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    Anzenketh's -- All Purpose Car (DD mostly)

    Owners Name & City- anzenketh(Kyle) Orem Make, Model & Year of Vehicle- 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (WJ) Engine- 4.7 liter V-8 Transmission Stock T-Case- Quadra-Trac II (Stock) Axles- Front axle: High pinion D30 (Stock) D35 c-clip rear axle (Stock) Suspension- Up Country Suspension...
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    Recovery equipment.

    Looking for some basic recovery equipment. Don't want to attach anything directly to the Jeep Just yet.
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    Jeep Body damage and stock.

    Now that I have a jeep I really want to do some offroading. I have been thinking about a few things though. 1. I only have two vehicles so I don't want to take my jeep out of service very much. So I want to avoid offroading that will guarantee damage to my jeep. 2. My wife cares about how my...
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    07/30/2011 Little Moab, AF or something near utah county(within 1.5 hours)

    07/30/2011 5 Mile Snakes Area. I was wanting to do some afternoon off-roading this weekend. I was thinking of doing something close to home that is why I picked AF or little Moab. I have a stock(standard) WJ. I want to do some more easy trails as this is going to be my first time...
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    New Guy with a used Jeep.

    Just joined today. Found site while looking for places to take my newly bought WJ. Joined to chat and get advise. The first Jeep I ever drove was a YJ. Did not get much chance to get it offroad. Sadly the jeep somehow (I was told) jumped the curb and landed sideways in between two trees. (Wish I...