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    Your Pic of The Day

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    Where to launch model rockets (Utah)?

    We launch my boys' in the Bacchus/New Bingham/Old Bingham triangle. We live right there in Copperton though so it's really easy.
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    Pallet or Crate a loaded 9 inch axle to ship?

    This is how ours come.
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    Termites aren't common here but they are here. Look around your foundation for mud tubes that they use to get into the house. We used Signature Pest Control for ours.
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    Can we talk dogs?

    New pic at the cabin with the newest addition.
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    Online Ammo?

    It's a pretty nice gun shop. I've used the range a few times and it's ok. They should have put a bench or tables in the range. There is no where to set your stuff other than the little shooting table.
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    Online Ammo?

    Legacy Shooting Center has been getting FMJ in regularly. $12.49 - 13.99 depending on brand. 4 box limit.
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    Can we talk dogs?

    My wife got a good pic of my kids/dog.
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    Everest Base Camp (EBC) for Christmas

    Awesome experience. Thanks for sharing.
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    Branded titles- worth the risk?

    We just bought a branded '15 Forester Limited w/30,000mi. for $13,000. We looked at a few before picking one. Try googling the VIN, I was able to find pictures of the salvage sales of almost all the cars we were looking at. Then you can tell where to check for the repairs. Also could tell if...
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    With the recent changes in yearly inspections, is it still advantageous to title a vehicle as a classic/historic vehicle?

    If it's not over 40 yrs old you still pay the $73? taxes. Over 40 is $10.
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    For Sale 85 F250 IDI SOLD!

    Bought me a crew cab, now I need to sell the extended cab. 1985 Ford F-250 XL
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    Who wants to do a carfax for me?

    Can't expect a lot for $2500. They say the rebuild title was from two years ago, I just want to check.
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    Who wants to do a carfax for me?

    Can someone run a Carfax for me too? I'm going to look at this truck on Thursday. 2FTJW36M9KCA24016 Thanks
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    For Sale Knapheide truck service body

    Boy... That looks familiar.
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    Land Cruiser front springs for 4runner lift

    Picked up these spring a couple years ago to lift my runner. Rolled the runner before ever installing. Been sitting in my garage. Free to anyone who can use them. Their in the back of my car so days in South Jordan, nights in Copperton. Purple, green, white Purple, blue, white Can text pics as...
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    I use Tax Act and apparently hit the wrong pricing option because it cost me $60 this year.
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    t mobile (tmobile) coverage in Utah?

    It may not save you much, needing a Samsung, but I've bought our last two phones off Amazon. I've got a Nexus 6 (top tier phone) for $200 (black Friday). I just got my wife a Moto G4 (nice) for $150. They are unlocked so you just have to put in your sim card.
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    Chainsaws...which one

    In Aspen Hills. Where is yours? Ours isn't a cabin yet technically. We are building one. The foundation should be done Monday. The septic goes in next week.