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    Any body know KO_knockout or how to get ahold of him?
  2. toys4rocks

    Wanted Rebuilding interior

    I know it's a long shot, but I am looking for the steel dash portion for an FJ40, mine is a 65, but year doesn't really matter to me as long as it fits.
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    Well, against my better judgement, I did it!

    I am back! I went to Sac and picked up a pretty well built 1965 FJ40. Fender flares have already been removed! Couldn't look at them anymore.... Can I change my name??
  4. toys4rocks

    Home built trailer

    How many of you have built your own trailer for your crawler? Any thing you would add or remove knowing what you now know? Anything to watch out for. I have built a few trailers, but nothing totally customized.
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    For Sale CJ corners

    I got them with my 5, don’t know what they fit.
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    Set of 4 33-12.50-15

    Wild country radial TXR, little bit of weather checking in between lugs. Looks like they are almost new. Sidewalls all look fine. OFFROAD ONLY! $300 Jason 801 647 8477
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    Ford yard sale

    Everything comes from a 78 F150 4" lift, springs, drop brackets, panhard drop bracket, and blocks in rear, all 4 shocks, looks like a skyjacker kit $250 HP44 and matching 9" rear, 3.55 and open. $450 Airbags and brackets, no leaks or weather checking. $120 These are all obo. Jason...
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    Axle setup tools

    1" digital indicator, new in box, never used. $30 Outside caliper set, new in box, never used. $40 801-647-8477 Jason
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    1995 Cherokee, back up, now with more new parts!

    New: NSS, CPS, battery, alternator, starter, front and rear seats, turn signal assembly. Still comes with, lockright n the rear, sway bar disconnects, all four removable doors, cold a/c, 32" tires at 60% life left, swing out tire carrier, and custom roof rack. 4.0, 4 speed auto, whatever...
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    911 please?

    Anybody in the Heber area that I can borrow a welder really quick? Broke off an LCA and have to drive back to Lehi!
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    Timbren suspension

    From a 2008 Dodge one ton, should fit other years. $50
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    95 cherokee mild crawler

    3" lift, rock sliders, adjustable upper and lower control arms, 32" Kenda muds 75%, auto, lockright in rear, sway bar disconects, swing out tire carrier DIY, custom front and rear bumpers, tow bar, all four doors pop off! Oh, and a custom roof rack. 230k miles, trans leaks, but no problems...
  13. toys4rocks

    LUK clutch kit

    Bought for a 1980 CJ-7, box is a little rough, but the kit is still sealed. $50
  14. toys4rocks

    2008 Cummins race exhaust

    4" turbo back, no bungs. Only on truck for 3 months, muffler included. Flo-Pro brand. All clamps in good condition and perfectly re-usable. $250
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    New CJ windshield frame

    Unused, in primer, Omix-ada 76-86 windshield frame. $150 801. 647. 8477.
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    Wtb jeep trans, transfer setup

    Looking for a few different options. AMC 400- D 20 75-79 j truck combo SR4 - 300 76-81 CJ7 combo TQ 727 - D 20 79-91 waggy combo T-18 - d20 76 - 85 cj combo Kind of in a hurry on one of these, please call if you are willing to part with any of these combos. Must be in good running...
  17. toys4rocks

    1980 CJ7

    Great little Jeep! Other than longer shackles and larger tires, this vehicle is bone stock. Runs and drives pretty good for it's age. Passes Utah safety and emissions. All lights, gas tank, multiple switches and lights on the dash are new. Very, very little rust. Only thing wrong with this...
  18. toys4rocks

    Need an AMC 20

    Looking for an amc rear for my 1980 cj7, with 3.55's. JY's want way to much for that boat anchor. Some one help me out!!!! Please.......
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    Cj7 shackles

    Anybody want to trade a set of stock shackles for a set of 2" shackles? I need to fix the steering so my kid can drive the jeep.
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    I need (small motor tech related)

    I need a good shop to fix my air compressor please. I think i lost a capacitor, but would like it checked before I just replace it Thanks