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  1. YROC FAB.

    Cory's "Race" trailer upgrades.

    So last January before KOH i bought a 24' 8' wide box trailer off a friend for two reasons; I have two buggies, and im tired of tenting/camper shelling it. After several trips to my friends house with the tape measure it was concluded both my buggies would fit in there perfectly. Before our...
  2. YROC FAB.

    For Sale Buggy for sale.

    Toyota based buggy built in 2012. 48" wide chassis, built with 1.5" DOM tubing, Im 6' 3" and have plenty of head room. It has a Toyota 20r 4 cylinder that has been gone through in 2010 that runs off propane, manual toyota 5 speed transmission, Dual Toyota transfer cases with 4.7 gears in the...
  3. YROC FAB.

    Cory Pimps out his runner.

    As some of you may have known i bought Kevins B gray bastard 4 runner and have finally had time to tinker on it. The thread worthy news is that i got it running over the last few weeks with the help of some of my friends. I have been putting off this project for some time and have bitching to...
  4. YROC FAB.

    For Sale hp 44, and 9" axles, geared, and shafted

    5 lug Front hp 44 with 5.13rp and full spool. Yukon chromoly inner and outer shafts with h20 u joints with less than 10 trips on them. Has the cast radius arm brackets with new bushings and fabricated radius arms still on it. Ford 9" with 5.13rp either welded or spooled. Was told both were...
  5. YROC FAB.

    Who's going to King Of The Hammers 2019?

    We have about a dozen people from Sevier county going. 4 buggies, Jeep Cherokee, Toyota truggy, and a bronco 2. We will be out there all week and usually camp North of Hammertown.
  6. YROC FAB.

    Cory pimps out his two seat buggy.

    Its been used and abused and its never really given me any problems in the 6-7 yeas since i built it so i thought it was time to put a little love into it. The plan right now is, new front drive line assembly (carrier included), new exhaust, new seats, new top roll cage, new light bar, wider...
  7. YROC FAB.

    For Sale Dana 70 rear axles

    I have one rear dually dana 70 axle out of a square body chevy, and one rear single wheel dana 70 axle out of a 90's chevy. The dually one has 4" axle tubes, both are right around 65"WMS with 4.10 gears. $150 each. located in Richfield Ut, I can load them, text cory at 435-558-08onesix
  8. YROC FAB.

    AR 15 left side charging handle

    Well because i like to fix things that aren't broken and i have a fancy new mill that loads of fun to play with, I thought it would be a good idea hack up the upper on my pistol AR. Pictures> Precision layout with a sharpie measured with my calibrated eyeball. I milled out a 3/8 wide slot...
  9. YROC FAB.

    Ford Brian's bronco 2 gets wontons and dddd

    This is my good friend brians bronco2 that we are trying to pimp out in time for koh. Last year i posted pictures of it when we did the exo cage days before koh. This year we decided to do the same thing again by rushing to get it done in time for koh. This year we are ditching his half ton hp44...
  10. YROC FAB.

    Vegas massacre

    Any one wanna talk about it? I work nights so i stayed updated on it all night and most of the night the count was 20 dead which i thought was pretty bad for a shooting. By the time i went home it had jumped from 20 to 50 and that just blew my mind. :( I cant even imagine. Everyone i know in...
  11. YROC FAB.

    Who's going to King of the Hammers 2017?

    Well? Which one of you RMEers is gonna make this year?
  12. YROC FAB.

    For Sale 14 Bolt pinion shovel

    Blue torch fab 14 bolt pinion shovel. New, has never touched a rock. Single hole has been slotted to be able to run it upside down for rear engine applications, and extra weld around the outside. $50 located in Richfield, UT. Text Cory at 435-five58-zero8one6
  13. YROC FAB.

    Cory builds a cnc plasma table

    Well after years of dreaming and reading I went ahead and pulled the trigger on DIY plasma table kit. This is all pretty new to me. I operated one when i was in college 6 years ago but have forgot most of it. Building the table is easy enough for me, the overwhelming part is the cad and all the...
  14. YROC FAB.

    Hanging Tree 5/21/2016

    Lets see some pics, and some one write the report lol. Im too busy at work to.:D
  15. YROC FAB.

    Central Utah Hanging tree.

    Any one want to do hanging tree sometime in May? June? Both? May 21st meeting at maverik in ephriam at 9 am Ilean camping the night before mesha camping the night before turbominivan with rock toco riding along two of turbo minivans coworkers sixstringsteve looking for open seat myself ...
  16. YROC FAB.

    Who's going to King of the Hammers 2016?

    Well any utah peeps going? Me and crosbike are gonna make a short fun trip of it this year. Just the 3rd-6th.
  17. YROC FAB.

    Cory's camel back Drill press

    Sorry it not 4x4 related but i wanted to do a thread on me "Refurbishing" this sweet 300$ barn find. I picked this thing up last summer but it was too tall to fit in my old shop so it has been stored at my friends shop until to day. I bought me my first house with a decent shop and have not had...
  18. YROC FAB.

    77-79 Ford HP KP front dana 60

    looking for a 77-79 ford high pinion King pin dana 60.
  19. YROC FAB.

    DANA 60, 44

    Both axles located in Richfield UT. 435-558-O8one6 cory Chevy 8 lug dana 44 4.10 complete with steering box. 150$ DANA 60 out of a ford 4.10 66.25wms 13.50 ubolt Yoke 150$
  20. YROC FAB.

    rockwell 2.5 ton for sale or trade.

    selling for YJ_Auzzy set of run of mill Rockwell, all factory, all on tires, set of three, 1 front two rears. willing to trade for a set of one tons, dana 60 kingpin don't care what drop. price $1600 435 979 zero five five one I'm not selling these for YJ-AUZZY. he just used my computer and...