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  1. Coco


    That is crazy that they have gone up that much in such a short time. I found and bought mine in October.
  2. Coco


    Interesting, I had this same issue on mine right after buying it. When I bought it I had no issues of this whatsoever, but being a GDI engine, I did a 4 part fuel system and top engine cleaning, as well as a restoration kit (all products of Valvoline). It wasn't until shortly after that I...
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    More censorship..
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    Sounds like my dad has turned the corner, and is starting to feel better. His fever broke yesterday, and says he is starting to feel good. I told him to still take it easy, his body is obviously still recovering. Hopefully he listened. Inevitably my mom now tested positive, so hopefully she...
  5. Coco

    For Sale 2018 Textron Wildcat XX

    I would take the rugged radio setup haha
  6. Coco

    My RME non-build thread CanAm / Win free stuff!

    Sounds good to me, I have really liked my Fuel beadlocks, but I do feel they are more $$$ than they should be. I will likely be going with Tusks for this set. I'll be in touch. :cool:
  7. Coco

    My RME non-build thread CanAm / Win free stuff!

    I actually need a set of 15" beadlock wheels for mine, thanks again Vaughn for the chance bud!
  8. Coco

    For Sale 2013 Ford F-150 3.5 Ecoboost 44k miles

    Thats nice, jealous of the longbed! That will make someone a really nice truck.
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    My dad has it pretty good right now. Its put him out for 7 days now.
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    Door-slammer CYJ7+1 buggy

    Looking good! In my experience though, before you burn in that lower mount, beef it up or carry it down into the lower section of the housing. You will thank yourself later. I had some bend on my buggy when I came off a ledge and had to run it out, and the rear hit really hard. Taco'd the...
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    Verrrry nice! I have loved my EB - lots of miles on it (an engine is around 3500-4500 on car part, and is still cheaper than a car payment if/when that time comes), but it still runs like a top, I own it, and it pulled my SXS to and from Sand Hollow this weekend with ease. MPGs were about the...
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    Tire recommendations

    I love my Falken Wildpeak AT3Ws. I put them on my GX, and I loved them so much, I put another set on my truck. Best year round tire I have ran.
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    What kind of a-hole has a Bday on election day?

    Happy Birthday man!
  14. Coco

    General Tech Cory's single seat selfish buggy

    Smart, cool, and awesome people like yourself of course.
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    Full size Ford rigs

    I think I did give that method a try, but I will try it again. It's funny, because even the guy I got it from that owned it for 4 years said it didn't have it, but it as and shows all the options on the dash for it. What is it programmed to, what you can adjust it to, etc. The guy only had a...
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    The Happiest of Birthdays for you Carl!
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    Full size Ford rigs

    I recently sold the black truck with the 5.0 in favor of the white one with the EcoBoost. Took off pretty much everything I could on the black one, and transferred over to the new one. New one has higher mileage, but is 2 years newer than the black one, and it is owned outright, and if worse...
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    Does anyone know why....

    Yeah I am in Lehi also, I was going to swing by on my way home as well. Regardless, not called for, no matter who you're voting for in this election.
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    For Sale Spektrum DX6 radio and receiver

    Spektrum is good stuff
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    The Squeeze. Southern Utah

    Damn that looks fun! How did the trip go?