that complain about boats being expensive or reliable are the same ones that dont properly maintain them. My bigggest issue with...
  13. skippy

    The end of an era

    Sure thing chicken wing
  14. skippy

    The end of an era

    Look how tiny that battery is, It is about the same size as the average ATV battery
  15. skippy

    The end of an era

    Just thank the lord that there is not a single piece of toyota drivetrain in this car just the hood and grill
  16. skippy

    The end of an era

    This rig is setup at 3" of uptravel and is pretty common place in most comp rigs, my old promod was 4" and I dont think the 3" in a lighter rig will cause an issue. it has 2.5" air shocks on all 4 corners
  17. skippy

    The end of an era

    HE really is an amazing builder and his OCD comes in handy, Every single detail is so well thought out and executed so well
  18. skippy

    The end of an era

    Since its a Toyota am I required to install a roof top tent or is that optional?
  19. skippy

    The end of an era

    I have never considered an E locker, I have never had a single issue with my air lockers working when I needed them to. Also with a full ride Yukon sponsorship not paying for lockers is the bees knees. The rig itself is superior as hard as it was for me to admit it. Plus after everything was...
  20. skippy

    Shop / Tools DOM tube storage ideas

    My wife just picked up the shelf system like Carl posted. At Costco right now for 159.99