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  1. AaronPaige

    Torque converter advice

    So long story short, wife had a horse riding oops and broke her back and now the buggy shifts/comes off idle to harsh for her to enjoy... The engine is a lt1 stroked to 383, the trans a th400 with what I believe is a stock torque converter, just off idle ( no matter how gentle you are) the...
  2. AaronPaige

    What size tire are you really running?

    So late winter I bought 37s for my tj and haven’t had it out much last night I ran a trail and my new 37s are smaller than the 35 I took off and gave to a friend (well used), is interco the only ones selling small sizes? I’m thinking about replacing them with Maxxis treps if you have them did...
  3. AaronPaige

    Buggy friendly events at Jeep safari

    Each year I take the buggy to Moab for ejs and start the trip on Tuesday, area bfe crawl mag readers ride but this year bfe isn’t hosting such an event... Any cool buggy friendly happenings this year or should I just leave the buggy home?
  4. AaronPaige

    Some one put me on YouTube, far left helldorado climb

    So... I was playing on YouTube when I seen my buggy, had no idea but kinda cool I guess - - - Updated - - - Only the last ten sec are any good hahah
  5. AaronPaige

    Ls 5.3/th350/205 twin sticked

    It's been a year and my "new buggy" drivetrain is still in the way of working on my current buggy, so somethings got to go... The 5.3 is dbw with 80k miles on it complete minus alternator and power steering pump, all wires were cut when removed but I sourced a complete harness The th350 worked...
  6. AaronPaige

    What can you suggest for a hobby plasma table

    Well long story short I bought a Miller extreme 375 plasma cutter like 3 years ago and have used it maybe two hours, mostly because I hate the way my cuts turn out free hand, but I'm wanting a cut table to make brackets and tabs for my buggies, not planning on starting a biz or major...
  7. AaronPaige

    Planetary axles

    Just like the title says I have two steering psi planetary axles from a psi military tug, these are about 85in wide and lighter than axletec's (about 900lbs) with a wider planetary. They have a cool diamond axle look to them and duel caliper disk brake at all wheels. A very low gear ratio of...
  8. AaronPaige

    Wanted 31x10.50r15 bridgestone revo

    I'm using these on my buggy trailer and blew one, any one have any laying around, I belive they were stock on Toyotas before the big rims started taking over
  9. AaronPaige

    I need a set of 4.10 gears for d60 and 14 bolt

    Just like the title says I'm needed a set of gears for a one ton project I'm building... What you got
  10. AaronPaige

    irok 42s on usa 6x6 wheels 98%

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]97301[ATTACH] I'm selling my 42x14x16 tires and wheels like new , they were on the truck maybe five road miles and one trip up potato salid hill, the wheels are usa6 x6 double bead locks with rock rings, 8x6.5 and been stored indoors. $1500 possible trade for 38s
  11. AaronPaige

    33s on weld wheels off my tj

    I'm selling my 33s the spare has never been used the other 4 are about 8/32s, all five hold are no repairs 400$
  12. AaronPaige

    wtb i want some 16in tj wheels

    Just like the title says I'm looking for some 5x4.5 by 16 wheels to put a set of 35 tsl on that have been taking up space in the shop
  13. AaronPaige

    tj fender, steps,grill,flares for sale

    II replaced my fenders on a 01 th the driver side is perfict the grill took a hit from the winch so it's got cosmetic damage , the flares are roughly 7.5 in wide and the steps are straight but rusting on the bottom $40 for the fender $20 for any other parts obo
  14. AaronPaige

    36x12.50r15 super swampers

    I bought 4 super swampers today used on rims and they don't fit my tj a little to big but mostly the rims are not the right size they are 5 on 5.5 rims not what I needed but two are about 16/32 and the other two are 12/32 all hold air and no major damage but have typical trail ware... I come up...
  15. AaronPaige

    i want a ls engine

    I have been watching for a deal on a buggy motor I have jumped on a few just to get burned or loose out. I want a 6.0 but would consider a 5.3 for a deal what you got or were did you get one... Anything you learned May help too
  16. AaronPaige

    What Front traction aids do you like

    I'm rebuilding my recently damaged 01 tj I have(on order) full body protection and metal cloak fenders but I'm shopping front lockers or limited slip but have seen that with out turn out hubs forint traction aids are not recommended by the manufacturer, what are you running and how do you like...
  17. AaronPaige

    Lq9 wiring and computer wanted

    I'm looking at buying a 05 lq9 engine this weekend the seller says its complete except harness and computer, if you have been down this road please help me out with any thing you may have learned or what to expect...
  18. AaronPaige

    Jeep tj vs. cow

    Well long story short i drove home from work about midnight in the rain and hit a black cow at about 55mph... So not sure if this will become a build forum or what will be in my near future, my hope is to rebuild my jeep with some upgrades well just see what the insurance has to say...
  19. AaronPaige


    Just that a th400 rebuild able is ok and a 205
  20. AaronPaige

    Body skins wanted

    My lexan parts are not doing so well I think it's the paint, but I want to change them out and ad some, where are you getting skin materials ... I'm thinking aluminum might be best for what I have in mind what did you use and are you happy?