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  1. Herzog

    Funny Picture Thread

  2. Herzog

    Topic of Discussion The Mahindra Roxor thread

    Came in here to say this but I didn't ever hear how it went. Didn't he throw portals under it?
  3. Herzog

    Is anyone running Maxxis Razr MT's?

    Those are too big. I'll trade you my 35s for those.
  4. Herzog

    cutting the cord and dumping satellite / cable TV -- who here has done it, and how?

    We got rid of netflix early last fall too. Too much weird shit in their new 'originals' and I just found that I didn't care to watch anything that was there anyways.
  5. Herzog

    1992 Land Rover Defender 110

    I've always loved how the Defenders look. Not sure how I missed your recent posts on this, looking good!!
  6. Herzog

    Toyota Project: TacoCart

    Thanks Bart! I really appreciate that, especially knowing how meticulous you are with your projects. :cool: Thanks Stratton! I'm getting excited to drive this thing! Thanks man! Not sure how much of it is skill or just luck though! I appreciate it!
  7. Herzog

    Rant: My big feet

    wait, what? :oops:
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    Toyota Project: TacoCart

  9. Herzog

    Toyota Project: TacoCart

    At least the front wheels won’t fall off on the hwy with that shitty lower ball joint design :p
  10. Herzog

    Anyone Know Python?

    I've dabbled with it... like modified some some python libs to get my node application to read magnet data from a card reader. (one of the node modules needed to leverage some python USB drivers) I might be able to help?
  11. Herzog

    Is anyone running Maxxis Razr MT's?

    I just picked mine up today... My first thought: photos do not do these things justice. They are beefy and I love them! I'm excited to put some miles on 'em!
  12. Herzog

    Toyota Project: TacoCart

    This happened today! Note: I'm going to add 1.25" spacers on all corners. In these photos the rear wheel isn't mounted so it appears to poke out, but it certainly doesn't when fully mounted (jack stand is in the way) Also, the truck is going sit 2" higher, as the chassis is still on jacks...
  13. Herzog

    Official Exciting Changes for RME!

    I agree. I may revert that.
  14. Herzog

    Official Exciting Changes for RME!

    You got asked to rate RME? That doesn't sound right... We don't have any "app" for RME that needs to be rated. more info?
  15. Herzog

    Project "Swollen Goat" gets under way

    Looks crazy with those 46s! Thanks for keeping this updated!
  16. Herzog

    Official Exciting Changes for RME!

    Just as info - We just recently upgraded the software to the latest which brings some various improvements and other "enhancements" that you may notice. We may tweak a few things over the next week but feel free to check it out and comment back. :cool:
  17. Herzog

    For Sale 2004 Tacoma Takeoffs (suspension arms, bumper)

    Bump - all this Free or it's going to scrap.
  18. Herzog

    For Sale Soft 8 Black Wheels (16", 6x5.5, set of 5)

    Nobody wants these? Maybe I should dust them off and take better photos.
  19. Herzog

    Toyota Project: TacoCart

    Front Bumper: blinkers and aux lights mounted. Still need to remake the fairlead mount and tuck it in further. ARB and breather lines ran And here I took a note from teraflex and made some brake line guides. These are just made out of cut down rubber bungie straps. The tab on the brake...
  20. Herzog

    Axle shafts

    If the axle shaft were bent, I'd think you'd be able to see the wobble in the tire if you lifted it and spun it. This won't be noticeable with a bent housing, but you might have some strange tire wear... again depending on the severity of the bend in either the axle or housing. I'm also betting...