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    2020.... More crappy news. Wrong James Bond involved though.
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    Your Pic of The Day

    You could probably sell a few of those.
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    Secret ingredient for green beans

    Man this camera is bad- But that turkey was awesome
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    ***Thank Goodness…the Combo Deal is Back!

    Ordered. Good timing and happy Thanksgiving to you too.
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    "Forced induction" for the V10 3V ???

    The 2018 Ford chassis package cars have a really restrictive looking y-pipe, I'd imagine the truck part is the same as the RV chassis one.
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    Topic of Discussion Tile. Yes, this is THAT thread

    Be sure you don't have any floor flex issues. The tile in my kitchen was cracked badly due to this, I ripped it out to the joists, installed 7/8" OSB, and then put vinyl over that. Added bonus is it's warmer in the winter and quieter, with much higher survivability for dropped dishes.
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    Anyone used Steel-It?

    I ordered mine in October as well, and just got an email yesterday that it's on the way. If it's as good as they say then that'll be my go-to coating. I might even do the rear bumper in my F250 with it once that's finished.
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    "Forced induction" for the V10 3V ???

    Dodge did not fix the cam issue with the Hemi MDS. I had a 2018 eat the cam right on cue at 110k. The tech in that Venom thing is along the lines of the latest craze for RC planes, electric jet engines. There's some pretty wild stuff out there, but yeah tons of power consumption. I'd look...
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    Today I want this...tool edition

    I made the mistake of going through Eastwood's website last night. So much want.
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    Today I Want This....

    Nah, just do a hatchback style engine cover to show off a pair of turbos.
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    Maybe the testing tech was designed by Theranos.
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    Need GM mechanic suggestion

    If it happens when you first start it cold, and goes away when you rev the engine, it's the o ring. If it comes and goes randomly, it's the sender or harness (have had both fail).
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    And now Alex Trebek.
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    Cody Gone Wild

    I'm gonna have to order some currywurst. It sounds awesome.
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    Today I Want This....

    It's cool, but looks like a "see, I listed it!" sort of price.
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    Liar liar pants on fire !

    The best casual protection you can have is to make sure there aren't any frayed spots, and starch your pants. The sparks will bounce right off. You can get full FR coveralls, but they are not cheap and need to be washed by a special process.
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    Let's talk about the Biden family problem.

    One of them just needs to say legal weed and the contest would be over.
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    KOH – Time for a Flap Disc / Cut Off Wheel Combo

    Nice. I need more cutoff wheels. I'm pretty good on flap grinders for now, but that changes quick sometimes.
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    Your Pic of The Day

    How much to get a set of these blanks? I have a drill press, but no access to a plasma table.
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    Today I want this...tool edition

    Holy sheet!