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  1. neagtea

    Diesel repair shops

    Diesel shops good and bad I want to have the injectors replaced in my 06 GMC with the LBZ motor. I have injectors and new return lines and am capable of doing the work and am anal. But with work and life happen and I just want to drop it off and pick it up. I was thinking moonlight in Logan...
  2. neagtea

    Gun work

    I have a Sako .308. I don't hunt much any more and have 4 better choices if I were to draw a good tag. Thinking re barrel, tactical stock. Am I crazy? Should I just sell and start with a 700 or similar? I like the Sako seems more precision than my other weapons. Thoughts? Also need to find...
  3. neagtea

    Rockwell axle experience

    Rockwell Axles, Ok guys chime in, my only experience is pounding them with the original Duce. Not under a wheeling rig. V8 buggy 300ish HP with 47's what upgrades recommended? Pinion brakes already done with wildwood calipers and pads. Shaft strength, do they need to be upgraded? What...
  4. neagtea

    CO2 filling SLCiish area

    Ok Since Bevco flipped the bird at us where are you guys filling now? I want to walk in wait a few and leave with a heavier bottle. Someone mentioned a place on 9th west IIRC. I need to fill 2 bottles soon.
  5. neagtea

    4 brand new fox bumps with cans 700.00

    2 brand new fox bump stops with cans 2.0 x 4" Down to 2 cans and stops 375.00
  6. neagtea

    4 285/70/17 geolanders a/t-s tires on eagle alloys

    4 tires and wheels 8x6.5 lug pattern. Eagle off road alloys Tires are 8ply rated load range d with 10/32nd's tread Currently on a sierra2500 but will fit ford and dodge with the pre metric bolt pattern 1000.00
  7. neagtea

    Hoarder Sale

    Brand new CJ rotors for 81 and newer. 25.00 for the pair Spring under unbolt skid plates 25.00 for 4 New YJ taiwan replacement windshield frame, has shipping dents thanks Fed-EX 40.00 Cj bikini's one used tan 10.00 Grey CJ/YJ windjammer 20.00 Brand new YJ safari top tan 30.00 CJ factory 6 cyl...
  8. neagtea

    Tire Chains

    I have a set of tire chains, a cut down big rig set. so they are heavy duty. They fit 33x12.50's $25.00 Thanks
  9. neagtea

    Coyote Canyon

    I have Been Gone for a while. another Navy deployment down last one I think/Hope. What is the story about getting a permit to run Coyote Canyon? Thanks
  10. neagtea

    Dana 60 Bearing preload Diff covers.

    Building new diffs. Any one ran the cover that preloads the bearing caps? Just wondering how it holds up to Rock bashing? also Leaning towards a Billet Driver Cap and or ARP studs. Leaving the front alone this is just for the rear. I just like to build it and forget about it. I get a little...
  11. neagtea

    Dom tubing

    I need 3 sticks of 1.75x.120 dom. Let me know what you got. If not maybe a group buy? Thanks
  12. neagtea

    CJ Tail Gate with jeep logo

    Like it says I need a CJ 7 tail gate with logo. Must be good to go no rust or dents. New would be good. Let me know
  13. neagtea

    39" BFG Red Label for spare

    Like it says I need a Spare New would be good
  14. neagtea

    ARB Lawn Chairs

    I need two, New, Who sells them? Thanks
  15. neagtea

    Gen Right dealers

    Any one on here sell genright? I need a set of Long 15"x 3-4ish hood louvers.
  16. neagtea

    40" MTR's (old style) Brand New

    Like it says 2 brand new 40x13.50x17 goodyear mtr rock spider old style tread. 200.00 each. SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!
  17. neagtea

    Trophy trucks and class ones square off in utah July 1-4

    Any one hear of this? It is scheduled to happen at Deseret Peak Complex. It looks like it will be like the power days with freestyle MX and MX and ATV racing. I hope they can get some vehicles to show up. I, see they have built quite the team of promoters. I have friends polling CL1 and TT in...
  18. neagtea

    Snap ouch

    This last weekend was test #2 for my old school scrambler. I say old schol due to Spring under rear and spring over front. I used a Yukon aluminum center section in the 9". I built them for 8 second full body drag cars so it should work right? The difference is Instead of using strange or...
  19. neagtea

    Weather Tech floor mats

    Probably posted in the wrong spot. Does any of the vendors here sell Weather Tech fitted floor mats for a 2006 GMC HD Crew? Let me know, I would rather give you my cash than the mega stores.
  20. neagtea

    off road swap meet

    I remember when there used to be a parts swap meet before internet posting got so popular. Does anyone remember the one at WX high? I was wondering what it would take to pull it off or if it would be a good fundraiser for land use or the state assn. It would take some planning and some lead time...