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  1. RedeyeRacing

    For Sale Walker Evans Beadlock***Sold

    5 Walker Evans beadlocks with tires included if interested. 17” - 6 x 5.5 Tires are 295s and have about a season left on them, the spare is a 285 with much more tread.
  2. RedeyeRacing

    Gear / Accessories Splicing?

    I have dual layer synthetic line that I need the eye respliced. I know splicing a unsheathed line isn’t bad but not sure I’m smart or good enough to do the dual layer. Does anyone know of anyone that does this for a price? Thought I’d ask before dropping coin on another. Thx! Nate
  3. RedeyeRacing

    Engine Rebuilders

    Have a neighbor I’m helping with his 08 JKU. The 3.8 went south and he needs to replace/rebuild it. Been a lot of years since I have had one rebuilt. Any machine shops/builders in town worth talking to? Would like to make it stronger and better than a cheap bulk rebuilder. Thanks! Nate
  4. RedeyeRacing

    07 FJ 3rd Member Question

    My early build 07’s 3rd member is on its way out like most of them do. The rig is built up with a ARB air in the front etc. Currently running 456 gears in it. Trying to decide whether to upgrade to a 8.2 or just rebuild what I got etc. Anyone have any thoughts or experience on what direction I...
  5. RedeyeRacing

    Plasma Cutting?

    Anyone know if anybody or shops in SLC that would do a small plasma cut job? I want to cut in some back up lights on my AllPro bumper on my FJC. Bumper will be off and template drawn so it’s an easy cut job. I’m in Draper so closer the better.
  6. RedeyeRacing

    For Sale - Best Offer 5 Walker Evans Beadlocks Black off FJ Cruiser

    Going a different direction with my FJ. Just had these done in black. I have all 5 with rings and bolts. 17" 6 lug that fits Toyota (and some others). They are still currently mounted and on the rig but could have them off in a day. Let me know if you have any questions. Asking $1200obo. Call...
  7. RedeyeRacing

    Jeep JK 3rd Row Seat "Little Passenger Seat"

    I have a 3rd row seat out of my 09 JKU. Turn your JKU into a 8 passenger vehicle. It is a "Little Passenger Seat". You can google their website to see them. Comes with all mounting hardware. Seat has 2 shoulder belts and a middle lap belt. I paid $1000 for it. Selling for $250obo. Call Nate...
  8. RedeyeRacing

    Body Shop for a FJ40

    Thinking of starting to throw some $ at the old FJ. The body needs some major help. Anybody have a recommendation of a shop that is good with rust and old vehicles? Thanks, Nate
  9. RedeyeRacing

    Tow strap Repair?

    I know the safe answer is throw it away and buy another, but I snapped the loop on a brand new Teraflex Tow strap yesterday. Before I throw it in the garbage I thought I would ask, has anyone ever had one re-sewn? It was brand new before it snapped (long story and minimal damage :-)) and I...
  10. RedeyeRacing

    Best Pick and Pull/Junk Yard for Truck Parts

    Need to do some modifications to the suspension on my 01 Excursion that I use as my tow rig. Need to pull some suspension parts off a 99-07 Super Duty. Anybody have some suggestions at what junk yard to start with? Thanks, Nate
  11. RedeyeRacing

    Need a good shop to throw a crate engine in a 02 Ford?

    I have a work truck that I need a new engine thrown in. Anybody have a reputable shop they recommend? Closer to Bountiful th better, but will travel if they are honest and do good work. Thx Nate
  12. RedeyeRacing

    Where to buy weld on D-ring mounts locally?

    Doing some modifications to a bumper and am looking to buy some weld on D-ring mounts locally to save time? Teraflex has them with a base flange that can be bolted, but I just want the tabs...preferably 1" wide. Does anyone know of anybody locally that has/stocks these? Thanks, Nate
  13. RedeyeRacing

    Stock 09 Rubicon Springs Free

    Come get my stock Rubicon Springs! Free to whoever wants them. Located in Draper. Nate 801.699.7092
  14. RedeyeRacing

    For Sale - Best Offer 2.5" Teraflex All Spring Lift Kit for Jeep JK $275OBO

    Selling my Teraflex all spring 2.5" lift kit. Kit includes what is in the pic. I am including my stock Rubicon shocks with extensions and stock track bar. You can run 35" tires with this lift. I upgraded to a 4' lift See details here....
  15. RedeyeRacing

    09 Jeep 4 Door Wrangler Rubicon Stock Springs---

    First one to get them out of my garage and they are yours. I am in Draper. Thanks, Nate 801.598.2895
  16. RedeyeRacing

    Who to rebuild and mod a GM 350?

    Have a buddy that has a 89' GMC 1500 that threw a rod. He is going to do a restoration on the truck and wants to have the motor rebuilt with more hp. Looking for a good reputable shop. Any suggestions?
  17. RedeyeRacing

    Vehicle tow light repair?

    Let me start by saying that I hate electrical issues...So I have some electrical gremlins in my wiring between my tail lights (01 Ford Excursion) and the plug (and the preplug before the plug). Been through all the fuses and they are good. Because mine came with with the 7 plug standard, you...
  18. RedeyeRacing

    2x10 vs 2x8 or 2x6 For trailer deck?

    I am in the process of doing some work on a big tex trailer that I am hoping to haul my JK on from time to time. One of the things I am doing is replacing the wood. It currently has 2x10's on it. Is there an advantage/disadvantage structurally using a narrower plank? I haven't priced it but...
  19. RedeyeRacing

    Redeye Racings 09 Rubicon Unlimited (Wife's Daily Driver)

    Fairly new to the site. Finally talked my wife out of a Suburban and got her into a 09' Rubicon. Has a 3" TeraFlex Lift AEV Wheels w/ 35" Nitto Grabblers AEV Hood 3 TV's 3rd row seat (Has 8 seat belts) With lots more on the wish list. Glad to be on the site and hope to see you on the...