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  1. Greg

    New tool; Metal Band Saw

    I've wanted one of these for some time, but have always been able to work around it. I've used my abrasive chop saw for all kinds of stuff, including narrowing a couple axle housings, building frames & cutting down thick suspension links. Then, a handful of years ago I picked up a SWAG Offroad...
  2. Greg

    Motorsport Fabrication Courses -

    Thought this was pretty cool, seems like a great course for beginning fabricators and good reminders for the seasoned fabricator. I'm far from a professional, so thought these courses were worth taking, they break down individual subjects by topic and make the learning very simple and easy to...
  3. Greg

    Jeep 861 Horsepower from a Jeep 4.0!

  4. Greg

    Moab 4x4 Expo

    Anyone else heard about this and thinking about attending? Sounds like it's going to try compete with EJS, have a vendors show and a bunch of organized trail runs, many lead by well known industry guys.
  5. Greg

    Anyone used Steel-It?

    Thinking about using this for my upcoming frame and cage build, looks like a great product... but it's not cheap. "In business since 1974, STEEL-IT® brand coatings from Stainless Steel Coatings Inc., which are applied just like paint, contain custom-engineered 316L...
  6. Greg

    Wanted 14 Bolt Cab and Chassis axle/hubs

    I'm looking for either a complete 14 Bolt C&C rear axle (63.5" wms) or a pair of hubs.
  7. Greg

    Ultra4 Racing @ Area BFE

    Looks like the Ultra4 Race at Area BFE has some pretty good coverage!
  8. Greg

    Willys Crawler 2.0 aka The Bastard

    You ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? 🤪 Most of you will recall my Willys Crawler project that I started a few years ago, then sold. I guess I missed having a project like that, so yesterday I dragged home a body so I can start all over again. :rolleyes: I'm calling this one 'the Bastard'...
  9. Greg

    For Sale Jeep CJ narrow track axles, Detroit Locker

    Selling a set of narrow track CJ axles from a '78 CJ7. Front Dana 30, complete, open diff with 3.42 gears. Rear AMC 20 with a Detriot Locker, 3.42 gears but have a set of 4.10's for it. $500 for everything, no trades. Grand Junction, CO
  10. Greg

    For Sale GM Dana 44

    GM Dana 44 front axle, stock gears (3.08??) and open diff. Has flat top knuckles, includes inner and outer shafts. Grand Junction, CO $150 cash.
  11. Greg

    For Sale 1966 CJ5 frame

    Frame from a '66 CJ5, its been stripped down, sand blasted and ready to be boxed. Spring mounts have been removed. Was going to build it and use it under my Flat Fender, but plans have changed. Grand Junction, CO
  12. Greg

    For Sale VW TDI 1.9 ALH engine w/ 70k miles!

    1999 VW TDI ALH 1.9 turbo diesel with low miles. It was pulled from a car that had been rear-ended and has sat in storage for years. Its almost impossible to find a ALH with low miles these days. Comes with all accessories, wiring harness, ECM and a BRM intake manifold (more flow). $1200 cash...
  13. Greg

    For Sale 4WD TH350

    GM 4WD TH350 with low speed stall converter, was in good working condition when pulled. In Grand Junction, CO.
  14. Greg

    Wanted WTB; 37" BFG Krawlers

    I'm looking for a set of 37" BFG Krawlers with 3/4 tread or more. Want Blue label tires. Anyone have a set kicking around?
  15. Greg

    The Honda Trail is back!

    For 2021, Honda is bringing back the Trail bike!
  16. Greg

    Warns new HUB Receiver & App lets users operate their Winch with a Smart Phone

    WARN Industries' New HUB Receiver & App Lets Users Operate Their Winch With a Smart Phone Clackamas, OR (9/10/20) - Warn Industries is ready to debut an all-new, innovative way to control a truck or powersports winch using a smart device: introducing the WARN® HUB Receiver and App. This...
  17. Greg

    Moab in September?

    Its cooling down, time to plan a weekend Moab trip for September?
  18. Greg

    CJ front axle... build?

    So my CJ2A is going to get some upgrades, I plan to run 35's and wheel it pretty hard. I want a front axle that is dead reliable, fits the needs, tire size and build. I currently have a narrow track '76 CJ5 Dana 30 that I'm going to run for now, but don't think it'll be reliable for my needs in...
  19. Greg

    Russians gray-zone War on the West

    I thought this was worth sharing on here, considering today's political climate. Its pretty interesting and very scary. The article is fairly long, but pretty easy to skim and get the jist of it. OPINION: THE US NEEDS TO REEVALUATE ITS ‘RED LINE’ IN...
  20. Greg

    Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Hemi headed to production! "The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 is headed into production, according to a source inside Jeep. The company has apparently produced 30 V-8 Wrangler prototypes at the...