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    The "trophy husband" pro mod buggy build

    Thats looking really awesome
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    Ah Man, Starr is still one of my favorite humans I have ever met
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    Transfer case issues

    They are a super simple T case design and most parts can be sourced locally from Transtar to repair it.
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    Who On Here Cuts/Welds Aluminum?

    If it needs to be the most beautiful welding ever shoot Bentley a text or Call 801-718-2388
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    I have been making alot of progress on the buggy every night but mostly stuff that's hard to picture or really make a post about but I did finish up mounting my computer last night and for some reason always stresses me out.
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    Right Hand Drive JK

    Shoot me a PM if you need anything, Ill get you hooked up.
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    Staying in a camper for a week+ at a time.

    I love the idea, I have no real expertise to share but using the per diem to buy something that has resale value instead of dumping it on a hotel room every night seems like a win win situation.
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    Jobs! Looking for a job? Is your company hiring? Post up here!

    Agility Customs is looking for a full time Employee, preferrably a mid level tech thats smart enough to do basic wiring and fabrication. Welding experience not required but preferred. Entry level part time tech will also be considered. Late nights and weekends will happen on occasion when...
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    General Tech Cory's single seat selfish buggy

    How long is that trailer?
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    Bart's 2007 JKUR

    At the very least I would say the differential needs to go towards the passenger side atleast 2 inches to be able to set up everything optimally. If you can make that happen with shortening the long side go for it but I am not sure if its doable depending on how wide you want to be.
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    Bart's 2007 JKUR

    We have used that exact bracket but it still requires more compromise than I am okay with, the amount of uptravel you lose isnt worth not retubing it IMO Long story short is it will work and you can wheel, but not Ideally IMO
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    Bart's 2007 JKUR

    You can move the bracket forward but very little before it contacts the pitman arm when your turned all the way driver and even then you have to limit up travel or get super creative with the track bar bracket. your way better off to shorten the long side or retube both sides to get the diff...
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    Bart's 2007 JKUR

    with a properly setup proportioning valve it shouldnt be an issue as long as the master cylinder can move enough volume for the bigger calipers. We have done a ton of these swaps and braking has never really been an issue after some fine tuning.
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    Enclosed Trailer discussion

    That extra height triple axle haulmark was in Michigan, I looked at it very closely
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    Battery issues

    alot of the times this method lights up the test light super dim (cause its such a small amount of power being drawn) so it helps to hook up the light and then turn off the lights in the garage.
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    Wanted GM TBI 4.3 and TH350

    I have 2 TH350 cases and enough internal parts to build like 3 or 4 of them if you want a project your welcome to them
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    For Sale 40" sticky tires!!!

    Im not really quite sure yet honestly, I am waiting to hear back on some sponsor ship negotiations before ultimately deciding
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    For Sale 40" sticky tires!!!

    Over the last Few years I have acquired a few more sets of these and since I am building an unlimited car and going to 42s I really dont need the 40s hanging around taking up space. Throw me a decent offer and Im sure we can work something out.
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    For Sale Teraflex 2 Low for 231

    And every body needs a 2lo kit, even if you dont think you do..... you do
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    2020 Gladiator build

    according the phone call we had with him, everything was and about on the 12th burnout the suspensions hopped and then everything cut loose. IMO even a 35 spline shaft with that kind of horsepower and hopping with a 40" tire would be in jeopardy... But after this we are doing new axles though...