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  1. cruiseroutfit

    Carpet Cleaning, Plumbing, Fire Sprinkler, Electrician

    I potentially need all of the above for some upcoming projects. Would love to catch up with RMe'ers first! Let me know if you're in the trade and available to look at a project in Murray.
  2. cruiseroutfit

    Blue book for bikes? Value on 2007 KTM 450

    Anything with good value data out there? Quick internet search didn't yield much. Time to find my KTM 450 a new home and I'm at a loss on value. 2007 450 XCW Here is a list of Xtras that are included with the bike. 1- WP upper fork protector decals 2- Front and rear lighting kits 3- Scotts...
  3. cruiseroutfit

    For Sale 33x12.50R15 Goodyear MTR on 6x5.5" Wheel

    This was the spare tire on my FJ40 for many years (8?). It's been run on a vehicle for a combined total of maybe 10 miles over the years, just never had to use it much and as I ran a smaller spare, I never cycled it during rotations. First come first serve, let's find it a new home!
  4. cruiseroutfit

    Cruiser Outfitters Customer Show-Shine & BBQ - Friday, August 17th

    Join us Friday evening 8/17 for the Annual Cruiser Outfitters Customer Show-Shine & BBQ, 5-10pm. Brats, hot-dogs, chips & drinks will be served starting at 6pm and prizes will be awarded to winners of the "Show-Shine". Show-Shine open to all model Toyota 4x4's however contests will be aimed at...
  5. cruiseroutfit

    CruiserFest 2018 - September 8th (Trail Rides starting that week) - Join Us!!!

    Join us for the 10th Annual CruiserFest event at the Land Cruiser Heritage Museum in SLC on Saturday, September 8th CruiserFest is a gathering of off-road enthusiasts with a love for Toyota Land Cruisers. Come and be a part of this fraternal event. It’s fun to see and even more fun to...
  6. cruiseroutfit

    Any RME'ers still living in Moab?

    Looking for a secure place to park a Land Cruiser for a week. Any recommendations?
  7. cruiseroutfit

    Tanning/Preserving a hide (leather)

    Alright, I know we have some leather experts amongst our ranks. I was gifted a reindeer hide this last month and I've just got home with it. The hair is gorgeous but the back side leather is still a bit nasty. They recommend I tan it. That is as much as I know. I plan to spread it across a wall...
  8. cruiseroutfit

    Need a little karma deposit for the day? My BIL could use a quick vote.

    Tom, was diagnosed with cancer at 15. He beat it by his early 20's was a regular with us on the trails in his FZJ80 (pictured), sadly a few years back he was again diagnosed with leukemia and the Cruiser had to go. He's coming up on his 29th birthday and, although now cancer free, he has...
  9. cruiseroutfit

    Wanted Anyone have a bead blaster?

    I have a couple of small proctects that need blasting via some kind of forgiving media (i.e. not sand) as the material is aluminum. Anyone have a bead blaster and want to make a few $$$?
  10. cruiseroutfit

    RTH: Kamas Snow Recovery

    Real Time Help Recovery Request: A friend has a coworker that is stuck on the Hoyt Peak Road (near Kamas). He slid a tire (F150) off the snow covered road and will need a tug or winch to pull him back on the road. They are not in immediate danger and are salvaging some hunting time while they...
  11. cruiseroutfit

    Anyone built an AK/MAK from a receiver flat?

    Have any of you built an AK or MAK from a receiver flat and a parts kit? Fun or just a bunch of time? Parts kits are readily available and flats and assembly parts and tools are too. Thoughts?
  12. cruiseroutfit

    Northern Utah Cruiser Outfitters Customer Show-Off & BBQ - Friday, August 25th

    Join us Friday evening August 25th for the Annual Cruiser Outfitters Customer Show-Off & BBQ from 5-10pm. Brats, hot-dogs, chips & drinks will be served starting at 6pm and prizes will be awarded to winners of the "Show-Off". Show-Off open to all model Toyota 4x4's however contests will be aimed...
  13. cruiseroutfit

    Yacht Club 3 position motorcycle trailer - $550 obo

    Yacht Club Model MC-14 3-postition motorcycle trailer. This trailer is used but in working condition and ready to haul your bikes. I've used it once annually and it's always been great, sold our 2nd bike so I'm no longer needing a trailer. $550 OBO for RME'ers. NO TRADES (guns OK), NO SHIPPING...
  14. cruiseroutfit

    Small enclosed trailer - rent, borrow or buy?

    I need to track down a smallish enclosed (5x7?) enclosed trailer to haul goods to Moab for an upcoming vendor show in Moab. If the price was right I would buy but does anyone have a rental option available? Thanks in advance!
  15. cruiseroutfit

    Buy a ARB locker (or two) and get a free compressor and more!

    ARB LOCKER PROMO - We've been waiting patiently to be able to share this promo offer! Achieve true four wheel drive with an ARB Air Locker, which have been commanding power for the last 25 years. Used by the some of the biggest names in off road racing and by expedition teams around the...
  16. cruiseroutfit

    The Outlaws Run: 2004-2016

    Outlaws Run: 2004-2016 Light painting around the campfire (Perry Loughridge) My pal Perry has what I'd call an obsession for outlaws. It's a healthy obsession so don't let your mind wander. While some kids want to be an astronaut when they grow up, Perry wanted to be an western outlaw...
  17. cruiseroutfit

    Thoughts on welding a wheel?

    I've got steel MRT beadlocks on my FJ40. Not only is MRT/MRW out of business, they are a custom backspace and 36 bolt so finding a single replacement will be what I'm considering impossible. Prove me wrong :D So at some point I vaguely remember getting a rock stuck in a wheel, bad enough that...
  18. cruiseroutfit

    My 2016 in Pictures - Share yours too!

    Another year has come and gone and we are left with nothing but photos and stories (and perhaps a scar or two?) to remember the adventures had. While the stories are best told around a campfire, the pictures are fun to sort through and recollect. I hope by sharing these you find some places you...
  19. cruiseroutfit

    RME member in need: iamsparticus

    Many of you know Seth, he's been on RME for many years albeit less active as of late. In an event all too familiar to me :-\, Seth had a tragic fire in his shop that not only wiped out some rigs but burned him pretty bad too. You can read more and help here: https://www.gofundme.com/sethfire
  20. cruiseroutfit

    Beadlocks... Not blanket illegal in Utah anymore

    And I never did see a ticket for them ;)