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  1. jeeper

    Epic food porn

    Worked out right for me. Yum! Thanks again. Good to hang!
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    Official 12V Freezer-Fridges - Do they bring the heat?

    I often ask myself WWDD (what would dave do). I’ll just follow your example.
  3. jeeper

    Toyota 3.4 loss of power after timing belt

    Maybe a vacuum line that got connected wrong or not at all? I’ve had some bad luck with dumb stuff like that.
  4. jeeper

    Official 12V Freezer-Fridges - Do they bring the heat?

    I had a long week in hot southern Utah, and wanted nothing more than to have my arb fridge with me. The amount of warm water I had to drink was ridiculous. I have no other option than to mount the fridge on the flatbed of my truck. What do you guys do to keep it protected? Do you just let them...
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    I just watched some of the black lady doctors ‘sermons’ on youtube, as she is a preacher and a doctor. Apparently we are using alien dna in medical treatments, and vaginal cysts come from having spirit sex with demons in your dreams. It was pretty hard to understand her with her accent.. but I...
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    I haven’t watch this, but also saw it posted on fb yesterday. Based 100% on the faces of the people, and their mannerisms, I deemed it fake news. Does it say anything important?
  7. jeeper

    Looking to buy a 410 pistol.. Your thoughts?

    Don't snakes live in a particular home? As in, if you were in the snakes home and moved it away.. doesn't it come back? I only think this because there is a particular large rattle snake that is always under the same boulder along a moto trail we ride. Even when chased away, it will return.
  8. jeeper

    Looking to buy a 410 pistol.. Your thoughts?

    ‘have to’ kill can be a whole discussion for sure. The last one that I deemed should die came out if a hole in a tree, just a couple feet away from a camp fire ring in an established campsite. Sure, we could have packed up and left.. but I am very confident that this particular snake would as...
  9. jeeper

    Looking to buy a 410 pistol.. Your thoughts?

    This has been my experience. Every one of them that I have seen has been quiet as a mouse. It’s only when they are moving very close to us that we see them.
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    I am no scholar.. but I can tell you that I deal with statistics all day long.. and it really doesn't take much for me to make something say exactly what I want it to say.
  11. jeeper

    Looking to buy a 410 pistol.. Your thoughts?

    :oops: I rarely shoot a long gun 12g, on account of me being a sissy.. I don't think my fragile wrists could handle a Diablo!
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    Lighten the mood

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    Looking to buy a 410 pistol.. Your thoughts?

    I keep a 410 single shot long gun in the truck that we call the 'snake gun'. It's proven to be an effective part of our camping gear. We are gearing up for some longer hikes through snake infested territory, and I think I would like a pistol version 410. The judge appears to be the most popular...
  14. jeeper

    Forrest Fenn's Treasure Hunt

    That's a guess, or fact? I didn't read that anywhere.
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    Kevin's (slow) Excursion mod/upgrade thread

    I think you just need to get a pair of Sheetrock stilts to set up the tent with and you’ll be fine.
  16. jeeper

    Luxury bathroom

    I say make a normal bathroom, and buy her a new bronco instead 😁
  17. jeeper

    I've heard there were big spiders...

    i would have flipped out!!!
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    Lighten the mood

  19. jeeper

    Mortgage Rates

    I got told yesterday that the gov has put restrictions on self employed people, and that I cannot refi. Haven't verified with anyone else..
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    I've just had to unplug from a lot of the media and forums / FB / Etc. My thoughts and opinions will change nothing, and does nothing to spout on line or to friends. I feel much better. I need to throw some miles down on my new street bike, Maybe we should get you out on anther ride..