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    Jeep Adding an external voltage regulator

    I believe that the voltage regulator in the PCM has failed on my Cherokee. I have read that I can wire in an external regulator to get my alternator charging again, but I'll still have a dead voltmeter gauge and a MIL. If you have done this swap before, how did you fix these issues? Electrical...
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    Wanted Super Swamper 33x12.50r15-ish

    My coworker is looking for two tires in this size for his ratrod. Anything close to the bogger style. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks.
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    Super duty axle seal tool

    Does anyone in the Davis /weber county area have the front hub seal driver tool for the super duty axles? I would like to borrow it if you are willing.
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    Transmission attachment for floor jack

    I'm replacing the clutch on my dad's liberty, and I'd like to have a more secure way to support the transmission. What have you guys cobbled up to attach to your floor jack? I'd rather not spend the money on a dedicated transmission jack.
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    Traction Bar/Antiwrap Bar

    Do you guys run a traction bar on your tow rigs? My brother put a 2in lift block on his truck and now it has pretty decent spring wrap even just switching from R-D. I can only think that it is worse when pulling a trailer, which this truck will do 75% of the time. If you run one, what...
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    Torsion Style Sway Bars

    My brother put a Carli Suspension Torsion style sway bar on his 3500 Dodge. It had no key/alignment marks to get the arm pieces on the torsion bar in the exact same spline as the other side. In my mind, ideally you would want the bar in a neutral state(arms on exactly the same spline) at ride...
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    Torque wrench rental

    Anyone know where I could rent a torque wrench that goes above 280ft lbs?
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    Freeing up a drive shaft slip joint

    After hearing about @SoopaHick's woes, I decided to check out my rear drive shaft's condition. I couldn't get the slip joint to move by hand, but I could pump a bunch of grease into it and it would move slightly. As well as pushed some brown rusty grease mixture out of the splines. What are my...
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    Tube inserts

    I'm looking to buy some tube inserts like these: Where is your favorite source, local or online?
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    Asbestos Testing

    Do any of you do asbestos testing/removal? I have some ceiling tile and old floor tile I'd like to get tested before I go ripping it out.
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    Exhaust flanges

    Is there anybody local that sells exhaust flanges for a decent price? I'm just looking for a simple 2 bolt 2.25" weld on flange. I'd probably need 6 of them.
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    Weld table idea

    What are your thoughts on using truck box/knaack box as a welding table? It would be on casters, store the welders/tools when not in use, lockable, and I would have another plate on top with a slight overhang to put my ground clamp on. I'm thinking about doing this because I don't have a garage...
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    New/Bigger Breaker Panel

    I have an older house, 1957 to be exact, and my breaker panel is already full. I want to have a larger panel installed so I can add some more outlets on the outside of my house. If you have had this done, who did you use and do you recommend them? Even better if you want to pm me about what it...
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    For Sale Jeep OME coils and spring spacers

    I pulled these off of my Cherokee in favor of a taller spring. The springs are OME 930 1in lift coils. The spacers are 2in lift. So 3in total lift. They ride pretty plush. The springs are rusty but still in good shape. I'm looking to get $60 for the lot.
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    Control arms

    I know the conventional way to run a control arm with one flex joint/one rubber end, is to put the flex joint on the frame side. But is there any reason to not install them the other way around with the flex joint at the axle end?
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    Shop / Tools Anybody in Utah county with a tire mounting machine?

    I have a buddy in Orem that needs some trashed tires removed from a set of rims and other tires mounted on them. He's tried going to shops to have this done, but he hasn't had any luck because the tires he wants to use are too old(otherwise good shape). The tires are for an old bronco that...
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    Turning brake rotors

    Not 4x4 related, but is there anyone who can actually turn brake rotors correctly anymore? Looking for somebody near Ogden that can do two rotors for me tomorrow. They just have a slight warp to them. The thickness is still good on them. The last time I had a parts store try, they completely...
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    Carrier pin bolt

    Is this bolt toast? Should I get a new one and a new pin?
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    Wanted 29 spline c8.25 axle shaft

    My driver side shaft is scored up on the seal end. Does anyone have one they don't need?
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    Shackle angle

    What say ye about this shackle angle?