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  1. Johnny Quest

    Gabby Petito Disappearance

    Who's got theories on this?
  2. Johnny Quest

    PullRite TT hitch - (double tow) Does anyone have any experience with these? (Or something similar) We have a bumper pull travel trailer, but are looking for a way to also get a crawler to Moab/Sand Hollow a couple times a year without needing a 2nd tow vehicle, or making multiple trips...
  3. Johnny Quest

    Delta Classic - 2021

    any word on if this is going to happen? or is it still too early?
  4. Johnny Quest

    Wanted Chevy bed topper

    Looking for a bed topper for my 02 crewcab Chevy shortbed.
  5. Johnny Quest

    New tow pig

    Brought this thing home over the weekend. 02 Duramax. Clean truck but with high miles. Pretty stoked to step up from the 6.0 Yukon XL. Not going to be doing anything to crazy to be honest; I want to keep it reliable and comfortable. Might do some minor cosmetic stuff to ‘make it mine’, but not...
  6. Johnny Quest

    Uneven Trailer tire wear

    Dual axle camp trailer. You can see the tire in question; the other three are in great shape with normal wear. Should I have caught this earlier? Probably. But here we are. Obviously the tire needs to be replaced, but is an alignment something I can easily do at home? Or is it a bad bearing?
  7. Johnny Quest

    Ultra4 returns to Utah!

    Ultra4 returns to Utah, and will be holding races at (wait for it) Area BFE September 18-19, 2020: AND... April 2-3 2021, (Easter weekend):
  8. Johnny Quest

    5 Mile Pass - Proposed BLM Fee Area

    $10/Day or $80 for an annual pass. Sounds like a money grab to me. Other than maybe a bathroom, what "improvements" are there going to be? And with all the private land scattered around that area, how will the BLM keep users on BLM property (besides more fences)?
  9. Johnny Quest

    Deck work

    Looking to have a 16x20 redwood or cedar deck built. Only 2’ tall, but we want railings cause we have little kids. Quotes have been all over the damn place; some are 3x others. Let me know if you are interested and available. Not in a huge rush, but would like to enjoy it before winter hits.
  10. Johnny Quest

    Welding/welder questions

    I apologize in advance for all the questions. I picked this little guy up a few months back from a buddy of mine; Lincoln Weldpak 3200hd. He kept the regulator and bottle for the machine that he was stepping up to, so I need to track down both, as well as any other odds and ends to get this...
  11. Johnny Quest

    For Sale Dana 30

    low pinion dana 30 out of a 1998 Grand Cherokee (ZJ), complete with steering, and brakes, 3.73 gears. pulling it out to swap in tons. make me an offer if you pull it, make me a higher offer if i pull it.
  12. Johnny Quest

    #iwannagofast ZJ build

    This has been a long time in the making, and while it'll be a slow build, it's finally getting to the point to where I should start one of these build thread deals..... Some background: I sold my 1 ton Comanche almost 2 years ago. It was my baby. I had 7 years into that build; first...
  13. Johnny Quest

    For Sale NV271F

    Out of an 07 SuperDuty. Manual shift. Was behind a 4r100, and has the 4x4 tailhousing extension from the 4r100. I don't need to sell this, but I probably should, so I don't buy an E-series van, and start a 4x4 swap. refurbished, these go for $1500+; this has NOT been rebuilt, but feels very...
  14. Johnny Quest

    For Sale Amazon Gift Cards -$600 worth

    I've got $600 worth of Amazon gift cards that i'm looking to sell. Black Friday is coming up, so if you've got any big purchases you're looking to buy on Amazon, I'd love to swap these for some cash, so I can buy things that aren't listed on Amazon.
  15. Johnny Quest

    For Sale 2007 F250 - part out

    Anyone need anything? Honestly, It’s rough. I’m keeping the axles, wheels and tires. The front clip is sold. It’s a 5.4 truck that is apparently bad. Interior is trashed, body panels are rough, but good hood. But if you want something, let me know.
  16. Johnny Quest

    Wanted JK front 44 - housing or complete

    anyone have an OEM JK/JKU front rubicon housing or complete axle laying around that needs a new home?
  17. Johnny Quest

    For Sale Lincoln 225 AC Arc

    Lincoln 225 arc welder. Works great, just don’t use it anymore; time to upgrade. $200 obo
  18. Johnny Quest

    selling Amazon giftcards

    has anyone successfully done this? i have a stack of them, and i hate dealing with amazon. There are other things i would much rather spend that money on, so i'm looking to sell them or "trade" them for cash value
  19. Johnny Quest

    Wanted H2 wheels?

    anyone have any of these kicking around? they're becoming harder and harder to come by, and i just missed out on a set on KSL last week.
  20. Johnny Quest

    Utah Arch and Hoodoo explosions?

    seems fishy to me. the physics dont add up.