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  1. redrockrover

    Thoughts on Warn PowerPlant winches

    I need to get a new winch for he LJ. I have been looking at he Warn PowerPlant winches and just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on them. It is going on a 2006 LJ. I know they are huge and can block the air flow to the radiator. Has this been a problem for anyone running one on a TJ or LJ...
  2. redrockrover

    Jeep ARB Bull Bar Bumber on a TJ or LJ

    What is the general consensus on the ARB front bumber or Bull Bar on a TJ or LJ? I am more familiar with Land Rovers than Jeeps, on the D-90’s and Disco the ARB are strong and can take a beating but they hang down low and take away approach angle. How are they on the TJ/LJ’s. I like the looks...
  3. redrockrover

    Jeep 2006 LJ gas tank capacity?

    I have a noobe question here. I purchased a 2006 LJ earlier this year. I haven’t driven it much, just short trips to the store and stuff. I took it on a longer trip and I was surprised when the tank was completely empty I could only get about 12 gallons of gas in it. I’m not as familiar with...
  4. redrockrover

    Ball Joints and Tie-rods ends for a Jeep TJ

    I bought a new to me Jeep LJ. It is the Rubicon model so it has the Dana 44 up front. I need to do new ball joints and tie-rods ends. One of the ball joints on the passenger side is bad and the tie rod ends have some excessive play in them. Who makes good ball joints and tie rod ends, or...
  5. redrockrover

    Good mechanics in the south valley (Souther Salt Lake County)

    I am in need of safety and emissions for my new to me Jeep. I just got rejected for a bumper that is not wide enough. I did not agree with the tech but what do I know. Here is a picture of my Jeep and I feel that my bumper is wide enough. What are your thoughts? It goes from fender to...
  6. redrockrover

    Can anyone identify this winch?

    Any of you gurus know who manufacturers this winch? The previous owner did not even know it was not hooked up! ha ah. Thanks, Russ
  7. redrockrover

    2006 Jeep LJ Rubicon Lockers not working

    Hello, I just bought a 2006 LJ Rubicon and I have the dreaded Christmas tree lights on the dashboard when I try to engage my lockers. What I mean by that is the locker lights will only flash and not stay solid or engage. Can anyone offer any assistance is what I should look at first and any...
  8. redrockrover

    Just getting back into Wheeling

    Hello all, I have been on here for a long time and got to know a lot of you very well. I then got caught up with all the things in daily life, school, Wife, Kids, House, Ect. So I did not have the time to go wheeling. I have decided to get back into wheeling and bought a new to me used...
  9. redrockrover

    For Sale - Best Offer Brand New Goodyear MT/R 37-12.50R17 a set of 4

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! These are brand new never mounted 37-12.50R17 Goodyear MT/R. They have zero miles on them. I have four of them. They still have the little nubs on the tires you can see in the pictures. These are not the new Kevlar MT/R's. The new Kevlar MT/R's are priced at $353.00 per...
  10. redrockrover

    Radaitor repair shop

    Anyone know of a good radiator shop along the Wasatch front? Preferably in the south end of the Salt Lake Valley, but I will go further if the shop is really good. I have a leak in mine and I do not want to purchase a new one. While it is there I might as well get it re-cored I think. Thanks
  11. redrockrover

    ATTN: Herzog

    I don't really know you but I see your name on her and I thought of you when I saw this. By any chance do you live on Herzog Ave?
  12. redrockrover

    Trailer Wood Deck Maintenance Questions

    I bought a used 2005 Big Tex trailer a little over two years ago. The wood deck looks as if it has never had any maintenance or sealant or stain. The wood is still good but it is showing its age. I store my trailer outside all year and I am afraid that if I let it sit out another winter with...
  13. redrockrover

    My other Love....Fly Fishing

    We really live in a great state with all of the diverse activities we have at our back door. I have always loved the outdoors and that is how I got into wheeling with my family. I love to hunt, and I liked to fish but it was not my favorite activity. This spring I took a Fly Fishing...
  14. redrockrover

    Bead Locks and Safety inspection

    I have a set of bead-locks on my D-90 and I am having a very hard time passing safety inspection. I have not had it on the street or registered it in 4 years or so. Back in the day I had no trouble getting it passed with the bead-locks. I guess the I/M shops have gotten smarter and now know...
  15. redrockrover

    SLC Peeps - urgent rescue help needed!

    A friend of mine needs help He is stuck and requires help getting his Defender 130 out of the mud. I have to work tomorrow in the day but I get off at 5:00pm and I can help after that. I have already talked to Big Sarge (Matt Westrich). I really wish I could come out and help but I can not...
  16. redrockrover

    Transmission Shop Recommendation

    I had the transmission go out on my commuter car last night. It is ‘02 Dodge Neon and I have about 136k miles on it. I need to get it fixed and what to know of any good transmission shops in the south end of the valley. I would really like a warranty that offers lots of miles because I put...
  17. redrockrover

    What a waste of time and money

    Not to mention destroying some great quads.