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  1. benjy

    For Sale JK leather front seats

    They’re in really good shape, no tears or anything. Not sure what to ask for them, but I do know I paid way too much $ for a factory rear bench that I’d like to recoup some cost on. Also comes with the brackets to put them in the 2nd row if desired. They can be picked up in either St George or...
  2. benjy

    Trade JK Rear Captain's Chairs

    Previous owner of our Jeep converted the rear bench to captain's chairs. I'd like to swap back to the bench, as we occasionally haul other kids around. The JK is a 2017 Rubicon, and ideally I'd like the matching bench. If someone was interested in a swap, I'd like to swap over all parts to make...
  3. benjy

    Kami's 2017 JKUR "Ophie"

    Owners Name & City- Ben and Kami, Washington Utah Make, Model & Year of Vehicle- 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Engine- 3.6L Pentastar, RIPP High Performance Coil Packs Transmission-5 speed auto T-Case- Stock 4:1 Rubi Axles- Stock D44 with 4.88 Auburn Gears Suspension- Zone Off-Road 3"...
  4. benjy

    Trade JK Captains Chairs

    We just picked up a JK that the previous owner converted to captains chairs. It’s a neat idea, but this thing is a kid hauler. It’s pretty comfy, and it has enough room for adults to sit back there. These are the black with white stitched leather rubicon seatsand ideally I’d like trade for a...
  5. benjy

    Ideal car for bombing dirt roads?

    I work in a rural area of Southern Utah, and find myself driving out to Gooseberry Mesa or Little Creek Mesa, and around the community a couple times per week. Current car is a Honda Civic, but it has been taking a beating lately, and I've owned it for 18 months, so it's time for something...
  6. benjy

    DF Goblin Build

    While everyone else is stocking up food in anticipation of a Coronavirus outbreak , I'm thinking how boredom would drive me crazy unless I had some sort of project. Fixed that today! Bring on the social distancing, I'm staying home for a few months. This is the company
  7. benjy

    Public Auction for an expo trailer

    I have to check legal ads at work, and this is running this week: Must be this: Why is a trailer from what looks like a brand new company up for auction? And why is a brake bleeding company auctioning it? And why legal notices, not just post it in...
  8. benjy

    Digital Minimalism

    After the healthy thread on minimalism started 4 years ago, I think it is time we discuss digital minimalism. There is a book, I haven't read it yet. For me it all started a few months ago with a video about the effects of technology on teenagers. Watching that video made me sick, and I have...
  9. benjy

    Favorite camp chairs

    Do you have a favorite? Until recently I never have, because I thought they're all bad. Stowability comes at the cost of comfort. Last year while camping with @sixstringsteve I took a test sit in one of their chairs, and it was glorious. Side note - copying Steve's product choices will rarely...
  10. benjy

    Favorite Cover Songs

    I've always loved a good cover song. Either a modern take on a classic, or a genre change. There's something about the emotional connection to an existing song with a different approach that I've always loved. What are your favorites? A few of my faves: I was a child of the 80's and my mom...
  11. benjy

    Toyota Bought a cheap Toyota, now what?

    I've been lowballing a guy at work for this truck for years. Some funny circumstances got me the title today. So what should I do with it? 140k miles, manual trans. V6 I think hahaha. Flip it? Make it a crawler? Beater second car? Jump it? Race it? I'm open to anything.
  12. benjy

    Bench Race: Budget Crawler(s)

    How would you spec out a budget crawler? Selling our TJ made sense when I did it... but now I want something to wheel again. We considered a family rig for awhile, but I think I'd like to undertake a buggy project. Having 2 rigs would overcome a lot of the problems we had with wheeling, so I...
  13. benjy

    East Coast - Must See Destinations

    We're getting ready to leave on a massive road trip in a about a week, will be back in late August. I'm looking for recommendations on things to see! We're doing all the typical stuff - Disney World, OBX, DC, NYC, Niagra Falls... Now I'm looking for things I wouldn't have thought of...
  14. benjy

    Another Benchrace: family rig, reliable, cheap

    I've been thinking about a new rig since selling our TJ. Since our girls were born, 90% of our wheeling trips could have been done in a street legal rig. Typically we went out solo, just because wheeling with kids is hard with a group. And since I've been telecommuting, a lot of times we wheel...
  15. benjy

    16' Car Hauler

    The new owner of our Jeep had his own trailer, so it's time to let this go. I can bring it up to Utah County next week. Basics are: 16' Overall lenth 85" between fenders Tubes to drive over fenders Needs a new deck Lights work Brakes are questionable Tires are decent, not great...
  16. benjy

    TJ - Tons, 6.0L, Atlas, Treps, Coilovers, etc.

    This pains me :-\ After a trip to Europe last summer we realized at this point in our lives with young kids (hopefully one or 2 more in the near future), traveling with them is easier and more relaxing/enjoyable than rock crawling. With our telecommuting jobs we can take extended trips and work...
  17. benjy

    Sidewall repair

    I got a pretty good sidewall gash in a trepador :( I still have quite a bit of tread left and replacing $3k worth of tires isn't in the cards at the moment. I put the biggest patch I could find on it, but I have pretty low expectations of it. Tire shops are notorious for not being willing to...
  18. benjy

    Wanted Samurai axles and tcase - anyone have them laying around?

    Looking for parts for a kids buggy project. Anyone have them for cheap? Also looking for a 2wd shaft driven 4 wheeler engine, non CVT, either electronic shift or clutchless manual. This should be fun :D
  19. benjy

    Blipshift - Jeep Shirt

    Anybody else watch blipshift? It's a daily auto related shirt. The fitted T's are awesome - they're "Next Level" brand, and fit me really well. Typically track focused, but they sometimes do off road related. I have probably bought 10ish shirts from them over the last year. Today's design is...
  20. benjy

    10 years ago TODAY on RME!

    I thought this would be fun to share and reminisce. A little over 10 years ago Kiel, Wayne Hartwig and Marcus (Goat on here I think) ran into a group of people on Waynes World and after chatting for awhile, told them they should join RME. Of that group, Kami was the only person to actually...