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    Wanted FJ80 radius arms

    Looking for a stock pair of FJ80 (or similar) front radius arms if anybody has some?
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    Wanted 2" OD DOM, 1.5" ID about 36" long

    I need some 1.5" ID DOM, thinking some 2" OD, for my attempt at some radius arms. Need two pieces about 36" long, and a couple shorter pieces about 20" or so, would do. Or I could just bite the bullet and buy a full stick, but trying to avoid doing so if I can. Thanks!
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    Abandoned vehicle purchase experiences?

    I have found a geo tracker that I'm wanting to pick up as a donor for my Samurai. The owner of the property purchased it a few years ago or so, and whoever previously lived there just left the tracker, along with several other cars. I want to buy this tracker, as it's cheap, and what I'm looking...
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    Radius arm basics?

    I need schooled on radius arm stuff. I want to build a radius arm setup for my samurai. Will not be doing any crazy wheeling, I’m more after a really smooth street ride, and just something different, since most samurai guys just run leafs. I’ve seen some pretty basic builds online, but some...
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    Wanted TJ or YJ rear flares

    Does anybody happen to have the two rear flares from a TJ or YJ?
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    4 cylinder/auto drivetrain suggestions?

    Earlier this year I sold my TDI swapped samurai so I could pay off another car I was upside down in. The guy I sold it to decided to go a different route, so he ripped the whole drivetrain out along with axles, and offered me back the tub and frame for free, so of course I took him up on it...
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    Wanted Samurai parts

    Anybody happen by chance to have left over samurai parts? I need front passenger fender and core support. Long shot, but I know a couple of members are sitting on some zuks on their garage.
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    Extra trailer space from Moab to Springville area anytime soon?

    Is anybody going to be coming from Moab area north anytime soon? I'm in Springville. Need the front half of a samurai hauled up. It has the front axle, clip, etc. Basically the whole front half of a samurai.
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    Wanted CJ5 or 7 front leaf springs

    Does anybody have some front leaf springs for a CJ5 or 7? Thanks.
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    Single axle Samurai trailer

    I had started another thread like this a while back, but it's gone, and that trailer is too. After seeing Hickey's new Jeep dolly build, I thought I should share this here. Hopefully I can get some decent advice instead of the all the Facebook professional fabricators that don't seem to...
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    Wanted 31’s, 30’s, or 235/75r15

    I need some tires for my samurai, anything from a 235/75r15, or 29-32”, 15” wheel. They don't need to be brand new, but need to at least have some tread and hold air. Anybody have anything?
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    Wanted Angle iron or square tube needed

    Anybody have some 2x2 angle iron or square tubing they don't need? Building a trailer, and need to finish the upper rails yet. hit me up if you do! Thanks.
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    TDI Swapped Samurai Truck Conversion

    Figured I don't have a build thread on here, so I decided I should bring everything I got over. I started with a 1986 samurai, engine is a 1998 AHU 1.9 TDI with a mechanical injection pump. Geo tracker transmission, transfercase with 4.24 gears and twin sticks. Toyota driveshafts, samurai axles...