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  1. Houndoc

    Shed builder

    Anyone on here build sheds? Need one at my clinic to store snow removal stuff (snow blower, ice melt spreader.) Needs to be secure enough to be unlikely to be broken into a look good against the building.
  2. Houndoc

    Nine Mile advice?

    I will probably (finally) make a day trip of Nine Mile Canyon Tuesday or Wednesday. Any hints or advice to make the most of it?
  3. Houndoc

    Gladiator v Wrangler Unlimited

    Starting to think about replacing the Xterra. Not sure I have the patience or budget to wait for a new Bronco (although I have come close several times to putting down my deposit) , so leaves me pretty much at Jeeps. Now that a few people have been able to get some miles of experience with the...
  4. Houndoc

    Landscaper/tree planting

    Not related to the recent winds, but I have realized the trees I have planted in Grantsville had consistently struggled. Looking to hire a good landscaper who can plant some new trees with proper soil enhancement etc. Suggestions?
  5. Houndoc

    Fire wood- come get it./ tree service

    I know there is no shortage of wood around the valley right now, but we have a lot of wood from our tree that went down in last weeks storm. it is being cut into manageable lengths, but anyone wanting to stock up on some firewood come and get it! Will try to post some photos after it is cut...
  6. Houndoc

    Wanted 4 wheeler or SXS for farm work.

    Looking for an expensive but reliable 4-wheeler for work around my 6 acres of horse property. Won't get much use so don't want to spend much, but want it to work when I need it to as well.
  7. Houndoc


    Just got to wondering about the boating folks on here. Who and what do you have? Currently have a 2001 Hydroswift 2200. Mostly gets used to hit Lake Powell once a year (excited this year marks 50 years since my first trip there, have missed about 5 years in that time.) Debating if is about...
  8. Houndoc

    Spiral Jetty and?? Looking for ideas

    Thinking on Saturday will finally head to Spiral Jetty. Ideas on making the most of our day? Not sure what vehicles we will have. Probably the Xterra but unless essential don't think my daughter wants to bring her Cherokee. More likely Hyundai something or the other.
  9. Houndoc

    portapotty shelter recommendations?

    On the same vein as my questions for good wind-resistant tents, how about good wind-tolerant portapotty shelters? I have tried a couple and they have not survived wind storms, so we have relied on cheap, old dome tents. Works but less than comfortable. Suggestions?
  10. Houndoc

    Boat shop recommendations

    Needing a few things done on my boat- exhaust boot, full oil/lube, probable throttle cable (could be issue in throttle handle?). Previously have used A Rock and liked them, but booked until mid-July and their drop off schedule and my work don't mesh well. Any suggestions for good marine...
  11. Houndoc

    Tent recommendations

    As my kids grow up we no longer really need our trusted Springbar tent, which is in need of a few repairs. Looking for new options. Needs: Room for 2-3 cots Good wind tolerance (anyone who camp Staton Creek at Lake Powell knows what I mean) Well ventilated, even with rain fly. Reasonably...
  12. Houndoc

    HVAC needed

    Hi all, Need a bid on replacing a furnace at the veterinary clinic (existing one decided to catch fire last night, from what the fire department told me.) Would love to give the business to someone local off the site. PM me with interest or let me know recommendations ASAP. Thanks!
  13. Houndoc

    Passsenger car tires

    It has been a very long time since I have need to buy tires on anything but an SUV or truck. Now I have 2 that will need new ones soon. Both are AWD (Mazda CX-3 and Mazda Tribute (Ford Escape rebadged)) and I want to maximize winter traction on a long-lasting all season (no desire to swap snow...
  14. Houndoc

    Wanted another vehicle

    So, with my daughter's unexpected one-year mission hiatus (she was returned from the Philippines because of COVID and is planning to take the option of returning to the mission field after a year at USU to serve her full remaining time). With her being around a year +, we find ourselves in...
  15. Houndoc

    Lense thoughts?

    Spent several days at a photo workshop in page a couple weeks ago (highly recommend anyone wanting to up your skills to take a workshop with Mylo Fowler , @navajomylo on Instagram.) I will add some photos if I get a minute to the thread. But reminded me that the autofocus my 18-55mm lens no...
  16. Houndoc

    Other aspects of Cuba

    To go along with my post on the cars of Cuba, thought I would put up a few photos and a little info about the rest the country. First, I was very surprised at how open the people were to talk politics and to be critical of their government. Talking with a farmer he explained that they have to...
  17. Houndoc

    The cars of Cuba

    My wife and I recently returned from a little over a week in Cuba. Trip as a whole was amazing, being one of my favorite travel destinations to date. And the classic cars of Cuba, especially in Havana, did not disappoint. In and around Havana, I would estimate that 25% or so of the vehicles...
  18. Houndoc

    Shipping Connections?

    Our Rotary Club is wanting to send about 900 English dictionaries to Africa for schools and public libraries. I have the contacts in Rwanda and Uganda on the ground ready and excited to handle the distribution of the books, our challenge is he best way to get them there. Anyone have experience...
  19. Houndoc

    Mostly deer

    Made a quick photo outing to the north last week. Unfortunately unfortunate events forced the trip to be a few weeks later than I usually go out, and a significant number of bucks (sadly especially the big guys) had already dropped one or both antlers. Still a fun day, watched roughly 700...
  20. Houndoc

    Fundraiser ideas

    My Rotary Club (Midvalley Rotary, we meet in the Midvale area) is looking for fundraising ideas for our service projects. Our biggest local effort is Operation Santa, where we provide $100 gift cards for about 100 underprivileged children for a shop-with-a-cop type experience. We work with...