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  1. jeeper

    Waco, man hunt series.

    ON netflix I have watched Waco, Manhunt: Unabomber, and Manhunt: Deadly Games in the past couple weeks. I know it is TV, and have to take it with a grain of salt.. but I have done some fact checking along the way.. All I can say is that it helps add some serious doubt into trusting government...
  2. jeeper

    Frontsight memberships

    Long story short, I have a handful of Commander level (high level) memberships I can sell if anyone is interested. $250. At frontsight they say they are no longer issuing these memberships.. but the website still has them :skeptic: Long...
  3. jeeper

    BMX racing?

    Didn’t we have some members into BMX racing? I’d think I’d like to let my kids have a go at it this winter at the indoor track.. but websites are not super helpful with info. It seems to be more of a ‘show up and learn’ situation.. which is exactly how the desert racing community tends to work...
  4. jeeper

    Jeep 4xE and Wagoneer release

    Did you guys watch this? A whole 25 miles for the 4xe in electric mode. :oops: :rofl: :rolleyes:
  5. jeeper

    Gas Generator not producing peak electricity?

    I’ve got a champion brand 3500/4000 peak generator. It had always been capable of running our camper a/c. On our last 2 trips it will not power the a/c. I have now used multiple generators on our trailer that work, and have used my generator to not run multiple trailers to confirm it is my...
  6. jeeper

    The RME street moto gang

    Lets start a moto gang for street bikes. I have had my bike for a little while now, and so far it has been to the gas station down the street for a snack, and to the DMV to get registered. I'm pretty lame. However, I laid out my first ride for it this evening. Up Emigration Canyon to...
  7. jeeper

    Looking to buy a 410 pistol.. Your thoughts?

    I keep a 410 single shot long gun in the truck that we call the 'snake gun'. It's proven to be an effective part of our camping gear. We are gearing up for some longer hikes through snake infested territory, and I think I would like a pistol version 410. The judge appears to be the most popular...
  8. jeeper

    Who can run a license plate?

    One of my tenants who can’t even come up with rent suddenly has a large covered trailer that he got ‘from a friend’. The vin is covered with a piece of diamond plate, but it still has a current plate on it. if it’s a stolen trailer, I’d like to get it back to whoever owns it.
  9. jeeper

    Jeeper's Chevy Colorado 2.0

    I have been waiting and waiting for the right time to buy another truck. My last Colorado seemed to just keep running, despite the nearly 300,000 miles it had on it. I have been really wanting to buy a new Ford Ranger, and with the 2019 models being on sale it seemed like a good time to look at...
  10. jeeper

    What will you change after Covid?

    I think this virus has thrown us a curve ball that none of us really thought would happen. Sure, many folks are 'prepped' for the end of the world zombie attacks.. but I doubt any one is currently hiding in their bunkers eating their MRE's, and thinking this whole thing is awesome. I have...
  11. jeeper

    Garage air compressors

    President Trump is going to buy me a new air compressor for my garage. I am having a hard time deciding on what I want/need/etc. I am currently running an OLD oiled compressor from a 20 gallon tank that I slapped on a 60 gallon tank. I have no idea what the CFM's are.. but I am sure it's...
  12. jeeper

    Picking a line when off-road

    When it comes to putting your tires in the dirt and rocks, how do YOU decide where to place your tires as you drive? I have been watching a few videos today of popular youtube channels, that really seem to have no idea on how to drive. Do you have a plan of action on the big obstacles? Do you...
  13. jeeper

    Building new truck bed drawers, opinions wanted!

    I need to put a set of drawers in my truck to hold my tools for work, and gear for camping. My previous set has been VERY nice and super great to have. Here are some photos to show you what I have to help with the new drawer plans: (they uploaded in reverse order) It's a very basic...
  14. jeeper

    Hey Chad!

    Happy Birthday man! Hope it's a great one!
  15. jeeper

    New Ford 7.3L Gasser

    My neighbor has been talking about picking up a new Ford 7.3 gasser for a while. He went and ordered it Friday. I haven't been in one yet, but they seem to be pretty sweet. Any of you have any real world experience in one yet?
  16. jeeper

    Hey Bryson!

    Happy Birthday Dude!
  17. jeeper

    Getting healthier in 2020. Who's in?

    Short Version: Who want to set some goals and reach them with me? Long Version: I have worked pretty hard at losing some weight recently, and am down about 24 lbs. I've basically done the anorexia diet. I don't eat much.. and when I do, it's just a few pieces of bacon during the day, and a...
  18. jeeper

    Tesla Truck (Cybertruck)

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Fast Lane Truck / Tesla
  19. jeeper

    Hey Chad!

    Happy birthday man!! I hope that getting old is everything you want it to be!
  20. jeeper

    2019 motorcycle desert racing

    When I finished (or lack of finish) the last race of the 2018 season, I swore I was done. The cost and effort it takes to race just isn’t worth it. But here were are gearing up for the 2019 season, and I am getting my bike prepped and getting the races set in my schedule :rolleyes: One thing...