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  1. Gawynz

    Gawynz Manche Thread

    This is Manch. It's a 1990 Jeep Comanche; 4.0 (Renix), AX-15, NP231, shortbed, with a kick ass camo(?) paint job... I'd been looking for some time for a small, fun, 4x4 to use as a daily driver/back road and mountain road explorer/mild-ish wheeling rig. I wanted something fairly capable...
  2. Gawynz

    Carnage Canyon - Buena Vista CO

    Has anyone ever ran this trail? Stumbled across it online and it looks like a good time. Kind of reminds me of Coyote Canyon or something along those lines, short but technical. Are there additional trails around this area that'd make it worth a long weekend trip?
  3. Gawynz

    Gawynz Buggy Thread

    Well, I've put this off for quite some time but I'm finally getting around to starting a thread for my buggy. First, the introduction. One of the reasons I'm starting this thread is I'm getting ready to redo the suspension. Throughout my research I actually stumbled across the original build...
  4. Gawynz

    Experience/Opinions on Two Piece Drive Shafts?

    I'm considering getting a couple two piece drive shafts from Tom Woods Custom Drive Shafts; I'm looking for advice/opinions/experiences/etc. on the topic to make sure it's the route I want to go before I invest the money. Currently I have single piece drive shafts front and rear but both...
  5. Gawynz

    Buggy Folks That Wheel From Northern Utah

    First off, I'm brand new to RME so hello everyone. So I have friends here in Utah (I promise I'm not a crazy person) but none that go rock crawling... yet. I brought my buggy out here from Colorado this winter and I'm looking for a group/a club/someone to wheel with. I'm looking for a...