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  1. Stephen

    RME March Trip - Spring Tour of the Swell

    What: A two day tour through the San Rafael Swell hitting all the highlights from the Wedge to the Lucky Strike and many points in between. If you’ve never been before, this is a Swell chance to whet your appetite for more. If you’ve been, this is a great opportunity get out and see some old...
  2. Stephen

    Whole Home VPN

    I know there are a few of you out there that are nerds like me, so I figured I'd share my latest tech setup. I've run a VPN on my download box for a few years, but I've really wanted to set up a whole home VPN for awhile. After doing a fair amount of research on routers, I decided to get a...
  3. Stephen

    Cody Gone Wild

    I've been hearing about Cody's dreams of opening a brewery for basically as long as I've known the SOB! Congrats, homie! At Bewilder, home-brew entrepreneurs bring passion for beer to downtown digs
  4. Stephen

    Isuzu Acura RestoModded a SLX for Radwood

    Acura Gave This 1997 SLX a Modern AWD System and a 350-HP VTEC Engine For those that are uninitiated in the world of 2nd Generation Isuzu Troopers (and shame on you for not being!) from 1997-2000 Honda badge engineered the highest trim level Trooper (the SE) as the Acura SLX for the US market...
  5. Stephen

    Jeep Jeep Commander

    I've been seeing a few Jeep Commander's running around of late with mild lifts on them and they look pretty darn good. I know nothing about them other than they were here, and then they disappeared after just one generation. Anyone know anything about them? Good, bad, ugly. Just curious more...
  6. Stephen

    For Sale - Best Offer Brown IKEA Billy Bookcase w/Door

    For sale is one (1) Brown IKEA Billy Bookcase with a door on the lower half. This is the 15.5" wide version. Great shape, just don't need it anymore. Asking $40 OBO. Cash only, no trades. Text or PM 8o1-nineoneeight-09threethree
  7. Stephen

    For Sale - Best Offer Black IKEA Billy Bookcase

    For sale is one (1) black IKEA Billy Bookcase. This is the 15.5" wide version. Great shape, just don't need it anymore. Asking $25 OBO. Cash only, no trades. Text or PM 8o1-nineoneeight-09threethree
  8. Stephen

    For Sale - Best Offer KitchenAid 5qt Standing Mixer (Model K5SS)

    For sale is one (1) KitchenAid 5qt, 10-Speed Standing Mixer (Model K5SS) with two bowls, a whisk, dough hook, and beater. This mixer is probably about 20 years old, but still works fantastically. Only reason that I'm selling it is that I've upgraded and don't need two. Asking $150 OBO. Cash...
  9. Stephen

    For Sale Two (2) Nightstands

    For sale are two (2) brown night stands measuring 28"x14.5"x18". These are about 10 years old and have your expected wear and tear on them, but they are on the whole in good shape and would be great for a kids room or college apartment. Asking $40 firm. Cash only, no trades. Text or PM...
  10. Stephen

    Real Time Position Tracking While on the Trail

    I was out and about the other weekend with four vehicles and we got a bit spread out on the trail. We all had HAM's, so communication was easy, but as I looked at my Gaia GPS app on my iPad, I thought, "Man, it'd be really nice to see where everyone is on the map in real time." I know about...
  11. Stephen

    GMC / Chevy Thoughts on Chevy Colorado ZR2's

    I'm not looking at buying a new vehicle any time soon, but every time I see a late model Colorado ZR2 I think that those are damn good looking trucks. Anyone have experience with one now that they've been out for a bit?
  12. Stephen

    Has visitation in Utah's Wasatch canyons reached a tipping point?

    KSL Article: Has visitation in Utah's Wasatch canyons reached a tipping point? In the Cottonwood Canyons and AFC, it has gotten ridiculous! I, for one, would like to see a usage fee and a quota or permit based system go into place for the canyons. People will cry foul, discrimination against...
  13. Stephen

    If Cody Opened a Food Truck

  14. Stephen


    Anyone know what happened to the user "Deviant"? Shows that his account has been deleted. He let me borrow a knee scooter after I broke my leg, and fortunately I'm no longer in need of it and I'd like to get it back to him if he wants it.
  15. Stephen

    I-70 Eagle Canyon Bridges in Google Earth

    Anyone ever notice that the I-70 Eagle Canyon bridges look like quite a wild ride in Google Earth? :rofl:
  16. Stephen


    Alright, I'm a first time home buyer looking for a mortgage lender. Anyone got recommendations?
  17. Stephen


    Weekends and evenings I spend a lot of time sitting of late. I read, watch TV shows and races (anyone following Indy this year? Damn good racing!) but I need more to take up my time. Since I can't work on my actual vehicle project I thought I'd give scale modeling a go. Now I haven't built a...
  18. Stephen

    Who Likes Titanium?

    Because I'm permanent fan now...
  19. Stephen

    Anyone Know Python?

    I'm taking a GIS course right now that's an intro to Python. I'm a bit stuck on an assignment and wonder if anyone out there would be willing to lend a hand.
  20. Stephen

    For Sale - Firm Price Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse MA272LL/A [$20]

    For sale is an Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse MA272LL/A. Works perfectly, just add batteries. Asking $20 firm. Cash only, no trades. PM, Call or Text 8o1-nine18-o9three3