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    Jobs! Looking for a job? Is your company hiring? Post up here!

    The company I work for HHI Corporation out of N. Ogden is looking for the following positions in our shop: Welders - 2 personnel that has aluminum welding experience. Preferably at least 1 year of experience. Obviously more would be ideal. Welder – 1 personnel that has steel experience...
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    For Sale 2000 Toyota 4runner

    2000 Toyota 4runner SR5, automatic, V6, 2wd, 275,xxx miles. Recent work done valve cover gaskets, fuel filer, plugs and wires, battery, front brake rotors and steering rack. The 4runner came up from southern Arizona after spending most of its life there so the clear coat on the roof and hood has...
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    Who else works every weekend?

    M-F typically 6-5 (sometimes earlier start and later depending on whats going on). Saturdays as needed or as allowed by the USACE. Did the whole burn out thing back in 2016.
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    Best Crossover/light duty SUV??

    I got a 2015 Outback for sale, cheaper than you posted budget. :neutral:
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    Lunar eclipse

    Watching it from Colorado Springs.
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    I hate Craigslist Lowballers...

    Not a craigslist one but one from Autotrader since I'm selling my Subaru. I'm not even going to reply this one. Do you have the extra keys , Where did you get your vehicle serviced, Have you ever had any transmission repairs and Is there any rust on the vehicle? I'm ready to pay your asking...
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    Searching for my next travel trailer
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    Trip Report Horse Canyon

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    2020 Ford Bronco - pics

    Looks better that than the new Chevy Blazer.
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    Need a new commuter vehicle

    Might be selling my 2015 Outback but she has some miles on her.
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    Work screw ups...

    BlueWolf what company is that so I can warn my company not to hire them. :rofl:
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    For Sale LightFORCE LE005 Single Row 20" LED Bar - Combo

    So from the picture it's 16" from center of bolt to center of bolt any further and the feet would come out. With the other brackets your 22.7" from center to center. Select LE005 from the drop down menu then select media, the 2nd dimension I gave you is 'D' on the table...
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    For Sale LightFORCE LE005 Single Row 20" LED Bar - Combo

    The feet/mounting points are adjustable. They just slide in the track. Is that what your asking?
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    For Sale LightFORCE LE005 Single Row 20" LED Bar - Combo

    Lightforce LE005 Single Row 20" LED Bar - Combo No switch provided. Asking - $200 Located in N. Ogden, Utah Had this installed on my 4runner for less than a year
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    ttora4runner's 2010 Toyota 4runner

    Man I really haven't updated this thread. Guess it doesn't matter now since I traded my 4runner in a little over two weeks ago now for a 2018 Toyota Tacoma, double cab, offroad. Last run with the 4runner Cinnamon Pass in Colorado about a month ago.
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    Moab bans plastic bags

    California charges you 10 cents for a plastic bag if you don't bring your own bag.
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    Looks like the front wheels are barely touching the ground. That has to a little scary to drive.
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    Any Mtn Bikers on RME?

    Dang, that's a pretty good ride.