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    Merry Christmas RME!

    What he said.
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    Car Audio Shops

    I hate to be negative, but.... I bought very nice and expensive unit at CC, I thought they gave me a good price. But they will not back it up with service, and keeping promises.
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    Lifetime Products

    I have one of their large garbage can storage units. Lid is somewhat warped, and the screws are constantly falling out of the hardware. Still looks OK after five years, but is not in the direct sunlight all day. Good for what it is. But I need to figure out a way to keep all the screws from...
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    Wow... June 6, 1944

    I second that. Thanks to all who served and who currently serve. We must remember.
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    Shell question

    I have had a bed slide in my last four trucks. In my opinion, one of the best additions you can have, especially for me being a lazy old man. Pulling the slide out makes it very easy to access and load objects even heavy ones forward in the bed. I currently have a three-piece Tono cover and like...
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    For Sale BC's Moving Sale

    May I have the exhaust hose?
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    You have a PM
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    Do you remember this ?

    Don't remember the Guys' name, but he lived in our neighborhood (Willowcreek) and I played basket ball against him when the ads were running. Never saw the car in person.
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    Dewalt metal chop saw

    Can you text me your address? Thanks; Gary.
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    Dewalt metal chop saw

    I'll take it. Can we meet up this weekend?
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    Wanted: Equipment and operator to grade and trench my yard

    I heard he has some little helper elves (slave labor) :D It will be nice to see it with sod (and sprinkler and gas lines buried underneath) soon. Great design.
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    Air bags for towing?

    Better way to say what I tried to say.
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    Air bags for towing?

    If you use air bags, I do and I am very happy with them, make sure your air lines are separate for each bag. You don't want a common line between the bags to allow air to go between them. If you do, when one side compresses (more pressure) the other side will extend (less pressure) you don't...
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    Electrician needed in Holladay, UT.

    Thanks Brent, job completed today.
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    Electrician needed in Holladay, UT.

    I need to have a light moved to another switch, and a thermostat moved to another wall. Remodeling a conference room in my office building, demo is done, walls are moved. Gary T 801-272-6000
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    Day Laborer Payment, Wow!

    A little different slant on this topic. "Will work for food". Or not. Many years ago, on my way to one of my rental units to do some work, I pulled over to to talk with a man on the side or the road with a sign that stated "will work for food". I offered him Breakfast, a day of work with pay...
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    Troy-Bilt Bronco Tiller

    I'll take it. Pm your contact info.
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    Basement Framing

    How is your daughter?
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    1988 Samurai Build

    I like the fact that you think through things before you jump in. This will be a very nice rig. Are you sure there is enough room inside for kids after you slide the drivers seat into the back? :D
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    Any interest in some real-flood LED lights?

    Let me know if you are going to meet anyone else in SL County and I can meet you or you can stop by my place, very close to I15.