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    Excel Macro 32bit to 64bit issues

    I have an Excel Macro that is not liking the 32bit to 64bit conversion. I get an error loading my personal worksheet Compile Error: The code in this project must be updated for use on 64-bit systems. Please review and update Declare statements and then mark them with the PtrSafe attribute...
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    UTV Belts

    I am new to the UTV world, in particular, a 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP 4 Sport. I didn't know if I would take to this thing so I got the Sport model instead of the really expensive all loaded up one. Either way, its time to accessorize it and holy hell, its like accessorizing a Jeep. I am...
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    The Great Escapist on Prime

    I started watching this show that had Richard Hammond of Top Gear and Gran Tour and Tory Belleci of Myth Busters and I have to say that I am enjoying it. They get ship wrecked on a deserted island and they continually make things to get off. Anyone else watched it?
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    Free Garage and Storage Clean out

    Hitachi 3”x.120” nails for nematic nailer. Probably 500-600 nails. Part # 20105S Burlap Bag 17” wide by 13” tall by 13” deep Black padded case that I don’t have the key for but it is unlocked. It is padded on the inside Water separator and oiler with some hose
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    Free Ford F150 18" wheels with worn out tires FREE FREE

    I have a set of Ford F150 chrome wheels for free. They have some Michelin LTX tires on them that have to go with the wheels. One tire has a pretty good hole in it, the rest holds air just fine but they were taken off for a reason, they are worn out. KSL LINK Michelin LTX LT265/70r18 Lug...
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    For Sale 1983 Honda XR500R for sell

    Selling this for my BIL. It’s pretty nice and original. Yes, even the seat, plastics and decals are all original. Replaced the tires a couple of years ago because the original tires were cracked pretty good. He would discount it some for someone on RME. We are going through the process of...
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    For Sale Russ’ Garage Sale/Free Stuff

    Makita Drill. Batteries are shot. Make me an offer. Another older Makita Drill. Some deal. No offer refused. I like Diet Pepsi by the way Rough Country wheel spacers and lug nuts. $50 obo for the set of 4 O O’Reilly Premium Transmission Oil. Free
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    Wanted Yamaha TTR50

    Anyone have a Yamaha TTR50 for sale? My grandson needs one. Thanks Russ eightzeroone 201 five891
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    Kaysville to Idaho Falls today at noon

    Quick run from Kaysville to Idaho Falls. Leaving at noon and would take my truck if anyone needs anything delivered.
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    Lighten the mood

    There have been some incredibly funny memes, pictures and comments going around. Let’s share them
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    MACHINED flat washers

    I am in need of some very precise flat washers. Your normal flat washers are punched out and not flat all the way across. The size I am looking for are about a M6 or so in size and .25mm thick or in multiples of .25mm thick like 1.0mm. Anyone know somewhere selling something like this...
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    Shooting at Soldier Pass

    What is the rule for shooting around Soldier Pass? I know they have a range out there but there are a ton of people still shooting where ever they want. I was riding out there Saturday and heard a shot go right over my head. It scared the sh!t out of me. I believe it to be a ricochet but it...
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    St George (Washington) to Wasatch Front

    I need a box of photos brought from St George area to the Wasatch Front whether that be Utah County on northward. My MIL passed away on Saturday of a short battle with small intestinal cancer and her ex-husband(my FIL) has all their family photos which he has been scanning so he can have...
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    This is what my 18 yr old son Harrison did this summer

    Harrison eats, sleeps and drinks mountain bikes. He loves to ride and he wants to become an engineer so he can design mountain bikes and accessories but in the mean time, this is what he got to do this summer. He got to help Trust Performance with videos and pictures of their brand new fork...
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    For Sale 2 U of U football season tickets for sale

    A friend of mine has 2 U of U football season tickets for sale. They are section 33 row 6. That is in the northeast corner of the field. Great seats. They are $502 each. Let me know if you are interested and I will get you in contact with him
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    Need a dirtbike picked up in North Carolina

    Anyone traveling to North Carolina? I need a motorcycle picked up in Winston Salem. I have a whole bunch of gas money to give someone if you or someone you know is coming back from that area. I sold Harrison's motorcycle and found one back east that I need brought back. uShip hasn't gotten...
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    Wanted Training Wheels for a little motorcycle

    Anyone have any training wheels for a little motorcycle? My grandson is 3 and we have a little YZinger that I want him to ride around to start getting the idea of a twist throttle. Anyone have a set they want to part with? Russ eight zero one two zero 1 5891
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    Leaky Motorcycle Tank

    What is the best way to fix a leaky motorcycle tank. This is my friends YZ300 with WR gears and a Rekluse and he over tightened his shroud bolt. I know he doesn’t deserve a bike like this but we need to stop this mess
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    Morrison Jeep Trail in Wyoming

    Has anyone here gone on the the Morrison Jeep Trail in Northern Wyoming?
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    Free Wall Unit/Entertainment Centers

    I have two Wall Units/Entertainment Centers for FREE. This is a custom built, high quality entertainment center. It stands 84” tall (7 feet), 42” wide, with a depth of approximately 26” inches. The TV opening is 38” wide and 30” tall. Sound bar not included. This last one I don't have...