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  1. muleskinner

    SUR-RON E-Motorcycle/bike

    Anyone have one? I think I'll buy one this spring, I have a Rad Rover E-bike that's nothing fancy but it's a blast to ride! I've ridden it to work which is 14 miles each way and it's fairly easy with the pedal assist. I average 23 MPH. I'm thinking a SUR-RON would be great to ride to work and...
  2. muleskinner

    Smokeless Muzzleloader Build

    After hunting last fall I decided to build a new muzzleloader. I have a Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader and a Thompson Pro hunter with a muzzleloader barrel for it, but neither gun is capable of long range accuracy. I have a friend with a nice little lathe that agreed to help me with the...
  3. muleskinner

    For Sale - Firm Price GM V8 Bell housing adaptor and Toyota H42 4 speed Trans

    I'm putting an NV4500 in my FJ40 and selling the old stuff. Everything worked perfect before pulled. Includes bell housing, 4 speed transmission, flywheel and clutch. Works on GM V6 & V8 engines to the Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 / FJ55 4 speed manual transmission. Transfer case not included $700
  4. muleskinner

    Howell Fuel Injection Kit

    This is for a GM 350 Includes 36'' harness, Oxygen sensor with weld on bung, Howell programmed ECM, Fuel pump, Fuel filter, 4 barrel adaptor plate, Misc, other small parts, Service manual, Used TBI from a truck I drove a week ago. Everything is brand new other than the TBI. $750 Shipped in...
  5. muleskinner

    Trentfab Buggy for sale or trade

    I started this project a couple years ago. Divorce, new job and relocation have made me realize I won't be finishing it anytime soon so it's up for sale. Trent Fabrications 4 seat 151 Chassis Dana 60 kingpin front with 4.56 R&P ARB locker, ARTEC highsteer, PSC full hydo steering kit complete...
  6. muleskinner

    For Sale - Best Offer 1985 FJ60 Parting Out

    Parting out a 1985 FJ60 Everything available except for the axles, springs and front seats. Power steering complete, great for an FJ40 conversion. Carpet, door panels and headliner are in awesome shape. Rear seat is in great shape also. Transmission and transfer case are good. Engine...
  7. muleskinner

    Does anyone have any intel on this FJ60?

    I've been looking for a 60 a little while and I like this one quite a bit. I think it would be a good starting point for what I want to do. Does anyone know who did the V8 conversion or anything else? Kurt? I've talked to the owner and he doesn't know who did it. I'm hoping someone can help...
  8. muleskinner

    Old FJ40 dash parts needed

    I'm in need of some older dash buttons, switches and lights for my project. Working or not, the cheaper the better. The dash is from a 1966 FJ40. Kurt?
  9. muleskinner

    Quadcopter Videos

    Post them if you've got them, boring or not. I finally had my first crash with my Phantom2. I'm using Fatshark attitude goggles with a gimbal mounted gopro for the camera. I felt pretty good about my flying, until I went out of range of the goggles... I think I must have pulled down on the...
  10. muleskinner

    Sneaky yote

    No more DSLR for me, but I managed to get a shot at this one today with my little PowerShot SX40 And my .243;)
  11. muleskinner

    Artec Industries Lower Link Axle Brackets

    Brand new, never installed. $30 shipped 22deg
  12. muleskinner

    FJ40 headlight bezel

    Anyone have an FJ40 bezel they want to sell? I'm also looking for a glove box door. Thanks
  13. muleskinner

    Mastercraft Seats

    Does anyone have any experience with the Mastercraft NOMAD seats? I've sat in the Pro seats several times on the trail and absolutely loved them, but the NOMAD is only $199:D I'm just wondering if half price is half the comfort? I need to buy 4 of them and I'd sure like to spend $800...
  14. muleskinner

    Anti-Gun Protester

    This is the type of person that supports gun control Link
  15. muleskinner

    This guy has it figured out

    I passed this guy today and had to laugh. I've seen Coyotes eating at these buffets before, and thousands of Crows, but never a bird of prey. I guess I'm surprised more of these don't take advantage of all the free bacon:D
  16. muleskinner

    New Bender

    Here is my CW2 Model1 all finished. Full hydraulic The column is the fluid reservoir Uses JD2 dies See this thread for more info
  17. muleskinner

    1966 FJ40 Doors, fenders, windshield frame and powertrain for sale

    I found an FJ40 I'd like to buy, but I only need the hood, cowl, grill and headlight bezel. The cruiser was in a rollover or something and has a home made flat bed on it. As far as body panels go, fenders,doors and windshield frame are good. The engine has a knock but runs. Everything is...
  18. muleskinner

    JD2 Model 3 Die

    I'm looking for a 1.75 die if anyone has one they haven't used in a long time and would like to sell. I'd also be in the market for a 1.50 if available. I pay cash:D
  19. muleskinner

    Samurai doors wanted

    I prefer no dents or rust, any color.
  20. muleskinner

    M&P 15-22 fun

    I picked me up a new S&W 15-22 last week First thing I did was replace the 15lb trigger with a RR two stage match trigger Second thing I did was put a slide fire stock on it:D I have a few bricks of 30+ year old ammo I wanted to burn up so my youngest daughter and I headed out for some...