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  1. glockman

    Blipshift - Jeep Shirt

    The trunk on the new one is 18" long so the overall length is pretty similar. :rofl:
  2. glockman

    LJ stretch

    Nice job! I like your method of stretching it. What are you doing with your fuel tank? I have been contemplating removing the stock cross-member and moving the tank back.
  3. glockman

    Kevin's (slow) Excursion mod/upgrade thread

    The F350 vs F250 vs Excursion spring debate. The only guaranteed difference is the 350 has a 4" block in the rear vs 2" on the F250. Depending on what code the truck was ordered with, any combo can be had in nearly any model. Having had 6? Super duties from MY 03 to 06 and putting about 5k...
  4. glockman

    Kevin's (slow) Excursion mod/upgrade thread

    Nice rig. I really liked my diesel excursion all except the part where it wouldn't haul a dirt hike in the bed. I ran 315/70/16's and pulled my 29ft toy hauler a bit with it.
  5. glockman

    LJ Rear springs solution

    I have a photographer take pictures of my welds. He also takes pictures of cars for people on KSL:rofl: Seriously, I am in no way a competent welder. I can stick shit together half assed but would never trust anyone else's life to my welds. luckily my wife wants to be buried in this jeep so...
  6. glockman

    LJ Rear springs solution

    Thanks. I think this setup is going to work. The track bar was definitely my main issue. It was hitting the cross member at approx. 2.5" of uptravel and making me thing the rear was bottoming. With the speed bumps I think I can rally into anything that won't tear the control arm mounts off...
  7. glockman

    The H'ell Camino

    You look like you do :D I'm following closely. The LJ is getting an LS/4L60 when the 42RLE finally dies. I'm not rebuilding a minivan trans.
  8. glockman

    LJ Rear springs solution

    Thanks. I cycled the axle with the new track bar and it hits to tub floor at 8.5". That and the length of the bumps and how much tube I had to sink in the frame I decided to hard stop them at about 7.5" of uptravel. I am realizing as I type this that I didn't have the shocks mounted during...
  9. glockman

    The H'ell Camino

    looking good Greg.
  10. glockman

    DAA Dave? You at the LHM Bountiful Jeep?

    That might be my favorite hashtag of all time.
  11. glockman

    Patches for my toyota

    Toyota guys are way behind the moto guys. We have been doing this for years. They even come cut to fit your specific fender. I see a business opportunity here. If only Expo guys had spare money to spend on useless items that didn't add to the functionality of their vehicles.
  12. glockman

    Pee Wee racing

    Your daughter is a bad ass. I wonder where she gets that from ;) Those brakes look just like mine did. I had so much mud packed in between the backing plates on the pads, then the heat turned it to bricks. I don't know how I had any brakes at all. I checked all me bearings and they were all...
  13. glockman

    What do I get for the next bike?

    Not me. I spent 4 hours cleaning it out of my radiators, brakes, fork seals, chain and lubing the steering and linkage bearings. My brakes were so packed with clay I'm shocked that they worked at all. Also had about 5 lbs in the skid plate.
  14. glockman

    LJ Rear springs solution

    Like everything I do, I am already thinking about ways I could have improved this install. Then I see things like that setup Tim and I am just happy I didn't burn the jeep down with how unskilled I am. :D
  15. glockman

    LJ Rear springs solution

    Finally got the other side done. I have just over 3" of up travel before contacting the bumps. I can hit the drainage gutter on my street at 25 and just barely touch them, which is perfect. Now I need to source some rubber coated lower bump pads. These might work...
  16. glockman

    What do I get for the next bike?

    Whatever tire Josh knight was running is the ticket:rofl: dud didn't even slow down for that stuff.
  17. glockman

    Who Likes Titanium?

    Even the doctors are using torx screws now.
  18. glockman


    Take my money. When and where are you selling these @SAMI
  19. glockman

    LJ Rear springs solution

    Well today I decided to go ahead and copy rockchucker and sink the bumps into the frame. Driver side is done, started the passenger but ran out of time. I raised the bumps approx 5" so I should have that much free up travel with the hard stop at 8". I also installed a metal cloak track bar and...
  20. glockman

    Hey Chad!

    Thanks guys. Contrary to common belief, racing IS the fountain of youth:rofl:. At 40, I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad about that.