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  1. sawtooth4x4

    Australian CB / Cellphone Antennas

    Can we get those big fat antennas here in the states? They probably don't work here, but they look cooler than our stuff. Asking for a friend.......
  2. sawtooth4x4

    Fridge Slides

    Have any of you built your own fridge slides. Or have an alternative to things sold here in the states. The Aussies have lots of cool stuff. But we don’t seem to have any of it so far.
  3. sawtooth4x4

    Load Range F tires

    I recently put 35x12.5x18 tires on my truck. The tire installer inflated them to 80 psi on my unloaded truck. It was squirrelly to say the least. I deflated them to 65 psi. Much better. Max psi is 80 on the tires. Am I going to hurt anything running at this pressure? I’ve done this with E...
  4. sawtooth4x4

    For Sale Ram 2500-3500 18x8 Wheels and Tires

    New wheels and tires. Around 300 miles on them. Just bought the truck and decided to go with different wheels and tires. ross 307-899-1362
  5. sawtooth4x4

    Anyone want to haul a Defender

    I sold a defender to a guy in Colorado. Lakewood Colorado. Anyone heading that way that wants to make some money? The picture of the truck below is what you'll be shipping Call Ross 307-899-1362
  6. sawtooth4x4

    Electrical Systems, Please show off your work.

    Need a little kick in the arse to get my Range Rover finally finished. I need to add a real fuse box. So I bought this on Amazon. Looks pretty good and should finally clean up some of the stuff under the hood. Looks like its waterproof and will mount well. I've been looking for something...
  7. sawtooth4x4

    For Sale 1993 Land Rover Defender 110

    Not too many of these kicking around. Solid truck, solid doors, solid frame and body. A good base to start a build from. Ross 385-645-3876 1993 Land Rover Defender 110 Station Wagon VIN# SALLDHMF7LA935259 The Sledgehammer has everything. WE build our trucks for adventure, not for looking...
  8. sawtooth4x4

    1992 Land Rover Defender 110

    Specs: Engine: 200TDI (2.5L Direct Injection Turbo Diesel Intercooled) 113 hp 200 FT/LBS Transmission LT77 5 speed Manual Transfercase LT230 High Range Ratio: 1.222 Low Range Ratio: 3.27:1 Axle Gear Ratio: 3.56:1 This is a right hand drive truck that my business partner and I imported from...
  9. sawtooth4x4

    For Sale 200 AMP Craftsman Battery Charger $100

    $100 307-899-1362 Layton UTAH Ross Less than a year old. 200 AMP Start, 35 amp fast charge, 2 amp slow charge
  10. sawtooth4x4

    Best Books or Guides to Learning Ham Radio

    Okay, I've finally gotten the bug to get into Ham radio. I bought a couple Baofangs to get started. I'd like to take my test and get qualified in the next couple of months. What is the best way to go about learning. I've been doing the practice tests online, but I don't feel like I'm really...
  11. sawtooth4x4


    Ok, is there something wrong with O'Reilly alternators. I've been through 5-6 on my Range Rover. I never drive it. Obviously if you've seen my build thread. I just installed a new one from O'Reilly again under warranty on Saturday. I installed it Saturday morning, it worked fine. I had it...
  12. sawtooth4x4

    For Sale Craftsman 200 Amp Battery Charger

    Works fine. Less than a year old. Charges at 4 amp, 40 amp and starting 200 amp. Auto shut off. 307-899-1362 No trades. Cash only.
  13. sawtooth4x4

    For Sale 1991 Land Rover Defender 110 $40195 Layton UT

    $40195 1991 Land Rover Defender 110 - 300TDi SALLDHMB7FA446522 385-645-3876 Excellent condition! Import Motor Werx hand picks our trucks on site and imports them directly into the United States. IMW purchased this truck in Great Yarmouth UK back in June and drove it to the Port in Southampton...
  14. sawtooth4x4

    LAND MANAGEMENT OFFICER SHOOTS WOMAN OFF-ROADING IN BERDOO CANYON What the hell? Says the officer shot the woman for 4 wheeling in the wrong area? Not too many details. Guess I better get a bullet-proof vest. Never know if officer friendly is going to shoot someone for being lost.
  15. sawtooth4x4

    Overlanding Prep Thread

    So, I've been really looking at making my Range Rover more reliable and better for longer off-road trips. Hence the Diesel conversion and using a GM transmission and Dodge transfercase. Strong and reliable compared to the old stuff. I don't need all the stuff these other guys have. Lets face...
  16. sawtooth4x4

    For Sale Chevy 3 core aluminum radiator and fans

    Chevy 3 core aluminum radiator and fans. Too small for my application. Fans work fine. No leaks. Has the transmission cooler built in as well. Good for a 350 V8 engine. Core dimensions 26.25x16.85" Inlet and out let 1.5" Overall dimensions 31.6"x19.5" Ross 307.899.1362 Layton Utah
  17. sawtooth4x4

    For Sale 4.3L GM V6 $100

    Not sure if it runs. Selling as a core. Non vortec. Has a Holley carb. Assories included. Located in Layton Ross 307.899.136two
  18. sawtooth4x4

    For Sale 16 FT Pelican Canoe

    In good shape. Paddles included. 3 person.
  19. sawtooth4x4

    I have replaced 4 O'Reilly Alternators in 3 weeks

    On my Range Rover. I don't drive it a lot. Its not a commuter, it mostly sits. I had an original GM alternator on it for about a year, and then the bearings finally went out. Since then I have had 4 O'Reilly alternators on it. Are they just garbage or what. I'm sure my wiring is completely...
  20. sawtooth4x4

    For Sale Norcold Fridge / Freezer MFRT 660A

    Older. It works fine. But it's a bit large for my Range Rover. Runs on 12V or 120V Ross 307-899-1362 Asking $400