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  1. lhracing

    Unclaimed Money

    I didn't find any for me but there is some for my ex-wife, should I tell her...
  2. lhracing

    For Sale Baja Designs Lightbar

    Is the light bar still available? If so do you have the mating wire harness?
  3. lhracing

    Shop / Tools Tool box organization

    For sockets I like these. You need to use a taller drawer but you can see it you have everything at a quick glance. and for wrenches these
  4. lhracing

    Anyone familiar with ceramic coating?

    I had my 4Runner done before I went on the Ghost Town Tour. The Detailer that sold me on it told me it would protect the paint from brush scratches because of its hardness, he told me to bring it back after the ride and he would clean it up. I paid the price and had it done, it took 2 days of...
  5. lhracing

    Trip Report Newfoundland solo run

    Looks like fun, I need to make a Newfoundland trip. Thanks for sharing.
  6. lhracing

    Insurance Home/Auto/Etc. Who do you like?

    I have State Farm for everything, very happy. Matt Howard in North Salt Lake is great!
  7. lhracing

    Toyota Looking at lifts for 4Runners

    I have the OME BP-51's on my 17 4Runner and after a little adjusting I am impressed. The work very well on wash board roads and higher speed dirt roads, crawling on the rocks just about anything works.
  8. lhracing

    Favorite camp chairs

    I just picked these up from Sportsman's Warehouse on sale for $29.99. They fold up pretty small, see how they work out over the next few weeks.
  9. lhracing

    Wanted 1rst gen 4runner

    Sometimes I wish that I still had my first 4Runner, bought new in 1985, still have the window sticker.
  10. lhracing

    Brake Light and Alarm 07 JKUR

    Is the brake fluid high enough? The master cyl has a float in it and if the fluid is not high enough it could cause this.
  11. lhracing

    Announcing the RME on-air ham radio net

    Good to chat with Dave and Greg. I am pleased to know that my radio is functioning to some degree.
  12. lhracing

    Announcing the RME on-air ham radio net

    I will give it a try tonight
  13. lhracing

    The Ham Radio Thread

    I used a CB SWR meter because that is what I have. I did use the procedure shown in this link, My actual readings may not be exact but the difference in the readings between the two mounts I think is telling me something is still off with...
  14. lhracing

    The Ham Radio Thread

    The antenna is listed as a 1/2 wave. I think the mount is a little low, it places the antenna between the tire and the runner's back door so it is fairly shrouded. In this location it may be as good as it gets. It would be great if you wanted to look at, any help is appreciated.
  15. lhracing

    The Ham Radio Thread

    I was concerned about this so I used a jumper cable from the antenna mount to the frame and it did not seem to do much.
  16. lhracing

    The Ham Radio Thread

    So I found a problem in the P-259 connector and I repaired it and the tire carrier mount works much better. I checked the SWR on the magmount and the tire carrier. The tire carrier is much worse. The average in testing at 144.5 and 147.5 on the tire carrier is about 3.0 and on the magmount it...
  17. lhracing

    Announcing the RME on-air ham radio net

    I will give it a try, the 147.08 Lake Mt. repeater may be a stretch for me to hit.
  18. lhracing

    The Ham Radio Thread

    Simple but effective idea, when I place the magmount on the tire carrier it seems to work just fine. Now I have a place to start. Thanks!
  19. lhracing

    The Ham Radio Thread

    So as some of you know I have had some problems communicating on the weekly RME ham radio net using the 146.94 repeater. I believe I have narrowed my problems down to my antenna mount or its mounting location on the vehicle. I have a Larson NMO 02/70 antenna mounted on my spare tire carrier, I...
  20. lhracing

    Cooling tips.

    I agree with @bryson, the stock systems have a lot of engineering behind them. My experience over the years with muscle cars has been when someone puts in an aluminum radiators and electric fan they end up with heating issues. I have seen a number of problems resolved by removing the electric...