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  1. frieed

    Potluck dinner

    I was just thinking (as I'm firing up the grill again), since the food porn thread sees so much traffic we should have pot luck dinner where people could show their stuff. Maybe a monthly with optional camping somewhere that is weather appropriate(or not). We could even roll it into the...
  2. frieed

    For Sale Jet 8" disc 2"x42" belt grinder

    I'm selling my Jet grinder Specs: I bought it a couple years ago. It has seen light use and still works perfectly. I found myself using the disc almost exclusively and so opted for a larger disc grinder. Includes 5...
  3. frieed

    Transport Opportunity: Draper, GJ,Idaho Springs and back

    Thought of this a little late for the outbound trip, but what the heck. I head out tomorrow AM from Draper to Idaho Springs CO via GJ with an empty pickup bed. Return trip is Mon., If you need something hauled, let me know. I'll be in and out of cell service and I won't be checking this thread
  4. frieed

    New favorite toy

    So we're heading into fly season. I spend a lot of time outside managing the grill and between the food and the by products of the dogs I have a bit of a fly problem. Enter the bug-a-salt rifle Think air powered pump shotgun for flies. I am ashamed at how much satisfaction this thing gives me.
  5. frieed

    Epic food porn

    with some very well done video as well... check out his channel
  6. frieed

    Making steel wheels for my TIG cart

    Cart build is here So after trying a couple purchased wheels I decided to make my own from 3/16" x 1" flat strap. First stop, cut 10 pieces for the spokes, 5 each wheel: Then I tested to see if my 6" hole saw was up to the task (it...
  7. frieed

    looking for playground wood chips

    I'm redoing some beds in the back yard and have decided that the best long term solution for mulch is to use playground wood chips. Anyone have a good source ?. I'm looking for about 10 yd. delivered this time around.
  8. frieed

    Bilsteins on an F150

    About to throw a set of Bilstein 5100's on my F150, front and rear, any tips or tricks ?
  9. frieed

    For Sale CB radio, antennas, and mount

    Switching to HAM and selling the following, all are in good working order: Uniden Pro 520XL: New on Amazon $36, your price $18. Astatic Road Devil powered microphone: New on amazon $33, your price $16. 36" firestik II antenna: New on Amazon $18, your price $9 36" Wilson flex antenna: New on...
  10. frieed

    Need a Bitch and Moan thread or How many trips to the dealer to get an oil change

    This is no where near the plight of DAA and his after-fire repairs, but damn... I bought the F150 in May of 2013 and got a 5-year oil change contract. I took it yesterday to LHM Draper for the last service on the contract. They quoted half an hour (got there at 6:45 AM) but it took an hour...
  11. frieed

    Save your pennies folks, the "best" 4x4 is about to hit the market
  12. frieed

    Favorite Band

    Fat fingered the title in an epic fashion. Correct title "favorite Band Aid"
  13. frieed

    Building a TIG cart

    My current cart is a flimsy three shelf cart from Harbor Freight modded by removing the middle shelf and cutting a hole in the top shelf for the argon cylinder. The TIG welder sits on the top shelf, the water cooler on the bottom, and a cheapo plastic hose reel on back to hold cables and a...
  14. frieed

    Free Tillman TIG Gloves

    gone New Tillman TIG gloves. Deerskin, large. These things are sexy soft. I tried some mediums and they fit much better.
  15. frieed

    Free CK 17 gas lens

    gone I have a pair of gas lenses for a CK 17 style TIG torch # 4GL332. Worth maybe $30 $22 but sent in error and replaced without return. These are new/unused since I don't have a 17 torch.
  16. frieed

    Opposite of the beard thread: Blade or Electric shaver

    I've tried and just can get past the itch of a new beard. So now who does the buzz and who puts a blade (or 6) to their neck? Extra points for straight razor. Major expo points for shaving with your sheath knife :)
  17. frieed

    free garage cabinets, uppers and lowers

    All gone !!!! I have these that I'm going to replace with free-standing shelves next weekend. I have doors and hinges for the base cabinets with drawers. The tops are melamine. bases are 7 ply plywood as are uppers with doors. It would be a shame to haul them to the dump. Surely someone...
  18. frieed

    Kidde Extinguisher Time bombs
  19. frieed

    Anyone for a quick trip up Pikes Peak ?
  20. frieed

    Like new Amana Washer and Dryer

    Purchased new this past Jan 1st for my daughter who used them until she moved back into the house in mid June washer: dryer ...