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    Accident in Provo Wednesday - Heading to Moab?

    I heard part of a news story that a guy heading to moab lost control and hit a semi in I-15. My wife said the person was pulling a jeep and a 4 wheeler, but I didn't hear that on the story I saw. The truck looked like a 1/2 ton green 4 door Ford. the news said he may have been illegal...
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    Cordless impact wrench

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with cordless impact wrenches. I use my cordless drill too much with sockets - I have a 5th wheel without electric jacks - I made a handle with a 3/4" bolt on the end, then use my cordless to turn it up or down - its too much for the drill. Dewalt has a...
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    Cage Question

    I am building this cage. I still plan on adding spreaders - I assume 2 spaced about 8" apart running from the A Pillar to the B Pillar. (Then back to the corners from B-C) My head ends up a little close, so I was wondering about putting a bend in the spreaders so they go up an inch or two...
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    CJ Stretch

    I decided to make room for a 5th passenger in my Jeep. I added 10 inches to the frame and body. I got the idea how to do it from Jay5.9L on this board. I started on it around Thanksgiving, but haven’t been able to work on it consistently. My wheelbase is 105” now. I started out with the...
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    Gas Tank Sealer

    Anybody had any experience with sealing a new tank. I just built one and need to seal it before using it. I'm not real worrried about it leaking, mostly want to avoid rust I know POR 15 makes a sealer. Any suggestions? Thanks Kirk
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    Lockright Help

    I've got a lockrite in a CJ d30. I has been making some noise, so I took the cover off and see that the Pinion Shaft is moving around. Apparently the roll pin fell out, and that caused the pinion shaft to move around. One end of the pinion shaft has been running into the pinion gear as it...
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    Building a Tow Dolly

    Anyone know any tips on building a tow dolly. I have an old trailer axle, and think I could build one quite inexpensively. I want to flat tow my jeep behind a 5th wheel, but am nervous about braking something, and not being able to get it home. With a tow dolly, I could back it on, or pull it...
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    Cheap TRE's on Ebay

    My brother found these. It seems that there is too much of a price descrepancy compared to buying them in an auto parts store...
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    Plastic Jerry Cans

    I am looking to get a couple 5 gallon plastic cans that are the same size as the metal ones - the tall skinny size Seems like I read something on here about them, but I can't find it. Does anyone know what kind are good, and where it get them? Thanks Kirk
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    Chips, Boxes, and Utah Vendors

    I just put guages in my 2003 HO Dodge with the auto. I want a mild chip for towing - not interested in racing anyone. I don't want to do anything that will hurt the tranny. I have basically decided to get the Van Aaken 3.1 tow module. I think i can get it for around $350.00 I has 3 settings...
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    Steel Bender in stock Cherokee?

    I've got a friend that has a cherokee - totally stock except for a 2" budget lift. I told him I would take him on a ride this weekend. Could he get through Steel Bender without damaging his XJ? He doesn't have tow hooks, and would probably not like any body damage. There will be plenty of...
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    Strike Ravine Trail

    Going to Moab next week and trying to come up with some trails. Has anyone done Strike Ravine lately? I have only found old reports about the trail. Is it still a 4 type trail? How long would it take to run? Any other trails that aren't in the "Guide to Moab" book? (besides Rusty Nail, and...
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    Tow Rig Tire Options

    I need to replace the tires on a '03 dodge 4x4 diesel. 17" Rims. Tires on it have 50K and still aren't worn out (close) - Michelin LTX 265's (stock) These are "E" rated tires and they have obviously lasted a long time. I would like to get some 285's, but the tire shops say there aren't any E...
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    Kane County officials are still kicking butt!

    Trib Article
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    Anyone see the DesNews Opinion Section Today?

    There is a big ad on the last page - (full page ad). Basically an anti-access advertisement appearing as a letter to the Governor The bottom was signed by a bunch of businesses. USA-All or U4WDA should do the same type of thing. Anyone know how much a one page ad costs?
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    Lock your doors

    i'm speechless :rofl: News Article
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    Good deal on a hobart 175 ?

    I can get a 2 year old hobart 175 mig with guages, cart, but no tank for $350.00 Seems to be clean, the guy says its used about 3 spools of wire. I have it now to try it out. I will borrow a tank and try it. Assuming it works fine, is it a good deal? Thanks Kirk
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    A cool Jeep Hauler

    Has anyone seen this? KSL Ad
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    Aux truck bed fuel tank

    I am considering getting one for a '03 doge short bed diesel. Don't want to spend a ton which probably means I would have to get an equipment one, and pump it into the truck. I could get by with around 50 gal. I found this one for $320.00 (a little bigger than I need) Norther Tool...