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  1. Jay5.9L

    Who cooking for thanksgiving??

    Thought I’d make a thanksgiving food thread. I was nominated to bring a brisket tomorrow and had to be creative due to the snow
  2. Jay5.9L

    Any roofers here?

    I was looking at my house and noticed one of my vent stacks doesn’t have a pipe on it. Anyone know a roofer that could take a look at it? I had a buddy fly his drone over the house and got a pic. (Tall two story house and I don’t have a monster extension ladder)
  3. Jay5.9L

    Advice: Expedition running rough

    Our 2010 Expedition with the 5.4L just hit 148k miles and was running fine. I had ford do the tune up with new plugs and a coolant flush. Now it has a intermittent miss. My wife describes it as like it gagging while trying to start or someone is shaking the vehicle. Took it back to ford and...
  4. Jay5.9L

    School me on Hot Tubs

    Thinking about installing a hot tub and I know nothing about them other than the more expensive units last longer and are more efficient. Any advice? I have a concrete pad in the back yard and a conduite that leads to the electrical panel. Brands/features/companies to look for? TIA!
  5. Jay5.9L

    Spring brake upgrade suggestions.

    The brakes in my cj have always been a little weak. I replaced the MC long ago with a Vanco kit and the axles are a D44 waggy front, Ford D60 rear semi float. Around town they are not bad but i can push through them in 4 low (4:1 and a automatic). Was thinking of giveing the system new pads...
  6. Jay5.9L

    Time to make the donuts

  7. Jay5.9L

    Happy new years

  8. Jay5.9L

    Best place to replace a TPM sensor?

    Wife’s expedition is having a intermittent TPS sensor fault. Where is the best place to get it replaced? Can discount tire or a Burt Brothers do it or do I have to hit a shop/dealership?
  9. Jay5.9L

    Need advice: battery charger

    We have a few budget rock crawlers (NitroRX Mad Torque and a Max Stone) which came with the crappy overnight chargers for the Nicads. Can anyone recommend a quick, smart charger that is budget friendly and can do both the double barrel shotgun connector and a Deans connector (one with a blade...
  10. Jay5.9L

    Anyone play Crossout? (Mad Max style video game)

    I found this game on the xbox and it’s alot of fun. Think of it as a post apocalyptic waste land where you need to build mad max style vehicles to survive in battle. Shot guns, cannons, wheels, tank tracks, etc. Anyone playing it?
  11. Jay5.9L

    Does galvanizing usually look like sh!t?

    I bought some raw steel shackle parts for the Jeep and thought to go the extra mile and get them coated for rust prevention vs the normal rattle can job. I prepped them all nice and dropped them off at local zinc galvanizing place. Got them back today and look like shit! Bumpy, drippy...
  12. Jay5.9L

    Trip Report American fork July 2018

    Quick run up AF canyon. Weather was overcast and very nice. Friend’s slightly lifted rubicon bent a rim early on and rode on the street spare.
  13. Jay5.9L

    Grade 8 leaf spring sleeves

    Upgrading my CJ shackles and looking for grade 8 sleeves to go between them as the center link. Anyone know where I can get some with out buying a entire hushing kit?
  14. Jay5.9L

    Replacement CJ Steering Shaft Questions

    My CJ still has some play in the steering after installing a brand new steering box which I'm assuming is coming from the original steering shaft (tie rod ends looks great). Is it worth dropping $280 on a Borgeson shaft or going with a basic OMIX ADA or standard replacement for less than half...
  15. Jay5.9L

    General Tech Can you mill out the hub bore on a wheel spacer?

    I bought a set of 5 x 5.5 1.25" wheel spacers for my CJ. Unfortunately they were built for a newer truck like a 1500 dodge with a smaller hub bore. Can I bore out the middle so my locking hubs will pass through or is this a bad idea? I feel like I'm messing with lug centric vs hub centric...
  16. Jay5.9L

    Need Gutter Installer Recomendation

    I need some gutter and down spout work done on the house. Anyone recommend a company or a fellow RMEer?
  17. Jay5.9L

    General Tech Yes Another Bed liner Thread

    Time to finally line the inside of the jeep. Who has done what with what company or product? I've seen a few adds for "professional spray in " liners for $299-$800. On the low end, the cost savings from DIY isn't much considering all the cleaning products and time. I'm willing to do the...
  18. Jay5.9L

    Where to buy pork belly?

    Where can I buy skin on pork belly? Want to make a porketta this summer.
  19. Jay5.9L

    Stupid Question: TF999 Oil Cooler Routing

    Installing a secondary transmission cooler on my CJ7 with the factory 6 cylinder automatic (TF999 I believe). Which is the supply line and which is the return? Could not find a good diagram online. I assume I plumb from the radiator to the top of the cooler then back to the trans. Thanks!
  20. Jay5.9L

    Stupid Question: To bed line before or after bolting on stuff

    Silly question but should I spray my jeep interior before or after bolting on things with protruding hardware like rock sliders and corner guards? Pro before: easier prep, don't have to remove then reinstall the hardware. Con before: have to deal with drilling though the extra layer and...