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    My Next Project: 1959 VW Beetle

    Well I was thinking I would get more of a break after finishing the Sunbeam, but here I am. John approached me a month or two ago about his next project he was working on and asked if I'd take it over. Me being a glutton for punishment jumped on it. I was told the car was ready to go as far as...

    “Nobody wants less penis”

    Quick! Get over to 2100 S and 300 W. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it. You have to see this protest/rally. :D

    Forklift Stinger Engineering

    Ok all you mechanical engineers. Here's a problem for you. I need to make a forklift stinger to transport rebar coils around a job site. The stinger tube will project 22 feet past the box structure for the forks. The weight will be equally distributed across the 22 feet of the projection at 1000...

    Shop / Tools Wanted: TIG Welding Stainless Steel Tips

    I have a SS welding project coming up in the next week or two and was hoping to get a few tips on where to start. I've never tig welded SS before. I assume it's very similar to tig welding mild steel though. It's all 12 gauge 304. Right now the sheet is "mill cut", but I want to try to polish it...

    Need Mud Flaps

    Anyone have a Rock Tamer style mud flap system I can buy/rent/borrow? I need it today and will return it next tuesday. My truck has been in for repairs for a week and a half and they promised me 2 days max. Now I'm in their loaner truck and am taking my boat to lake mead tonight. This loaner...

    Anyone Have Tire Hookups?

    My truck needs new tires. 265/70 r 17 Load range E. Just looking for a highway/towing tire. Anyone have discounts? Thanks,

    Another Engine Rebuild

    In light of the recent threads that have popped up on here I come seeking advice on a Cummins 6.7 rebuild. Looks like an injector took out a piston. This is the kind of rebuild where I'm looking to drop the truck off and pick it up once completed. I wont be doing any of the work on this one. So...

    For Sale Viair 500C 12 Volt Compressor For Sale or Trade

    This is an older discontinued unit. I have been using it as a portable, kept in a bag, for several years. Before that it was in my CJ and used for airing up tires and it ran an ARB locker. It's on the bigger side as far as compressors go, but you won't find a faster 12v compressor out there (I...

    Well If This Isn't The Most Intense BBQ...


    RC Car Stores In SLC?

    Google tells me there are a few stores to choose from so the last thing I want to do is go shopping all over the place (let alone one place). So what store has the best price/selection? Mainly looking for a trophy truck style car for my son. I'll be in AF this afternoon, so anywhere from there...

    Higher Education

    As a background I have an OS "degree" from a technical school in Diesel and Industrial Technology. This is pretty much a worthless degree as far as transferring it into a more worthwhile degree. That education was also a bit of a waste as I already knew most of the course material, but I did...


    Not a bad way to spend my birthday today. More to come tomorrow.

    Need Help With a 15 Minute TIG Job

    I have two cracks in the wakeboard tower on my boat I need welded. The two cracks are exactly the same but on opposite sides of the tower. I can do all the prep work then bring the boat to you. I have started tig welding, but I need this to be strong and it has to look great. I'm not there yet...

    Can you run a Car Fax for me, please?

    I (well, my wife really) will owe you big time if you can help us out with this. 5N1AA0NC8CN605701 I know it has a salvage title, but there seems to be some confusion as to why. I'm pretty close to buying it for my wife. Thanks!

    So My Wife and I Are Going To Be Trek Parents. Who's Done It?

    I'm sure this will turn out to be a pretty interesting experience for us, but right now I'm a bit apprehensive about it. I want the kids to have a great experience so I want to be as prepared as possible. I would say that both Mary and I really enjoy the outdoors, but neither of us could/would...

    I Don't Know. Is The Signature Worth It? I can think of a few other people more involved with the offroad scene that I would want to sign my dash. But really, I think someone taking a marker to a dash should drop the value.

    King of The Bummers! Who's In?

    For a long time now I've wanted to do a junker desert race. I was talking to my wife the other day about it and she said, "well do it". I have lots of ideas on how I want to do it, but first I thought I would send out a feeler to see if there is interest. I'm thinking it would take 5-10 race...

    How to control a GoPro with an iPad?

    I just picked up a GoPro 4 silver. I'd like to Bluetooth it to my iPad and control it that way. It looks like there a few apps that can do this ranging from $.99 to $25.00, wow! Any of you do this? Which app did you use? Thanks.

    More than just a CCW Class

    Well I had an experience last Sunday (in church, of all places) that has left gun ownership on my mind quite a bit lately. I told my wife about it, who is Pro-gun, but 100000000000000000% anti-gun in our house. After telling her about it, she confessed that she also has been having feelings...

    Anyone with AllData? I Need Some Help.

    I'm getting ready for another expo through the Swell and discovered my rear air bags are not working. I have no power to the compressor or the controller. There must be a hidden fuse somewhere, but for the life of me I can't find it. It would be awesome if you could pull up the schematics of the...