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  1. Tonkaman

    Machine work, milling... anyone here do it?

    I’d use the excuse to buy a mill!
  2. Tonkaman

    Favorite Cover Songs

    Wow that was awesome!!
  3. Tonkaman

    What do I get for the next bike?

    Wow that’s slick!
  4. Tonkaman

    Reaching a 19' ceiling in the middle of entryway.

    Oh my hell! Ha ha
  5. Tonkaman

    Toyota Project: TacoCart

    Moving those tires to center of the wheel wells is the coolest part of this whole thing. It always killed me having the stupid tires scrub against the cab mounts. The truck looks amazing, nice work!
  6. Tonkaman

    Reaching a 19' ceiling in the middle of entryway.

    I apologize I didn’t get you that ladder Nate. I remembered while you we’re gone to Disneyland, but spaced it off. I’m glad you got it done safely, sorry it cost you $40 though.
  7. Tonkaman

    The GoPro Thread

    Reviving an old thread. What is everyone using for editing software nowadays? Lots of suggested software has come in and out of the spotlight over the last few years. I’m a total editing beginner. I have had a camera for years, but I never do anything with the footage. Since I film my...
  8. Tonkaman

    South-East Utah February RME Trip - White Wash Sand Dunes

    Thanks I’ll look into that. The cab and hood have damaged too
  9. Tonkaman

    2019 motorcycle desert racing

    Ha ha you just got called out, sandbagger!
  10. Tonkaman

    Families & Beginner 4X4

    Truth is, most of Utah can be seen in a stock vehicle once you learn how to drive it right. Buy some recovery gear, be prepared with first aid, and always bring shoes/coats for everyone just because things don’t always go as planned. When looking to buy a vehicle remember many vehicles are...
  11. Tonkaman

    2019 motorcycle desert racing

    Dang dude! You led the entire novice class out of the holeshot!
  12. Tonkaman

    South-East Utah February RME Trip - White Wash Sand Dunes

    Well this happened Thursday night, so I doubt I’ll be ready to party by then.
  13. Tonkaman

    Road through sand hollow

    Warner valley reservoir? That’s just crazy talk
  14. Tonkaman


    Gotcha, that makes more sense. I’m excited to hear your input
  15. Tonkaman


    Any reason you only did the transmission? Why no other internals?
  16. Tonkaman

    Potluck dinner

  17. Tonkaman

    For Sale BC's Moving Sale

    I’d like to get that dial indicator
  18. Tonkaman

    Epic food porn

    What else do you use it for to justify the price?
  19. Tonkaman

    Epic food porn

    That is very helpful, thank you! I’ve been contemplating buying a vacuum sealer. Do you think that considerably helps out your marinating and brining?
  20. Tonkaman

    Speaking of awesome fabrication, check out this forged creation

    The internet makes me feel so inadequate sometimes....