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    Who’s going? I just got tickets at Carey’s cycle. Pretty excited to go watch!
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    For Sale SOLDRisk Lock-n-load dirt bike transport system

    I have 2 Risk Lock-N-Load dirt bike transport systems. Brand new in box. These things are pretty cool and a great idea. They hold your bike by the pegs instead of using tie downs. Unfortunately, they aren’t going to work for me in the toy hauler like I thought they would. I bought them...
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    Has anyone tried these? Kind of interesting
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    Milestar Patagonia MT tires

    So the JK has needed tires since I got it. It came with 37 Mickey Thompson ATZ. I hated them. I wanted 40s but there is no way they would fit without major overhaul on everything. So I’ve been eyeing the 38” pitbull maddog radials. Every time they go on sale they aren’t in...
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    Free Old small trailer axle

    I was going to build a dirt bike trailer around it but it never happened and it needs to go Bearings feel a little loose but there. Free for the taking!
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    AF canyon. Anyone willing to give advice?

    So a handful of years ago RME had a dirt bike ride up AF canyon. It was my first real single track experience and I had just gotten back into riding The ride was incredible. I had fun and got my trashed kicked. I haven’t been back to AF canyon since. I’d really like to do the...
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    For Sale 78 CJ7

    So this is weird. My bosses brother in law is selling a 78 cj7. I don’t have a ton of info. It has a 304. I have seen it and it looks damn clean. He will be posting it up tomorrow for probably way to cheap. I’d like to see it go to someone worthy. I think he wants like...
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    For Sale SOLDEqualizer weight distribution hitch

    This came with a camper that I bought and I just don’t need it. I have the same one already. It’s all there but a couple of the bolts on the tongue side could stand to be replaced Equalizer brand. It’s heavy duty. The hitch is solid steel. 14,000 lb rating. 2 5/16 ball. 2”...
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    For Sale Dick Cepek DC II wheels for superduty

    I have a set of 4 dick cepek wheels I had on my old truck for awhile. They are 16”. 8x170 luv pattern I can’t remember the width but I think 10” One has some road rash where I had a blowout but still functions fine. I have a old tire on it. The other 3 are loose. Also looks...
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    Wanted 3.0-16-150 coil over springs

    I’m in need of a pair of coil over springs 3.0-16-150 May consider a 200 lb as well Anything used out there? I have a pair of 250 and 350 and 100 if any one would want to trade
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    Wanted Ford Superduty front driveline

    I’m needing one for a spare. Never hurts to ask Need to be the 1350 CV. Any year superduty should be fine Thanks!
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    What bike for my 9 year old

    My boy has more than outgrown his xr50. Trying to decide what to get next He is pretty good but a lot like me and not very aggressive. Enjoys cruising around. Mostly just dirt roads. I asked what he wants and he said a orange bike like dads. That’s enough to make a dad feel...
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    For Sale Like new Goodyear wrangler SRA

    Goodyear wrangler SRA tires. Set of 4. 265/60/20. E rated These tires are like new. I bought the truck a month ago and the dealership had put them on when they got it. I replaced the wheels and tires with aftermarket stuff They are 16/32” new. I’m reading 14-16/32” Guessing about...
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    For Sale 509 helmet Altitutde XL

    I won this helmet at an event awhile back. It’s too small for my massive melon. It got put on the shelf in the camper and forgot about til now. It’s brand new. I have the bag and the box It’s and XL. I normally wear a 2XL. Guessing this is closer to a L. Seems small. Super...
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    For Sale Metalcloak JK coils and shocks

    These are metalcloak 4” lift coils for a JKU Little dirty. Little rusty. Plenty usable still Shocks are metalcloak 6 packs for 4” lift I’m thinking they need rebuilt but not 100% sure. I of course upgraded to falcons so these need to go 100 for the coils 100 for the shocks. OBO or...
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    Free 35” toyo AT for 20” wheel

    Boss ended up buying new tires not long after replacing just this one It’s to good to throw away. Can anyone use it? Free.99
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    2 interior pre hung craftsman doors

    I have 2 doors that went in a basement. The homeowner decided to change the swings after they were hung. Since they were hung i cant return them. The jambs have nail holes but are plenty useable still First is a 2'4" left hand swing Second is a 2'10" left hand swing Both have...
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    Needed to borrow....8 lug wheels and small tires

    So the new jeep failed inspection due to tires not being completely covered. Does anyone sorta close have a set of 4 rollers with enough tread to pass inspection That i could borrow? Shouldnt have to worry about it next year since inspections are going away. The tires on it really...
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    Opinions are like jeeps............

    Everyone has one.....even me! I pulled the trigger on a 2013 JKU sport last week. Ya ya....I know its not a Rubicon so it sucks. But it does have Torq 14 bolts under it. :) I really dont plan to change much on this rig but this thread will be to document what i do and trips i take...
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    Moab in a SXS??

    So i have some friends coming down from Canada to run Moab in a SXS for a couple days. I have zero side by side experience. He is bringing a stock 4seat and a stock 2 seat rzr. My question is for those with sxs experience, what trails would you recommend for these machines? Thanks!