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  1. Kevin B.

    For Sale Merrell size 11s

    Merrel Castle Rock waterproof hikers. Low miles, maybe two overnights and a couple hikes? He liked his Vans better so these mostly sat in the closet.
  2. Kevin B.

    New GM Hummer

    Three motors, four wheel steering, a removable hard top, and six inch air suspension sounds pretty good. The 350 mile range is a little anemic and I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at the $100,000 sticker...
  3. Kevin B.


    What's everybody think about this business? I'm of two minds - I'm opposed to more BS Wasatch Back development on general principles and that sort of development in particular, and I despise the underhanded way they created Hideout in the first place and the way they're trying to expand, but on...
  4. Kevin B.

    Where's the beef?

    Last Christmas my wife's parents bought us a crate of beef from an outfit in southern Idaho. It's almost gone and I want more. You who buy your beef by the cow, who do you use? And is anyone else looking to go in on a cow right now?
  5. Kevin B.

    For Sale SuperDirty/Excursion leftovers.

    Four Superduty wheels with 285/75r16 BFG AT tires. OEM wheels, 8x170, they look like they'd clean up nice. Tires are tired, measuring between .25 and .15 inches of tread. Might even have the flatback lugnuts they need. $100 or offer Four more of the same wheel, no tires. Will not clean up...
  6. Kevin B.

    Custom dash pods/radio consoles

    These are neat. And at a pretty good price, at the USD to OZD conversion, but I bet international shipping would be a killer. Anybody stateside doing anything similar?
  7. Kevin B.

    Vacation rental properties

    Who owns one? Kinda thinking I might need a cabin/vacation property somewhere in my life. Wouldn't be able to afford it without putting it up for rental while I'm not using it, anybody do that? Share your experience? I'd like to know what area you're in, whether you use a rental agency and...
  8. Kevin B.

    I want to build a "portable" dual battery/power bank setup.

    I have a 105 amp hour marine battery I want to rig up as a poor man's dual battery/power bank similar to one of these. I don't want to dedicate it to just one truck, I want to move it from rig to rig or into the boat or into the house and whatnot. But I'd like to be able to charge it from the...
  9. Kevin B.

    Today I learned about Formula Sidecar Racing.

    That's bonkers. Those copilots have got to be absolutely nuts.
  10. Kevin B.

    What's the latest in battery chargers these days?

    I've had a simple little auto-parts brand dumb charger for several years, but I finally burned it up. Think I'd like to invest in something with some bells and whistles, what's new and hot in the world of battery chargers anymore?
  11. Kevin B.

    Massimo 12v fridge

    $269 at Costco right now. 52 quarts, low voltage cutoff, claims it'll get down to zero. I haven't tested that yet, but I can tell you the compressor is fairly quiet and it took about...
  12. Kevin B.

    For Sale Compact pickup sleeper shell

    Faded red, but it's intact with good glass and hatch. I believe it came off a Ranger, not sure what year? It was just a hair too short for my Datsun bed, so I gotta move it. It's the sleeper syle, with more headroom towards the rear. It's got gutter rail thingies for load bars, if that's...
  13. Kevin B.

    Free 4Runner hard top

    White. Dirty and a little beat up. It's in one piece tho, glass is all intact. Come get it off the side of my house.
  14. Kevin B.

    Wanted 3" 2 degree axle shims

    I failed to plan. Shot in the dark I know, but anyone have a pair sitting around?
  15. Kevin B.

    What's your favorite lumber yard?

    Home Depot is convenient, but is there a better option along the Wasatch Front for price and selection?
  16. Kevin B.

    Kevin's Coronovirus Quarantine Casserole

    So we're getting a little low on fresh food. We'll make it a couple more days before going to the store, but this is what happens when you start to dip into the food storage. Mmm, tastes like poverty. Kevin's Coronovirus Quarantine Casserole. 2 pounds of ground beef 16 oz package of elbow...
  17. Kevin B.

    "Progressive" bump stops

    Like these: Do they do the job? Are they worth the extra scratch over your standard $10 EBay special?
  18. Kevin B.


    Anybody else play? I'm not saying I'm any good, but I'm better than the wife and kid and could use somebody to run my ass all over the court.
  19. Kevin B.


    Who else is watching this, and how worried are you? What preparations are you making or have you made? I padded out my emergency kits and food stores last week. I still need to fill the gas cans and propane canisters. I'm not seeing a breakdown of basic services, probably, but I'm pretty...
  20. Kevin B.

    MTB team looking for sponsors for the 2020 season

    My boy rides for the NICA West Granite Composite team in Utah's Central region. West Granite is a multischool team drawing from Cypress, Granger, Hunter, and Kearns high schools and the associated middle schools. Being a west side team, there's not a lot of riders and not a lot of financial...