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  1. Gawynz

    Snakes/5MP on 19 September 2020

    On a separate thread @mbryson and myself teased the idea of a Snakes/5 Mile Pass Run, I'm starting this thread to make it official. The weather is supposed to be beautiful on Saturday, I'm thinking an early-ish morning wheeling trip that lets us get home at a reasonable time. I'd like to run...
  2. Gawynz

    Hanging Tree or... Interest?

    So last minute... my bad, but is there any interest in running Hanging Tree this weekend?! I'm open to either Saturday or Sunday (13th, 14th), and thinking a morning run starting ~9ish. I've never ran the trail before, so I'm hoping someone familiar is interested. Or I could be open to...
  3. Gawynz

    Little Moab May 2nd

    Any interest in hitting up Little Moab this Saturday?
  4. Gawynz

    Interest in 5MP/Snakes or Little Moab?

    So I've recently finished modifying my buggy and am looking to do a day trip shakedown run. I know there is already an RME crew doing a Nine Mile Canyon trip on March 28th. Anyone interested in doing a day trip to 5 Mile Pass/Snakes or Little Moab? I'd be down to go this weekend if possible...
  5. Gawynz

    Gawynz Manche Thread

    This is Manch. It's a 1990 Jeep Comanche; 4.0 (Renix), AX-15, NP231, shortbed, with a kick ass camo(?) paint job... I'd been looking for some time for a small, fun, 4x4 to use as a daily driver/back road and mountain road explorer/mild-ish wheeling rig. I wanted something fairly capable...
  6. Gawynz

    Carnage Canyon - Buena Vista CO

    Has anyone ever ran this trail? Stumbled across it online and it looks like a good time. Kind of reminds me of Coyote Canyon or something along those lines, short but technical. Are there additional trails around this area that'd make it worth a long weekend trip?
  7. Gawynz

    Gawynz Buggy Thread

    Well, I've put this off for quite some time but I'm finally getting around to starting a thread for my buggy. First, the introduction. One of the reasons I'm starting this thread is I'm getting ready to redo the suspension. Throughout my research I actually stumbled across the original build...
  8. Gawynz

    Experience/Opinions on Two Piece Drive Shafts?

    I'm considering getting a couple two piece drive shafts from Tom Woods Custom Drive Shafts; I'm looking for advice/opinions/experiences/etc. on the topic to make sure it's the route I want to go before I invest the money. Currently I have single piece drive shafts front and rear but both...
  9. Gawynz

    Buggy Folks That Wheel From Northern Utah

    First off, I'm brand new to RME so hello everyone. So I have friends here in Utah (I promise I'm not a crazy person) but none that go rock crawling... yet. I brought my buggy out here from Colorado this winter and I'm looking for a group/a club/someone to wheel with. I'm looking for a...