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  1. Paul R

    Paul R's BJ73 Restomod Build

    Since we have all been shut in, I finally started working on my BJ73 that I got last year. I figured I would add a build thread here (I started in March) for some updates on the newest addition to our stable. It is a 1987 BJ73 from the the windshield registration and license plates it looks...
  2. Paul R

    1997 Toyota Tacoma Ext Cab

    1997 Toyota Tacoma Ext Cab 3.4L V6 ~164,200 miles Manual Transmission HID Headlights 7” HID Off-road lights ARB Front Bumper with 8,000lbs. winch Custom Rear bumper with provision for future swing-out tire carrier Safari Snorkel Bed Mounted Tool Box Rock Sliders (welded to frame) Old Man Emu...
  3. Paul R

    Borrowed a cool toy from work

    I borrowed a FLIR E60 infrared camera from work and played around with it. I took the pictures at night and tried a couple different color schemes. :cool:
  4. Paul R

    Toyota E-Locker Complete Axle $500

    Complete E-locker rear axle originally out of a 4runner, but has spring perches to be used with leafs. The third is good as far as I know (i never wired the locker up but the person before me had it working). The brakes and seals need a go over. $500 located in downtown SLC.
  5. Paul R

    Tacoma Rear Axle

    I'm looking for either a TRD 8" complete axle or everything but the third. I may also be interested in an 8.4 non-TRD rear end. Let me know what you have!
  6. Paul R

    Fire near Mt. Olympus Trail Head

    I was just coming up I-215 from Sandy, and was passed by a fire truck that was the first on scene. There was a pretty sizable fire between I-215 and Wasatch Blvd. Probably 20 foot flames an a decent radius. I hope it doesn't jump up onto the mountian!:eek2:
  7. Paul R

    Installing a Yakima Roof Rack on 97 Tacoma

    I'm not sure if this is really Expedition tech or not but, I recently upgraded my RTT (roof top tent) from the Mombassa first generation to a newer Camping Lab tent. It has a lot of areas that are upgraded and I am sure it is going to be an awesome set up. The only problem I had was that mounted...
  8. Paul R

    Hypothetical situation (friend is a car thief)

    While I was browsing through KSL earlier I came accross this... I immediately knew who it is... SAMI has no alibi, and I just about turned him in, but I don't want to be that friend... What would you do? Compare these two pictures... Am I...
  9. Paul R

    Black Friday death

    I just saw this on KSL. It makes me really glad I didn't go out and battle this morning. I understand wanting to get a deal and being early, but stampeding an employee is totally ridiculous! I can't believe this is all in the name of Christmas giving :-\
  10. Paul R

    Obama is way ahead...

    Looks like we will be an Obamanation for the next 4 years :-\:sick:
  11. Paul R

    Anyone using the new Google Phone?

    I just went to check out the Google phone, it looks pretty cool! Not quite as sexy looking as the Iphone, but it had some cool applications one of them can read barcodes and tell you where you can buy it the cheapest! I didn't like the size, but I could probably get used to it. Anyone have it...
  12. Paul R

    Passport Photos

    I need to get a passport really quick and I was noticing that I can go pay 15 bucks for someone to take my picture or take my own but there are some pretty strict rules about it. Are they just trying to scare me into ponying up some money, or is it really difficult to do? Anyone been rejected...
  13. Paul R

    Summer's Last Stand (Ouray, CO and Southern Utah 8/13 - 8/23)

    This is a trip we finished a little bit ago but I am just getting around to sorting out a lot of the pictures.The first half of the trip was with the Wasatch Cruisers in Ouray, CO, and the second half of the trip was our long way home. We left Wednesday afternoon (8/13) and ate dinner at Ray's...
  14. Paul R

    July 4th San Rafael Swell

    Our journey started before we left as Mariko and I have recently been studying and reading the stories and tales of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch. This reading urged us to get out and explore the areas we had read about to get a feel for it all. We wanted to cover as much ground as possible...
  15. Paul R

    Aux Fuel Tank

    So I got a really good deal on a fuel tank the other day and I would like to plumb to the tacoma it in a way that I use a switch to pump from the Aux tank to the main tank. I think I can figure out the plumbing OK but the tank I bought didn't have pump just a sender... so my question is, can I...
  16. Paul R

    Shops in Logan?

    Any sugestions for a shop in Logan? I need someone who is priced reasonably and preferably knows toyotas and stands behind their work. It would be really convienient for me to find somewhere local... If you know of anyone please let me know. If I don't hear of much up here I will just schedule...
  17. Paul R

    Paul R's 97 Tacoma

    Owners Name & City- Paul Rossiter Logan, UT Make, Model & Year of Vehicle- 1997 Toyota Xtracab Tacoma Engine- 3.4 stock V6 120k miles Transmission- Stock 5 speed I think that means it is the R150? T-Case- Stock chain driven taco case Axles- Front is the stock clam shell dif and IFS...
  18. Paul R

    Finaly the real schedule for the stimulous package

    It looks like the IRS released the date for all the checks... I'm glad I did direct deposit this year :D
  19. Paul R

    Anyone know anything about ORI struts?

    Has anybody had any experience with these? I had a roomate whose dad invented this strut that adjusts automatically on sidehills. It seemed like a cool idea but I don't understand the huge advantages to it or what it really does is this going to be one of the next steps in...
  20. Paul R

    22 Ways To Be A Good Democrat

    22 WAYS TO BE A GOOD DEMOCRAT = IT'S NOT SO HARD, EVEN A CAVEMAN CAN DO IT.... 1. You have to be against capital punishment, but support abortion on demand. 2. You have to believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity. 3. You have to believe that guns in the...