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  1. nnnnnate

    Divorcing my jeans.... Levi's sucks. Moving on

    I've been wearing Dockers downtime 360 smartflex pants for the last while. $45-50 on Amazon and they are stretchy pants with plenty of room. I gave up on mountain khakis after blowing out the crotch on every pair I bought. I struggle to find jeans that are comfortable on a consistent basis as...
  2. nnnnnate

    I am about to buy an electric car (BEV)

    For the 33k miles on that Leaf what would you expect to see on the SOH? Is that SOH tied closer to miles or age or locale (noting your comments about hotter climates leading to increased degradation...) I guess what range would you call acceptable for this particular vehicle?
  3. nnnnnate

    I am about to buy an electric car (BEV)

    The fleeting thought of picking up a used EV on the "cheap" started when I saw that there are chargers in the office garage. I'd charge it at work and run it into the ground. I'm 13 miles one way is all and I'd rather just keep my wifes 2002 camry and start commuting in that when we get her...
  4. nnnnnate

    Making adult friends

    This was really hard for me from like 25-30, I'm 35 now. My wife was in grad school and VERY busy with that and I was trying to figure out how to unwind from work and learn how to be an adult. My wife doesn't camp so she wasn't very interested in doing anything like that. I started doing day...
  5. nnnnnate

    For Sale 2001 Chevy Silverado

    Thanks for the shout John. That looks nice, I'm putting in a yard and have been trying to convince my wife to let me pick up a truck for a year or two while I go through that whole process. Let me see what I can figure out. Where are you located @J-mobzz?
  6. nnnnnate

    Do you have a 220v outlet in your garage? If so, please talk to me.

    For my new garage/workshop I just installed the twist locks that Kurt mentioned above. Male and Female. I put in 4 of the wall receptacles for my wood working gear and then cut off the "old" plug on the tools and replaced with the new matching twist lock plug. For my welder I bought a nema 6-50R...
  7. nnnnnate

    Seasoning Cast Iron Pans/pots

    I've done it on the grill outside as well and its worked well while keeping the smoke out of the house.
  8. nnnnnate

    Need a range.

    I had a Kahr MK9 that I used as my carry when I was a "detective." I liked the size but it was heavy and was a double pull every time which I didn't love. I sold it and am without a pistol. I haven't carried a gun in 6 years and my CWP expired a year ago. I intended to renew it but never got the...
  9. nnnnnate

    Looking to relocate to utah

    I don't see any alligators in that moat Stephen. lol.
  10. nnnnnate

    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    Been thinking lately about picking up another hardtail. I had a nice one, spec carve from like 14/15 but it got stolen out of my garage one night I forgot to close the door. :( I had been riding to work on skinnys but struggled with cleaning up after the ride. Apparently the building is putting...
  11. nnnnnate

    Looking to relocate to utah

    I'd be interested in hearing from others on the bugs but I think the only thing that someone might consider trying to mitigate is mosquitoes. Especially up north around the GSL marshes. Seems like a losing fight though with so much marsh/water.
  12. nnnnnate

    My Next Project: 1965 Sunbeam Alpine

    With a court order a cop could/would chop a lock or hire a locksmith to get the shop open. I think this could be resolved in your favor in civil court but like you said, it would take time. I don't believe that the laws are on his side. John owns the vehicle and despite him entering into a...
  13. nnnnnate

    My Next Project: 1965 Sunbeam Alpine

    The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) have cops... that would and do investigate that kind of thing. Their bread and butter are chop shops and car theft rings and whatnot but in my experience they are pretty ruthless about dealing with dirtbags. It seems like they were...
  14. nnnnnate

    My Next Project: 1965 Sunbeam Alpine

    The cop would go as a "keep the peace" but if the dude doesn't open the door then there is nothing to keep the peace for. The cop won't demand that the guy opens up the shop. I understand that the whole deal is messed up but a cops hands are tied pretty tight in this type of situation...
  15. nnnnnate

    The mission thing

    A kid in our Ward just got his call to the Philippines and leaves July 24. I think it was the Cavite mission but I'm not positive.
  16. nnnnnate

    Need a range.

    The impact in Kearns is gone, it moved to 2100 s and 300 w. No range at the new place though. Along with the ones listed about I've gone to Doug's on redwood. It's been a while though.
  17. nnnnnate

    Hate my new neighbors...

    We had kids out playing in the circle for the first time on Saturday and I was thinking how nice it was that there were actually kids around to do that. Its a new neighborhood but still... They were on razors and pedal bikes and the noise was laughing but it was an inconvenience when I was...
  18. nnnnnate

    My Next Project: 1965 Sunbeam Alpine

    That was an unfortunate bait and switch...:ugh:
  19. nnnnnate

    Jeep Ermagherd...

    I dig the "wayout" possibly just for the bear sticker on the back glass.
  20. nnnnnate

    Time in Oahu

    I went to hawaii when I was 10 and thought the PCC was the coolest thing in the world. There is a photo somewhere of me wearing a grass skirt without a shirt up on a stage banging a big drum. We did like two or three days there alone and I was so tired that I slept through the big night show...