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  1. MikeGyver

    Wanted CJ Hood

    Looking for a CJ hood!
  2. MikeGyver

    Trade WANTED: AX5 transmission

    Need an AX5 ax-5 transmission for my YJ, even if it's broken (i can rebuild it)!
  3. MikeGyver

    Wanted Dakota 2.5L bell housing for YJ ax5 to ax15 swap

    If anyone has one or know anyone who might, lemme know!
  4. MikeGyver

    Wanted *Need CJ Headlight Bezels!

    looking for a pair of 72-86 CJ headlight bezels Anyone got anything?
  5. MikeGyver

    Wanted Need an AX-5 transmission!

    Need an AX-5 manual 5 speed transmission. I think anything 87-2002 will work, Wrangler or Cherokee.
  6. MikeGyver

    Building TURBO system for YJ

    I'm turbo'ing my YJ because I can. Only have a couple weeks before school starts so I probably won't have to figure out how I'm going to tune it. The plan is to get it running on 3psi (return it to sea level), and then just worry about the tuning when I have time and bump it up to ~7psi. I'm...
  7. MikeGyver

    Wanted Need a YJ front Drive Shaft

    for a '91 yj manual trans 2.5L, if that matters. wudduhya got?
  8. MikeGyver

    Wanted : Need a plastic YJ gas tank

    Looking for a plastic (20/15 gallon) YJ fuel tank.
  9. MikeGyver

    I need a bend put in a 1.75" tube!

    Someone preferably near Orem. I need to make two of these. 45 degree bend, material is 1.75" x .125 wall 6061-T6 aluminum tubing. I will supply the material. Has anyone tried bending 6061-T6 in their bender?
  10. MikeGyver

    My Mini Lathe Projects

    I am not a machinist And the only prior (minimal) lathe experience I have have had is using a mini lathe for really basic and non critical stuff at an old job. Anyway, I've been wanting to get a lathe forever because I realized how much it would expand my capabilities in making things. I didn't...
  11. MikeGyver

    Snowbird CEO's reply to concerns over the M.E.G. takeover

    lol wow... I like his smug little eyebrow lift and shrug after his response. more info:
  12. MikeGyver

    What do you WANT to do?

    As a spinoff of the "what do you do?" thread... What's your dream job, goals, pastime, etc... What would you want to put your time and energy into doing? It could be short term or long term, but be specific. (this theoretical scenario should still be bounded by reality and who you are, and to...
  13. MikeGyver

    Wanted Need YJ/CJ rear bumperettes and front bumper for safety inspection

    Anyone have any rear bumperettes laying around or a reasonably wide yj/cj/tj front bumper they could loan me for a day?
  14. MikeGyver

    Miller Millermatic 175 MIG Welder 230v

    SOLD Millermatic 175 in perfect working condition 230 volt AC, 175 amp output, control knobs are infinitely adjustable potentiometers, not taps. I believe it's rated to weld up to 5/16" steel in one pass. I bought this brand new many years ago and it's always been a great mig welder. No...
  15. MikeGyver

    Wanted YJ front driveshaft

    '91 2.5L if it matters.
  16. MikeGyver

    Key for gate up AF canyon?!

    I reallllly want to drive up the switchbacks at the top of the road that goes up past silver lake flat. Is it possible to get a key or anything? Here's a video showing the gate... skip to 5:37
  17. MikeGyver

    Wanted 2.5L YJ PCM/ECM

    Preferably from a '91. Got anything?
  18. MikeGyver

    Wanted 15" aluminum wheel for spare!

    I need an aluminum wheel for my spare, I would like it to kinda match my wheels in backspacing, I'm not sure what it is i'll have to measure it, probably around 5". 15", 5-on-4.5" (standard YJ etc). 8" wide I think.
  19. MikeGyver

    $800: TIG/stick welder 200amp AC/DC inverter 230volt

    This welder has just been sitting in the garage since I upgraded to a miller dynasty; I really have no reason to keep it. It's obviously used but its in perfect working condition. This machine has always served me well and I have never had any issues with it. It welds almost exactly as well as...
  20. MikeGyver

    Wanted Dana 30

    I'm looking for a dana 30 front axle, high pinion, preferable from a YJ with the vacuum disconnect. Let me know if you have anything.