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  1. Diesel_Zuk

    Wanted FJ80 Steering Box

    Anybody have an FJ80 steering box they are willing to get rid of? Nothing on KSL, nothing in pick a part currently.
  2. Diesel_Zuk

    Metal lathe carriage? stuck

    I've been needing to do some work on a lathe, nothing crazy. Found this one at work that I can use to do what I need. However, the main slide on the carriage (I believe that is the name of it, it's the larger handle I'm pointing to in picture) seems to be stuck, and I cannot seem to free it up...
  3. Diesel_Zuk

    Century link crappy customer service question.

    Anybody have Century Stink and hate them? My wife made a payment 11/1/19 for the cycle of 11/18/19-12/18/19. She called to cancel service 12/9/2019. At the time of cancellation, the guy told her she did not have to make another payment, since the cycle started 12/18/19. Two weeks later she gets...
  4. Diesel_Zuk

    For Sale 1998 Jetta TDI

    Selling my jetta. Just did timing belt, water pump, and associated tensioners. Runs good, but needs a lot of little things. 5 speed, 214k miles, AHU TDI engine. Front seats are kinda beat up and could use replacement. Has a Yakima roof rack. Fix it up and daily it, or rip the engine out and swap...
  5. Diesel_Zuk

    For Sale Garage cleaning free stuff!

    Will update as I go through this all. roll of sound dampening from eBay, not sure if still good or not, but it’s free! recaro seat from 91-92 Jetta GLI, base cut off, would need welded to your mounts or use as a gaming chair. 6” flares, was told they’re for a YJ? Can’t confirm. 6” wide...
  6. Diesel_Zuk

    Wanted ISO 2x4 steel tube

    Trying this route, anybody have any 2x4 steel tubing? Possibly going to completely build a whole new frame for my samurai trailer. Need about 30’ to begin with. Thanks.
  7. Diesel_Zuk

    Single axle car trailer questions

    Hoping there's some people in here smarter than me, that can either steer me right here. I have this 3/4 ton military trailer that I bought, with the intentions of making an overland camp trailer out of. However, I've quickly realized it would be better for me, to have a flatbed trailer, to haul...
  8. Diesel_Zuk

    Stock tank pool/spa build

    Been kinda wanting to do this for a while now, but have been busy with other projects like my samurai. After showing these pix to my wife, I convinced her to let me build one of these stock tank pools. I have a plan in my head to use it as a pool in the summer, and a spa or hot tub in the...
  9. Diesel_Zuk

    Anybody got the hookup on retired road signs?

    As above, does anybody happen to have a hookup, or have any old road signs they don't want? No, I won't come take the road work sign in front of your house, trying to stay somewhat legal. I have this idea in my head to use them for my samurai flatbed decking. I know they're not real strong, but...
  10. Diesel_Zuk

    TDI Swapped Samurai Truck Conversion

    Figured I don't have a build thread on here, so I decided I should bring everything I got over. I started with a 1986 samurai, engine is a 1998 AHU 1.9 TDI with a mechanical injection pump. Geo tracker transmission, transfercase with 4.24 gears and twin sticks. Toyota driveshafts, samurai axles...
  11. Diesel_Zuk

    Wanted Need a 33x12.50r15 spare

    I'm in need of a 33x12.50r15 tire for a spare. Doesn't have to be anything special, AT or MT is fine, as long as it is in decent shape to hold air. Anybody have anything extra kicking around they don't need? I'm located in Provo. Thanks.
  12. Diesel_Zuk

    Trusted fabricators in Utah Valley?

    I'm looking for a fabricator in the Utah Valley area, Orem, Provo, etc, to measure, and bend a roll bar for me. I can provide the DOM, I just do not have a bender, or the knowledge how to go about doing this. Here's a picture of the vehicle in question. If anybody can point me in the direction...
  13. Diesel_Zuk

    Wanted ISO: dual axle boat or camp trailer

    I'm looking to build a utility trailer that can haul a side by side and atv or a few snow mobiles, wondering if anybody here has an old trailer, either an old boat trailer or camp trailer that has body damage or similar. Anybody have anything they want to get rid of on the cheap?
  14. Diesel_Zuk

    Pretty cool rig featured in 4wheel and offroad magazine

    Not trying to brag, but I'm feeling especially cool after seeing my rig in the current issue of 4wd magazine. :cool:
  15. Diesel_Zuk

    Rant: My big feet

    Not that anybody cares, but I have size 17 feet. Finding shoes absolutely sucks. I've been searching and searching to find a set of yaktrax, or shoe spikes to wear on my shoes so I can do some hiking, and I can't find anything for a size above 13. Last year, I made my own pair out of some small...
  16. Diesel_Zuk

    What should I deck my flatbed with?

    I chopped my samurai, stretched the frame, and had a guy build me this flatbed. Originally I had intended to just use 2x6" treated lumber, but have been kinda having second thoughts. Obviously whatever I use, it'll have to be UV resistant. Other ideas are sheet steel of some sort. Or possibly...
  17. Diesel_Zuk

    Wanted Looking for yota mini truck axles

    As stated, looking for either a set of mini truck axles, or at least a front, and I can swap the hubs and front stuff to match an IFS axle. Anybody got anything for sale? I'm located in Provo, UT.
  18. Diesel_Zuk

    Trip Report Forest Lake Run

    Got my samurai kinda buttoned up, tried to go to forest lake with a buddy, ended up getting a pinhole leak in my radiator, so I decided to leave my rig at the bottom of the trail, still did a little bit of stuff though. Overall a good time. And I broke off a shock mount.
  19. Diesel_Zuk

    Anybody in Moab September 1st? Need a ride....

    Maybe the wrong place to post this, but I will be mountain biking saturday. We had plans with some friends who were also going biking, and we were going to just take two cars so we could leave one at the bottom of trail, and get the one at top later. Well, said friends bailed last minute, and am...
  20. Diesel_Zuk

    Machine shop in Utah Valley area?

    Does anybody have a recommendation for a machine shop that has the capability to bore, and tap a couple transfercase shafts for me? I'm running a geo tracker transfercase in my samurai build, and have two slip joint eliminators. I need to have the shafts bored and tapped so I can put the SYE on...