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  1. ChestonScout

    New Ford 7.3L Gasser

    No experience yet but I want to do a crate 7.3 for the Scout when they are available. Piles of potential
  2. ChestonScout

    How long have you had your rig?

    I bought the scout in Maryland off eBay September 2001. 😳 flew there and drove it home
  3. ChestonScout

    Getting healthier in 2020. Who's in?

    how is the recovery going? I have been pretty slow getting going. I am mostly trying to cut calorie intake. I’ve been on the exercise bike a couple times a week. Nothing has changed on the scale yet. I’m hoping that slow progress will be better for me. When I have tried before I...
  4. ChestonScout

    Bilstein 9100 bumpstop rebuild/destroke help

    Should just be a spacer inside on the shaft. Longer the spacer the shorter the stroke. King makes spacers for my bumps. I went from 4” to 2” and it was pretty easy to do
  5. ChestonScout


    Who’s going? I just got tickets at Carey’s cycle. Pretty excited to go watch!
  6. ChestonScout

    Jeep JK spring swapping

    Mine had metalcloak coils on it when I bought it. I thought they were wore out. I replaced them with Teraflex coils of the same lift there was 1/8” difference in height after installed I honestly notice no difference in ride quality between the 2 brands.
  7. ChestonScout

    A small call for help

    Heal up quick!
  8. ChestonScout

    Wheelin/Trail Goals for 2020

    Less competition (possibly none) more trails. lots more dirt biking
  9. ChestonScout

    Happy Birthday to.... RME!!!

    Pretty dang cool!
  10. ChestonScout

    Rockbinder- Drama Scout

    Soooooo Friggin Awesome. 👏
  11. ChestonScout

    Getting healthier in 2020. Who's in?

    I’ll consider it. I’ve made a little effort this year and have lost a few lbs. I’m pretty weak in the food department unfortunately. And between bad knees and back I can’t do much strenuous exercise. I did recently get a exercise bike that doesn’t seem to hurt to use. Dirt...
  12. ChestonScout

    For Sale Lincoln PowerMig 255C

    That’s a nice machine
  13. ChestonScout

    Smoked turkey, the next day?

    No experience with cooking it for the day after but I can say that my leftovers have been amazing
  14. ChestonScout

    For Sale SOLDRisk Lock-n-load dirt bike transport system

    I have 2 Risk Lock-N-Load dirt bike transport systems. Brand new in box. These things are pretty cool and a great idea. They hold your bike by the pegs instead of using tie downs. Unfortunately, they aren’t going to work for me in the toy hauler like I thought they would. I bought them...
  15. ChestonScout


    @Gravy you had this thing out yet? Does anyone know a place that rents snowbikes? I’d really like to try one out this season