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  1. bryson


    I have an adapter that replaces the battery pack with a 12 volt cord. Works great.
  2. bryson

    For Sale Toyota tires/rims

    101mm for a solid axle 6-lug Chevy wheel. The Toyota wheels will fit.
  3. bryson

    SHOOTAH June 19th in Springville UT

    And here I thought is was "Shooter" pronounced as if you were from Boston. Now I know!
  4. bryson

    Cage building feedback

    You could also do two Xs side-by-side and still tie everything together. That might detract from headroom directly over the seats though (hopefully you have enough room that this doesn't matter)... The Ks or Xs both create the point in the center of the rear roof bar which would be nice to tie...
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    General Tech What did you work on Today?

    That looks WAY more expensive than fixing it when you first told him...
  6. bryson

    2021 Ford Bronco

    Will they actually be available for $45k though? Does the pre-order guarantee your price - or will they be marked up due to demand?
  7. bryson

    Meetup I could use a hand

    I can help too and provide some space. I'm out in WJ near Stephen.
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    I hate Craigslist Lowballers...

    So what happens when your randomly spouted code just happens to be the code he sends you...?:spork:
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    Raised garden beds

    I have 30 of these concrete panels that I'm going to use to assemble 5 4'x8' boxes. The panels are each 4' long and 1' tall. They pin together with a single piece of #4 rebar at each joint, and can be made to any shape or dimension (multiples of 4') with right angles. They are each made with...
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    Yep it's crazy what this pandemic allows them to ask and do... My employer is planning on lifting mask restrictions for those employees who have been vaccinated, but leaving the mask mandate for those who have elected not to be vaccinated. It's text-book discrimination at it's finest, but...
  11. bryson

    Help with a 97 Landcruiser

    State Automotive 8408 S State Street Midvale UT 84047 (801) 565-8411 They're pretty good with that sort of thing, and do a LOT of Land Cruiser work.
  12. bryson

    Repair or replace

    You could certainly get by with a repair for a while, but knowing what you do and where you go in that Jeep I'd err on the side of overkill. Fix it temporarily for now if you need to, but in the long run I'd take it out and replace all the brackets with HD units.
  13. bryson

    Who thought this would work?

    I would be very curious to see/read the build for that truck... Verify with pictures and such rather than make assumptions from a bunch of internet comments. Granted it doesn't seem like the frame would/could have had anything to do with the incident.
  14. bryson

    Who thought this would work?

    From what I can gather on their IG page, it's a Gladiator with a Hemi (one post says Hellcat, a couple others say 6.4, so who knows...), Ram truck transmission, 60 front axle and 80 rear, but appears to still be 100% gladiator frame and body. They claim the factory fuse block is what ignited...
  15. bryson

    Your Pic of The Day

    Looks like an original solid axle truck to me. Either way, it's still nice!
  16. bryson

    Spring rate of a late 80s Yota main leaf

    I'm gonna guess closer to 300#. I'll bet @cruiseroutfit has a chart with this info on it somewhere...
  17. bryson

    Tank/tankless water heater for small volume?

    I ended up buying the 2.5 gallon tank style electric heater ( because the 4 gallon model was sold out. It has yet to be installed, so no report on function yet.
  18. bryson

    Free OEM Nissan steel wheels

    Someone please take these!
  19. bryson

    Free OEM Nissan steel wheels

    Free set of OEM Nissan wheels. I believe they came from a Titan. 17x7.5. Tires hold air and are suitable as rollers, but don't drive on them! Wheels are in very good shape. Hubcaps are in fair shape albeit dirty. Set of 4 wheels. Please call or text if you want them. 1st come 1st served...