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  1. Gravy

    LJ Rear springs solution

    Honestly I think you need to raise the speed bump mounts so they only contact the last 4" of travel. AND you need a higher rate rear spring. I've had a half dozen or so different brands and different spring rate coils in my shop at one time or another and tried them all. The right way to do...
  2. Gravy

    What are you listening to?

    Who knew Mongolian Heavy Folk Metal was a genre? But I can't even get enough of it! I've had this on my playlist for months. Make sure you listen with the captions ON. I stumbled onto them when I was researching geography around Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. After reading a Clive Cussler book...
  3. Gravy

    Any plumbers out there

    A supply house water heater is usually better than the same brand from a big box store. Better insulation and better therostat (read: more seviceable) I used a friend's account at standard plumming and got a 60 gallon for the same price as a 40 at a big box. With a better warranty.
  4. Gravy

    My '95 GMC Sierra 2500

    So new cam, new timing cover, new valve springs, new ecu, new intake manifold? That's a ton of work for a motor with 1/4 mill miles
  5. Gravy

    I Got a Tick

    What is happening with that c? That's why you got that other axle?
  6. Gravy

    2019 motorcycle desert racing

    How many hours on that piston? Suddenly me changing pistons at 60hrs doesn't seem folish to you anymore...
  7. Gravy

    What are you listening to?

    Holy Smokes she's no joke and her drummer is rad too.
  8. Gravy

    Reaching a 19' ceiling in the middle of entryway.

    Build tower of Babble with various boxes, old TV's, and preferably a rocking chair. Refer to Home Alone II: Lost in New York for inspiration.
  9. Gravy

    Race and Racism

    Exactly Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Those other discriminatory or mean words are certainly not kind, but by definition, are not racism. Example: if an individual were to be...
  10. Gravy

    What do I get for the next bike?

    KTM's use Brembos, Huskys use Brembos and Magura and Beta uses Nissan (the same as Yamaha...) all are pretty readily available. What's really cool is my new 2019 has Magura brake levers that fold backwards stock AND the clutch and brake lever are the SAME so if I only have to carry one spare if...
  11. Gravy

    What do I get for the next bike?

    My suspension is setup almost exactly the same as Tyson's but slightly lower fork pressure and lower rear spring rate and valving to match (just because I'm lighter) (I'm running the stock TX300 spring and he's running the stock 450SX spring) I'd haven't yet set the sag or messed with clickers...
  12. Gravy

    What do I get for the next bike?

    After 4 days of hitting it HARD in St. George I burned 9ish gallons of gas and I still feel pretty good, I can't say that for last year with my old suspension and only 3 days.
  13. Gravy

    What do I get for the next bike?

    I got my stuff done by NOST too. All his fancy shock midvalve parts too. Cone valves are pretty amazing. It's not insanely different when you ride it slow (if anything it's stiffer), but the faster you go and harder you hit stuff the better it works.
  14. Gravy

    2019 motorcycle desert racing

    You can pit with us. Just make sure you're at the awards banquet on the 18th and we can work it out.
  15. Gravy

    What do I get for the next bike?

    He hasn't had a regular clutch for years haha. That 450 is fun.
  16. Gravy

    Gravy's Prerunner build

    Not able to drive isn't something wrong? ;) Now it runs great! It shifts quickly: nice and crisp. Launches much better. :D I'm pretty pleased with the new transmission so far. We did better seals, better drive and reverse clutches, transgo shift kit, 6 pinion planets, better converter, bla bla bla.
  17. Gravy

    Gravy's Prerunner build

    Exactly. ...ish Fuel pressure. I should be seeing 35+ish psi.:) I went to pick it up from AAMCO and it would idle but would fall on it's face and nearly die with almost any throttle. Turns out they knocked loose a couple vacuum lines but the darn thing still has way too little fuel...
  18. Gravy

    SAW Air Shocks questions

    Regarding nitrogen. I have need to fill a Moto shock I'm rebuilding with 150psi. Can I pay any of you guys to help me?
  19. Gravy

    The I-15 bounce!

    Chad is it worth building a crossmember?
  20. Gravy

    Another Italian followed me home...

    Derek fixed a pipe for you? X-D