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    For Sale 85 F250 IDI SOLD!

    Bought me a crew cab, now I need to sell the extended cab. 1985 Ford F-250 XL
  2. J

    Land Cruiser front springs for 4runner lift

    Picked up these spring a couple years ago to lift my runner. Rolled the runner before ever installing. Been sitting in my garage. Free to anyone who can use them. Their in the back of my car so days in South Jordan, nights in Copperton. Purple, green, white Purple, blue, white Can text pics as...
  3. J

    2002 Subaru Outback L.L.Bean

    CAR IS SOLD $6200 obo
  4. J

    16x7 4Runner wheels

    SOLD.....Selling the stock wheels off my 4Runner. They are in pretty good shape. No rash. $80.00/set FIRM Ryan 801-sex sven fore- two-thousand five.
  5. J

    Wanted 96-02 4Runner trailer hitch.

    Looking for a hitch for my Runner.
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    Sway-A-Way Tacoma vs 4Runner

    Hey, I've got a line on a set of NOS Sway-a-way racerunner coilovers but they appear to be for a Tacoma. They have the springs at the top and the threaded collar is at the bottom of the shock. Will these work on my Runner? Thanks, Pic stolen from web.
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    ARB Bumper for '98 - '02 Trooper

    I'm selling the bumper from my Trooper. It's an old style ARB. It has some damage to the drivers side and part of the drivers side wing has been cut off. more info on KSL ad. Ryan 801-six seven 4 - two thousand five.
  8. J

    16 in tires.

    Looking for a set of 16in tires. 33's or smaller. No tread needed just have to hold air. Very cheap or free. Need something to put on the Trooper so I can part out the tires.
  9. J

    For Sale - Best Offer 2000 Isuzu Trooper

    Very nice Trooper inside and out. Never wrecked. Runs great. Transmission is gone. Will need to be towed. OME 919 rear springs, G80 rear limited slip, modified Con-Ferr roof rack, ARB bumper (damage to bumper from previous vehicle), Newer Hawk LTS front pads with drilled/slotted rotors, 6000...
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    Toyota Advise on 4 Runner

    Thanks all for the advice on the XJ thread. Now I'm wondering about 4 runners. In my price range I'm seeing '95s - '00s. What shoul. d I be looking for? To 're-cap I'm looking for a daily driver/expedition vehicle. Would like to get 33's on it. Limited slip or locker in rear. Thanks
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    Jeep Advise on potential XJ purchase

    I'm looking at possibly getting an XJ in the $5000 range. I've never owned a Jeep and don't know what to watch out for. Any pointers on things to look for? Things to avoid? How about the 2001 that's for sale on the. forum? Any info will be greatly appreciated. I guess I should also add...
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    New gate up Butterfield.

    We went up Butterfield today to try and see the slide. A couple hundred yards past the turn at the pass there is a new gate blocking the road. I didn't see any "no trespassing" signs, so you can probably still hike the rest of the way. Just sucks, I'm sure that now the gate is there it will...
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    CB Repair shops?

    Anyone know of a local CB repair shop?
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    Wanted 1 or 2 used 255/85/16's

    Preferably Truxas MT's, but any tire would do.