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  1. Greg

    Champion Generators?

    Yeah, for sure. It has a 600# rating (IIRC) and is mounted directly to the frame, but I'll make sure it's good to go. I'm pretty confident in the rack itself, since I built it.
  2. Greg

    All things camp trailer..

    We recently picked up a 2021 Rockwood Mini-Lite 2104S, did a lot of talking about trailers and campers in the last 18 months. It's a 22' trailer, GVW comes in just over 6K#'s, has a 54 gallon fresh water tank and 30 gallons for the grey & black, a large slide, queen size Murphy bed, bathroom...
  3. Greg

    Willys Crawler 2.0 aka The Bastard

    Wohooo!!!! Thanks for taking care of me, Kurt and crew at Cruiser Outfitters!
  4. Greg


    Welcome to RME! I see Palm trees, where are you from? :cool:
  5. Greg

    Champion Generators?

    So far, so good with the Champion 5500W inverter generator! It arrived yesterday, unpacked it today, added oil and ethanol-free gas and it fired right up on the 3rd pull! On EcoMode it's very quiet, when you turn it off the RPM's increase a bit as does the noise... but it's not loud at all. On...
  6. Greg


    Just don't sell! China is cracking down on crypto, it'll bounce back... eventually.
  7. Greg

    Willys Crawler 2.0 aka The Bastard

    Good to see Battle Born on RME! I saved pics of your old Willys as inspiration for this build. 😎 I'll end up with more sheetmetal, but I did love the minimalist look of yours! Love my Gatekeepers BTW... it took me awhile to get my set, but they were the wheel I wanted.
  8. Greg

    Cory builds Jayden a buggy.

    Well thought out design, no wasted time thinking about how to proceed, you just jump in and start making buggies! And the lathe tube notcher, as @Herzog mentioned. 😁 I should just drop off my project and let you finish it! 😄
  9. Greg

    Cory builds Jayden a buggy.

    I love the way you build rigs! Looking forward to seeing this one come together, sounds like some solid parts already.
  10. Greg

    Your Pic of The Day

    Cow Elk crossing the tracks while we're working, changing ties. By Steamboat Springs, CO....
  11. Greg

    For Sale Toyota tires/rims

    I'm not sure they'll work, looks like a GM hub is 4 1/4 wide.
  12. Greg

    Wanted need XJ rear springs

    Build thread? ;)
  13. Greg

    For Sale Toyota tires/rims

    Actually, I might... any idea how big the hub hole is?
  14. Greg

    Lighten the mood

  15. Greg

    Champion Generators?

    119#'s for the one I purchased, my plan is to keep it semi-permanantly mounted to a hitch hauler on the back of the trailer. It'll get bolted down, so it doesn't wander off.
  16. Greg

    The KTM 1090, a midlife bike.

    Loved the MotoZ's I ran!
  17. Greg

    Britney's less popular sister, Jamie Lynn; AKA the Booty Fab CJ5

    It was the ONLY thing! 😆 I'll make my money back on the tires, TBI 4.3 and go from there.
  18. Greg

    Champion Generators?

    Yeah, for sure.
  19. Greg

    Britney's less popular sister, Jamie Lynn; AKA the Booty Fab CJ5

    Will do, let me verify the trans and t-case as well. More than likely, I'll be waiting until it cools down before I start taking it apart. I'd like to toss a battery in it and see if I can get it to run, too.