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  1. Greg

    Jeep Wrangler based truck (JT Gladiator)

    :D It all depends on when Teraflex releases their Gladiator suspension lineup and what it consists of. I would like to keep it stock for awhile, but with that overhang and breakover, it won't see any hard offroad use, so that right there may speed up the mods. IMO a 3" lift and 37's would go a...
  2. Greg

    Jeep Wrangler based truck (JT Gladiator)

    So Troy's Offroad in the DFW area posted this up on IG, not sure what lift, but Falcon shocks and 39.5" Irok's ( :( ) and it looks amazing.
  3. Greg

    Gear / Accessories Garmin's new Overlander GPS

    I think it's target to.... a certain group, if you know who I mean. :D
  4. Greg

    Gear / Accessories Garmin's new Overlander GPS It's about time that Garmin built a dedicated GPS for the 4x4 crowd. Looks like pricing is $700, pretty high price, but it does have some great features. I do like that you can sync it to a Garmin InReach and send out Text messages when you're...
  5. Greg

    Jeep Wrangler based truck (JT Gladiator)

    I'm pretty sure it's a 22 gallon tank, same as the JL. I really wish it were 30 or more with the longer frame and bed!
  6. Greg

    Jeep Wrangler based truck (JT Gladiator)

    I totally agree, my wife called the 18" wheels and street tires "cute"... it looks like a low rider, stock. I need to see a Rubicon Gladiator in person, they look much better IMO.
  7. Greg

    Jeep Wrangler based truck (JT Gladiator)

    Time for a Gladiator test drive! Pretty impressive at highway speeds, the extra wheelbase really helps with stability. Love the 8 speed auto! It's very smooth and quiet, easy to drive and a huge improvement over the JKU. The brakes feel like they had a lot of stopping power, they were very...
  8. Greg

    General Tech What did you work on Today?

  9. Greg

    New guidebook on the San Rafael Swell

    Mine is on the way! :D
  10. Greg

    Jeep Wrangler based truck (JT Gladiator)

    Yeah, there are plenty that are getting modified ASAP! I keep looking at the ones getting a few inches of lift and 37's... ;)
  11. Greg

    Jeep Wrangler based truck (JT Gladiator)

    Just heard today that someone was able to fit a 37" tire (measuring 36.5") with full air pressure in the spare location under the bed. Jeep has been saying that a 35" tire would fit, but didn't say anything about a 37.... so someone tried it and made it work! This is great news for those...
  12. Greg

    Next rig? Utv/Jeep/cruiser

    And for driving anywhere on the road (compared to a SxS), a Jeep with plates wins. :D Convertible, plated, 4WD, can do 75+...
  13. Greg

    What are you listening to?

    Saw them in concert last year, they put on a good show and were fun to see!
  14. Greg

    Making adult friends

    I've had a great time on the RME monthly trips, meeting people that I interact with on here, but finally get to meet face to face and chat is what it's all about. We already have similar interests, getting out wheelin' is always a good time, you don't HAVE to befriend everyone, but it's nice to...
  15. Greg

    My post-TDI gasoline powered Jetta

    Another little update to the commuter... I needed new tires and found a used set of factory wheels from a 2013 VW CC... 18's instead of 16's! They needed new tires and unfortunately the wheels had seen a few curbs that the PO couldn't avoid, but were good enough for me. I got a set of Falken Pro...
  16. Greg

    General Tech Jeep/Dodge's ZF 8HP 8 speed automatic transmission

    That's interesting and a good point, in 4 low I could see the 8 speed trans being unsure about what gear is best and jumping around. Wonder how much difference it is for the JL Rubicon versus a non-Rubicon, due to the t-case gearing.
  17. Greg

    Shop / Tools Rogue notcher

    Yeah, that's some $$$$!
  18. Greg

    For Sale 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 HD

    I am been working out of Kremmling the last few weeks, but my time working up there is coming to an end and I probably won't be needing this truck much longer.
  19. Greg

    For Sale 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 HD

    2011 GMC Sierra 2500 HD, extended cab, short bed, 4 Wheel Drive. Has power windows and locks, full Ranch Hand front bumper, LED offroad lights, etc. It's the work truck package, so it has rubber floor liner in the cab. Windows are tinted, cruise control, heater and A/C all work great. Has a...